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  By: 2joke5

I was on vacation and having fun dancing with a large sexy black man, rubbing and grinding against him, pussy getting wet as fuck.

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After a few drinks I had a good buzz on and he asked if I wanted to go some place a little more quiet.  I quickly agreed and we walked outside.  We barely made it out the door before he had me pushed up against the wall, his hand up my skirt, panties pushed aside and his finger buried deep in my pussy as held my head and kissed me hard, tongue deep in my mouth.  We spent several minutes like this before he pulled me away from the wall and said, “I need to find someplace to fuck you, I want you now, can we go back to your hotel?”

I shook my head no, my friend was back in the room and I couldn’t take him there.  “What about your place?” I asked him. 

He shook his head no, “We can’t bring anyone to the barracks.”

He took my hand and pulled me across the street.  “Over here,” he said.  He pulled me across the street and into the convenience store, guiding me into the bathroom.  We went into the bathroom and he locked the door behind us, quickly grabbing me, pushing me over the toilet, hands braced against the wall as he roughly hiked my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side, using his foot to spread my legs open wider and then grabbing my hips, shoving his dick hard into my pussy.  My pussy was already soaking wet, so his long thick black dick slid into it easily stretching my pussy wide open. He was fucking my pussy with long hard strokes and I was moaning loudly pushing my ass back against his big wide dick when someone started pounding on the door and telling us to get the hell out of the bathroom and go fuck somewhere else.

He pushed into me a couple more times before pulling me up, yanking my skirt back down, opening the door and saying, “yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re going,” before pushing me out of the store in front of him. 

He quickly walked down the street scanning for someplace else we could go.  He pulled me into an alley, pushed me hard against a brick wall, shoved my skirt up and shoved into my pussy, pinning me against the wall and urging me to wrap my legs around him.   He fucked me, his hands braced on either side of me for several long minutes, pinning me against the wall, burying his dick deep inside me, my legs wrapped around him until the door on the opposite side of the alley opened and someone came outside and told us to take it somewhere else before they called the police.

He groaned, pulled out of me and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the alley and towards the beach, this time not even bothering to pull my skirt back down.

We half ran the block to the beach before he led me over to lay on a boat, laying me on a pontoon  my head hanging off to the side, then he straddled my face, sliding his dick into my mouth as he slid his fingers into my pussy and started sucking on my clit.  He fucked my face hard at the same time fucking my pussy hard with his hand and sucking and licking me.  He soon had me bucking hard against his face and hand as I came hard, my screams mixing with the waves breaking against the shore.  He then stood up, turned around and straddled me so he was facing me, supporting my neck up with both of his hands and shoving his dick into my mouth, gagging me as he shoved his dick deep down my throat cutting off my breathing  as he stroked his dick in and out.  He held my face there as he fucked my throat harder and faster and then with a groan he pulled his dick out and with his head thrown back shot huge wads of hot cum all over my face, shooting it into my hair, all over my eyes, and onto my chin.  I stuck my tongue out and as he looked down at my cum covered face, I slowly licked my chin, letting the cum hang off my tongue in long strings before rolling into my mouth and savoring the sharp salty taste of his cum. 

He groaned and his hands clutched in my hair, before he rubbed his dick all over my face, smearing his cum all over it and then pushing his dick into my mouth so I could suck it clean.  After he cleaned all his cum off my face with his dick, he pulled me to feet, pulled my skirt down and hugged me tightly before walking off into the night.

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