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     My wife, Candice, and I went out for a few drinks the other day. She wanted me to dance with her, but as I am not big on dancing I told her to go have some fun. I told her I told her I would watch from the table. She was all dolled up, as we do not go out very often. She was wearing a low cut pink shirt that left the edges of her lace bra peek out, a short black skirt, and a pair of knee high high-heeled boots. She was getting a lot of looks and attention from the guys that were out on the dance floor. One guy in particular was dancing close with her trying to grind up against her and cop a feel any chance he got. I could tell that she was enjoying the attention. She would bend forward making sure that he could see her beautiful 40DD's and grinding her ass up against his cock every time he was closer to her. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that she was getting to him. He was buying her drinks and I could see she was getting heavily intoxicated. She was relentlessly teasing the guy that was dancing with her. I could see that he would brush against her tits whenever he got the chance. I went to get another drink and when I came back, Candice was nowhere to be seen. I was a little worried when I could not find her for a few minutes.

            After a little bit Candice showed back up at the table, her hair and makeup were all messed up and it looked like she had been crying. She said let’s get out of here. I figured she drank too much and was sick. So I downed my drink and we left. On the way home, I asked her if she was alright. She said "that guy I was dancing with followed me into the bathroom and had his way with me." I asked her if she wanted to go back and call the cops." She told me no because she was embarrassed that she had enjoyed it. She begged me not to be mad. I told her that it was not her fault. She then asked me if I wanted to know what happened because she knew I always fantasized about her with another man. I told her only if she was going to give me all the details. She said that she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She went into the bathroom; she heard the door open and someone come in. After a few seconds she heard a zipper and then the lock to the stall she was in was opened and the guy entered with his cock out and grabbed her by the head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She tried to tell him know but he just kept shoving his cock down her throat forcing her eyes to water and her to gag and drool all over herself and his dick. She told me it seemed like it took him forever to cum. He held his cock in her throat as he came and when a little bit dripped out he pushed it back into her mouth and held her mouth shut until she swallowed it all. He then pulled her up and bent her over the toilet, pulled her skirt up and forced his dick into her pussy. She told me that he fucked her so hard her head was hitting off the bathroom wall. She told me that he was very rough and just kept pounding her even though she was tearing and whimpering, but that she had one of the best orgasms of her life. She said that he grunted, pulled out, zipped his pants, said "I hope that you did not think that you were going to tease me like that all knight and expect me to go home and take care of myself," turned around and walked right out of the bathroom. She said that she tried to get herself composed and presentable, which is when she came back to the table.

     She apologized again, and I told her "no need to be sorry, it makes me really horny, how bout I eat her pussy when we get home." She just smiled and said that sounded good. We got home I poured her a drink and we started making out. I reached down and started rubbing her thighs. When I got u to her pussy I asked her where her panties were and she told me that the guy took them when he left. I told her that the thought of another guy taking her panties home as a trophy made me even hotter. I then got down on my knees and ate her swollen stretched pussy until she came all over my face. We had some of the best sex of our life talking about and reenacting the events of the night.



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