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  By: 2joke5

“You  can only do what I tell you to do and nothing else”.  He says as he sits me down naked on the chair and walks away from me to sit in the chair a few feet across the bedroom from me.  He sits down on the chair facing me slowly stroking his dick.

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“I want to watch you play with yourself and I want to see you cum, but you can only touch yourself how and where I tell you to, do you understand?”

I nodded my head and sat there waiting for my instructions.  I could already feel myself getting wet just thinking about masturbating for him.  I was excited to see how this was going to progress.

“Suck on your fingers, and play with your nipples, I want your nipple standing at attention.”

I slowly put my thumb and index finger in my mouth and sucked on them making sure I got them nice and wet and then did the same with the other hand.  I slowly reached for my breasts, grabbing a nipple between each thumb and index finger, keeping my eyes on his and slowly pinching and rolling them between my fingers.  The cool air in the bedroom, combined with the saliva on my fingers and the excitement of playing with my nipples in front of him had my nipples hard and standing tall and proud.

“Suck your tits, put them in your mouth and suck them,” he ordered. 

I lifted my breasts to my mouth and keeping my eyes on him stuck my tongue out and licked my nipple and then the other one, then slid one into my mouth rolling my tongue around my aroused nipple before switching back to my other breast and doing the same.  Back and forth, I licked and sucked my breasts for several minutes. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as my sucking sent tingles shooting to it.

“Spread your legs apart, wide, as far as you can, then take your finger, lick it, then stick just the tip in your pussy, no more than that, just the tip.”

I licked my finger again and then slowly reached down, spreading my legs wide open, and slowly sliding just the tip of my finger into my pussy.

“Slide it out and lick it.”

I did as I was told, licking my pussy juices off the tip of my finger.  Reaching down to insert my finger again, he stopped me with his words.

“Ah ah ah….I didn’t tell you to do anything more”.

I stopped and sat there waiting for instructions.

“Take your fingers and pull your pussy lips open, but nothing else.”

I obeyed, pulling the lips of my pussy so it was wide open to his view, juices glistening on the inside of the lips.

“ Slide your finger all the way into your pussy, then rub it all around your ass.  Get your asshole all nice and lubed up.  Now, slide your finger into your ass.  Slide it in and out, yeah, that’s it, slide your finger up in there, all the way, wiggle it around.  Stick another finger up your ass.  Oh yeah, that looks good baby, you look so sexy with your pussy lips spread wide and your fingers up your ass.  Lick your fingers and play with your nipple with your other hand.  Yeah, that’s right, pull that nipple, roll it around with your fingers, no don’t stop fingering your ass, play with them both at the same time.  Oh yeah, yeah baby, keep doing that,” he said, spitting into the palm of his hand and jerking on his dick faster.

“Use your thumb, rub your clit, lightly, lightly, no, not so fast, you can’t cum yet, slow, slow, keep fucking your ass, don’t stop, fuck your ass and rub your clit at the same time.”

I am watching him watching me fuck my ass with my fingers and rub my clit and I am getting so turned on.  My pussy is so wet I can feel the juice running down the inside of my legs.  I start lifting my hips up to meet the fingers I have up my ass and to rub my clit harder against my thumb. 

“No baby, not yet, you’re going to have to work for it!  Take your fingers out of your ass and show me how you lick them, lick them clean, taste your ass all over your fingers.  Do you taste good? Oh yeah, lick ‘em slow, suck each finger get all your ass juices off your fingers.  Play with your tits again, I can’t see those nipples anymore, get ‘em hard for me again.  Keep your legs spread, oh yeah, your pussy is getting so wet, look at those glistening pussy lips.  Put your finger in your pussy, yeah like that, slide it is slow, slower, yeah slide it all the way in, that’s it, ooh, don’t you look so fucking sexy, slide it in and out, yeah, keep doing that baby, oh god, I can hear how sloppy wet your pussy is getting from here.  Put two fingers in, yeah, slide those fingers in there, yeah, that’s it, no, don’t touch your clit, just fuck that pussy, fuck it nice and slow, yeah, nice and slow like that.  Put three fingers in now baby, spread those pussy lips open, let me see your fingers sliding in and out of that hot juicy pussy.”

I’ve quit watching him watching me, throwing my head back and moaning as I finger fuck my pussy, spreading the lips wide so he can see what I’m doing.  “Please” I beg him, asking him for permission to rub my clit.  I want to cum so badly.  My hips are thrusting against my finger of their  volition, I have no control over them anymore.

“No not yet, take your fingers out of your pussy and just rub up and down your slit, every time you get to the bottom, slide your finger in deep, then pull it out and rub your slit again.”

I do as he says, my hips arching toward my finger as I slide it deep into my pussy.  As I pull it out and slide it back up my slit, I get to the top and hit my clit, moaning and trying to grind my clit against my finger.

“No, no, not yet, not yet, slide that finger deep in your pussy again, yeah, now do it faster, faster, yeah, slam that finger in there, fuck that pussy, fuck it, yeah, hard baby, yeah, ooh fuck yeah, harder, faster, stick a finger in your ass again, yeah, oh god, you are so fucking sexy, yeah, fuck your ass and your pussy baby, harder, faster, come on, harder, harder, now, now play with your clit, lick your finger, no, keep fucking your pussy and your ass, use your other hand, spit on your fingers, yeah, get ‘em wet, yeah, now reach down there, pull that little hood back and show me your clit, don’t touch it yet, just show it to me, oh yeah, it’s sticking up there baby, look how badly it wants you to touch it, keep fucking your ass and pussy, yeah, keep sliding those fingers up there in your hot holes.  Now, just touch your clit with the tip of your finger, don’t move it around, just put the tip of your finger on it.”

I am half out of my mind, shoving my fingers up my pussy and ass, legs spread wide apart, back arching off the chair. I want to cum so badly it’s almost painful.

“Please…. please” I moan, “I want to cum, I need to cum, please,”  

“What do you want?”

“I want to cum, please let me cum.”

“Ok baby, keep fucking yourself, go ahead,  rub your clit, get your fingers wet again, that’s right, rub that clit, oh yeah, faster baby, you’re about to cum, I can see it, come on baby, rub that clit, faster….oh yeah, oh….god…..yeah…..oh baby…..”

“Ahhhh, oh god, oh my god, uhhhh, ahhhhh,” I scream as I cum hard, my pussy and ass clutching my fingers and milking them with hard spasms.

I hear him groaning and lift my head to watch him shoot his load into the air and all over the floor in front of him.

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