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I awoke to feel him spooning me, hands up under my pajama top massaging my breasts and his dick hard against my ass.


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“Stop it!” I whispered. 

He ignored me and continued rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples lightly.  My nipples immediately hardened and I nudged him with my ass.


“They won’t hear us, they’re sleeping, just don’t make any noise,” he whispered back.

We were staying at a friend’s house and we were sleeping on the living room floor, along  with about six other people and he wanted to fuck!

“Stop, they’re laying two feet away!” I whispered to him.

Now one of his hands was down the front of my pajama bottoms, slowly sliding in and out of my rapidly juicing pussy. I arched back against him as his finger pushed deep into my pussy and he pinched my nipple. 

“Ummm,” I tried to moan quietly.

“Shhhh,” he softly laughed, “they’ll hear you….”

He rubbed up and down my slit, rubbing my pussy juices all over, then pulled his hand out and stuck his fingers into my mouth, urging me to taste my pussy.  He reached back down after I had licked myself off his fingers and worked my pajama bottoms down past my hips and while still lightly pinching my nipple, used his other hand to pull me tightly back against him maneuvering his dick into my pussy. 

We lay there for a minute his large black dick filling up my pussy before he started slowly rocking himself against my ass, his dick moving an inch or so in and out of my pussy.  He kept playing with my nipple, slowly rubbing my clit and leaned his head forward and lightly sucked on the side of my neck.  I bit my lip hard to keep from moaning again as he slowly brought me higher and higher towards release.

He did this for quite awhile, just slowly lightly rubbing my clit and rocking his dick inside me.  I arched my pussy against his fingers silently begging him for more.

He suddenly rolled me onto my stomach, rolling with me and keeping his dick inside me.  He pushed my mouth against his arm, his other arm trapped beneath us.  He started pushing his dick into my pussy with short hard strokes, rubbing my clit faster and leaning his mouth against my ear, licking my ear lobe and the sensitive spot beneath my ear that he knew made me cum.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming and he knew it.  He put his mouth up against my ear and whispered “shhhhh…..” every stroke into me pushing me against his fingers and creating friction on my clit.

Laying there being fucked on the floor with people sleeping all around us, having him rubbing my clit and assailing my pussy with those short hard strokes was  too much and I came hard, biting his arm to keep from making any noise as his weight pressed me down keeping me from thrashing around.  He rode out my orgasm before moving both hands to grasp my breasts, holding onto me tightly as he pressed me hard against the floor, his short hard strokes coming faster and harder as he started to near his orgasm.

As I felt him freeze, dick all the way in my pussy and felt his hot cum squirt into me, he buried his mouth in my neck and sucked hard to keep from making any noise.

We lay there for several moments both of us trying to catch our breath, before he finally slid his arm down, turning us both back on our sides, curving his arm around my waist his dick still inside me.  I started to slide forward a little but his arm tightened against me and held me there, his dick in my pussy, softening but still inside me as we both drifted off to sleep.

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