It Started With That Look   added 3 years ago    

  By: awakened_angel18

Another one of my late night fantasies...this is what I wanted to happen last night. We're lying in my bed... I lean over and stare into your eyes and give you that look, you respond by softly placing your chilled hand across my cheek and lean I n to kiss me. The second our lips touch I feel a rush taking over my entire body. Our heartbeats get faster...your hand slides back to my neck and I nip your bottom lip and grasp your shirt as I pull you against me. You turn on top of me as I remove your jacket. I look you in the eyes and my hands slide around up your shirt to your back, I pull you in for another kiss. I nip your lip again as you gently grasp my breasts...I let out a soft breath almost moaning and you smile. I grasp your shirt and push you away from me and turn you over to pin you down. I straddle you..our lips touch once again and the rush is much stronger now..I slowly twist my hips once and you start lightly thrusting against me...I hold your hands and lean down to kiss your neck...I tickle your ear with the tip of my tongue...I slide down your body to the edge of my bed then pull your legs down so that I can remove your jeans. After I have you only in your boxers...I slowly slide my hands up your legs and into your boxers. I pull you down closer to my face and pull out your dick.. I begin teasing you by lightly licking your tip in little patterns...then I wrap my warm little mouth around the tip and you feel my tongue licking in the slit. Then I gradually get a little more of you into my mouth as much as possible..and you feel my tongue sweeping down..I pull you out of my mouth and kiss my way down to your balls and suck on each one of them. My hands slide up your tummy as I kiss your thighs then slide your boxers off your legs. I kiss your tummy and then I spit onto your dick and start rubbing you up and down lightly, just getting you a bit slippery for my throat. This time I suck you as deep as possible..gagging myself. You move my hair from my face and I suck you faster. Pulling you out to drip spit...then I rub you from the bottom and make a turning motion as I go up and down. Then I slide you back in my mouth and turn my head a bit so you\'re fucking the side of my mouth. I pull you out and rub you some more and then I lick your slit a little more. You then pull me up and kiss me passionately, we stand as I remove my clothes. As you kiss me you grasp my hair and then we fall back onto my bed. You kiss my neck and make your way down to my pussy you get it a little wet and start rubbing my clit in circles. You slide your fingers in and out of me and I moan little moans. You start licking my clit a little then you make out with it and I moan a little louder and my thighs make out with my clit more and explore different directions and motions to make with your tongue. Then when I can\'t take anymore I pull you up and slide your dick inside me. I hold your back and you slowly begin fucking my tight wet little pussy. I moan little moans into your ear and you kiss me. It\'s almost like you\'re reading my mind and you get faster when I want you to and you push deeper when I want....our bodies respond to each other perfectly...I whisper into your ear,"I wanna ride you," then you let me crawl on top of you and I smoothly slide you into my wet throbbing pussy and begin riding in slow forward motion. I play around trying to find the perfect feel and you fuck me faster and deeper as I ride you. I arch my back and lean down to kiss your lips and I run my fingers through your hair as I pull back into the thrusting ride. I lean down against you and kiss you again and you sit tell me get on my knees and so I obey. I face down into the bed, arching my back and my ass pushes against your dick. You grab my hips and I look back at you and let you know I want carefully thrust yourself into my pussy and start fucking me in deep slow motion. I moan louder as you get faster and my ass smacks against your hips as you pound me faster. I tell you I like it and moan louder and you pull my hair a little and slow your thrusts. You pull out slowly and I turn around to kiss you. As we kiss our wet warm bodies touch against each other and I feel you cum all over my chest. I lay you down on the pillows and his your head. We lie there smiling in my bed, tired, looking into each others eyes. Then you kiss me again so sweetly.
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Categories: Oral Sex, Cyber Sex
Location: A bed | Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Share it only | Nature: Romantic