Creamy Pleasure   added 3 years ago    

  By: awakened_angel18

I began stripping, slowly, almost like a tease. I anticipated the hot steamy water, as I heard it pour. The soft, grey cotton blouse lifted over my breasts. I removed my panties from my waist. The black lace slowly slid down my legs. I felt how warm it was between my thighs. My hands slowly glided up around my breasts. I really wanted in the water. I was tense. Everywhere. I stepped into the shower, and stood there, letting the water caress my body, as I arched my back, holding myself against the wall. I leaned back into the water, and let it slowly wet my hair. I sighed as I felt my soaked long hair fall to my spine. I squeezed the bottle of soap into my hand, and started massaging my breasts. My nipples were hardening. Then I reached back and rubbed my ass cheeks, nice and slowly. Once was covered in soap, I turned the faucet to a colder temperature, then rinsed off my slick, soapy body. Then I washed my hair in the chilled water. It felt so nice, turned me on, because all I could think about at that point was his cold hands...all over my wet completely infatuated body. He would like that.. I started shaving my legs. First, my thighs, then my knees, and over, down. I made sure I went slowly and gently, so that I wouldn't cut. I had been cutting myself shaving every time, so I assured myself I would be as gentle as possible. I had a hand full of shaving cream. I started slowly massaging every inch of my pussy. The water had already got me going, but for some reason this felt even more amazing. I moaned soft little sounds..unintentionally. The warm creamy feeling gave me a little orgasm.. I started shaving the lower part of my pussy, the inside of my thighs..I moaned a little more, as the razor slowly, very gently, slid over my clit. I felt like I was going to cum after every stroke..a volcano was about to erupt inside of me. I changed the temperature of the water, and started rinsing off the creamy goodness. I started rubbing my clit slowly... I wanted to cum, badly. I played with myself a little longer, then thought of the amazing orgasm awaiting me. I rinsed off completely, rang my hair out, and grabbed the towel. I dried off my entire smooth it was, and threw on something comfortable. I crawled in bed, and got under the covers....

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Categories: Masturbation
Location: Anywhere | Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later | Nature: I will tell you later