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  By: 2joke5

Oh man, was my husband going to kill me!!  He was always reminding me to plug my phone in and keep it charged, but I hardly used it and always forgot to check and make sure it was fully charged.  Now here I was in an area of town I wasn’t familiar with, at midnight with a broken down car AND a dead phone.

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It was cold and wet and I had been sitting in the car for about an hour when I finally decided I should start walking and try and find a pay phone.  After a few minutes, I saw a vehicle coming down the road.  I jumped off the sidewalk and stood in the middle of the street waving my hands back and forth to get their attention and see if I couldn’t get a ride to the nearest phone or gas station.

The car passed me, then slowed down, stopped and backed up.  The passenger window rolled down and a large black man leaned across the seat and asked if I was okay and if I needed help.

I told him my car was broken down and my phone was dead and could I by any chance get a ride to the nearest phone.

He reached over and opened the door and told me to hop in.  He said he was on his way back to his work because he had forgotten something and I could ride with him and use the phone there.

I jumped in and we drove off.  He asked me what I was doing out so late and I told him I had had a late meeting at a clients office and was heading home to my husband but was unfamiliar with the area and then my car had quit on me.  We made small talk and soon he was pulling up behind a small two story strip mall.  We got out and went up the stairs and I waited while he unlocked the door and turned the alarm off.

We were in a barber shop and he told me to wait while he went and got the cordless phone for me. 

I stood staring out the window at the empty parking lot at the front of the building and he turned the small space heater on and excused himself to go and get the phone. 

A minute later I heard him come back in the room and as I turned around to get the phone from him I was roughly pushed to the floor.  I was confused and thought for a moment maybe I had somehow tripped or something but then I was roughly grabbed by the back of my pants and lifted off the floor and roughly pushed into a barber chair, my face smashed into the back of the chair.  He roughly grabbed my shirt and yanked it and my bra over my head.  I started to struggle and scream but he roughly shoved my face into the seat again with one hand while he used the other hand to grab the back of my pants.  He grabbed them and roughly pulled my pants and thong down around my shins and then he pushed me forward into the chair so that my breasts were hanging over the back of the chair.  He bent my legs up against my ass with the pants around my shins effectively trapping me with my own clothes. 

He shoved my knees apart until they were against the arms of the chair and then grabbed them, yanking them both back to balance on the edge of the chair.  He then leaned into my legs trapping me against the chair and shoved his cock into my pussy.  I screamed and struggled and he laughed at me.  “Go ahead and scream, theres nobody around here at this time of night, no one’s coming to save you!”  He grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back farther than I thought it could go and brutally pounded himself into me.  I felt like I was going to fall off the chair and tried to move forward a bit and he punched my ass and told me to hold still and to not try to move.

I cried out in pain and tried to keep my balance on the edge of the chair and he continued to pound himself into my pussy.  He pulled out, bent down and pulled my ass cheeks apart before roughly shoving his tongue into my pussy while shoving his thumb painfully into my ass.  He bit my clit and I screamed in pain, tears streaming down my face.  He stood up again and flipped some switch so the back of the chair reclined and I was laying in a prone position.  He started slapping my ass really hard and gave it a couple of more punches. 

He then stepped to the side of the chair grabbing my head and forcing his cock into my mouth.  As he fucked my mouth he slapped me a couple of times in the face and said, “Bitch, this is what you get for walking down the side of the road!  You’re a fucking whore, you know it, your husband knows it, everyone knows it!  Suck my cock bitch!  I’m going to send you back to your husband used up like the dirty whore you are,” all the while slamming his dick into my mouth and making me gag.  After several minutes of this he shoved my mouth off his dick and swung the chair around so he was once more between  my legs.  I heard him pulling open drawers and then I felt him shove what felt like a curling iron into my pussy, he did this several times, roughly shoving it into my pussy so far his fist slammed into my pelvis. 

By this time I was screaming and begging him to please stop, tears rolling down my face.  He threw the curling iron on the floor, grabbed my hips again and rammed his cock into my ass, tearing it and causing me to try and yank myself away from the pain.

“Bitch, I told you not to fucking MOVE!! “ he yelled as he grabbed and punched my ass again, and then grabbing a breast in each hand for leverage, rammed into my ass harder and faster than before.  He pulled and twisted my breasts until I felt like he was trying to tear them off of my body.

“STOP! STOP! I screamed, grabbing his hands with mine and trying to pull his hands off of my breasts.

After several tries I finally managed to pull his hands away and he grabbed my hair with both his hands again and yanked hard pulling my head back again.

He spit in my face twice ramming his cock into me so hard I felt his pelvic bone hitting mine. 

“ I hate you, you fucking bitch, I hate you!  Tell me this is my ass, tell me this is my pussy!  Tell me now!  Tell me you belong to me, not your husband!”

“YES! YES” I cried, “I belong to you, this is your ass, this is your pussy, I’m yours!” I blubbered, telling him anything he wanted to hear in hopes this would all end.

“Damn right it is bitch! I OWN you! I’d better not EVER see you around here again or you’ll think you got off easy this time, do you hear me? Speak up bitch I can’t hear you, DO YOU HEAR ME??!!”

“YES, YES, I hear you, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I sobbed.

He wrapped both hands around my throat and I thought he was going to kill me, but he just squeezed my throat from behind until I could barely breathe, thrust into my ass twice more and then groaned loudly and I felt him coating the inside of my ass with his cum.

He stood like that for a minute, slightly loosening his hands so I could breathe before pulling out of my ass, pulling me out of the chair by my hair and throwing me roughly to the floor.

“Get your clothes on you fucking whore,” he said and then walked over to the sink and grabbed a towel getting it wet and wiping himself clean with it.  He looked at me as I crawled around the floor gathering my clothes and said “I’d offer you the rag, but I want your husband to see you with my cum dripping out of your ass and I want him to know I fucked your ass and I want him to see what a whore you really are.”

I did not look up at him, I kept my head down and my mouth shut and quickly pulled my clothes onto my sore and bruised body. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door and down the stairs and pushed me into his truck.

He went around and got in the driver’s side and pulled out of the parking lot driving down the dark street. I hugged myself against the passenger door not knowing what was going to happen next.  After about a mile he pulled over, reached over and opened my door and pushed me out of his truck.  He pointed to my left and told me,” Head that way, you’ll find a gas station about ¾ of a mile down, call your husband and tell him to come pick up my trash,” and with that he drove away into the night.

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