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Sleeping through a severe anal fingering is one thing - arse to mouthing a complete stranger is another sex chapter all together, but that's what happened in Holland 8 years ago, and to this day, i still laugh when i think about it.


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Naughty level to be set later

It had been a superb day, the beer had flowed from 9am and we had just watched Holland beat the Czech Republic in a bar just 3 miles from the ground.

We were all pretty pissed and my girlfriend at the time (now wife) was starting to get a little shall we say rowdy.

The bars in Holland are fantastic - an abundance of private places where you can frig to your hearts content, and it was an exhibition of such behavior that led to one of the most fantastic sexual encounters of my life... although my wife would strongly disagree with that assessment.

I didn't know we were being watched - Sarah (my girlfriend - now wife) was about as horny as they come and was loving me playing with her wet pussy under the table. She had no knickers on so it was pretty much a free for all and was taking near on a fisting - but as is usually the case with Sarah, the hornier she gets, the more that arseole starts throbbing - and you can't get your arse fingered if you're sitting down.

We're in a corner of the bar and she assumes that it's 'game on' to stand up and have me slide a couple of fingers into her butt - as no one can see that right? wrong... the 'corner' of the bar - like so many Dutch pubs - is actually a perforated wall, and just 3 feet away, a couple of Dutch lads have a 'ring'side seat

Watching Sarah taking 2 fingers up her dirty butt as she pretends to rummage through her bag...

Oh lordy, about 30 seconds of fingering later, i hear voices behind me, i turn around and catch their stare through the lattice partition. I did contemplate stopping, but why spoil everyone's enjoyment? We have 4 people involved here - all of which are loving the scenes.

Me carrying on - with the full knowledge that they were watching - was taken as some kind of invitation that it was ok to come round the screen and join in, and within a minute, a couple of Dutch lads were basically making themselves at home at our table.

Sarah was mortified and was clearly embarrassed as hell - and the fact they were complimenting her arseole (in the worst English i have heard) didn't help, but to my surprise when one of the lads offered her a drink and a smoke, she accepted.

30 or so minutes later - after much strained conversation that was for the most part incomprehensible - one of the lads suggested that we go to another bar that was a little livelier. i said no problem and Sarah seemed up for it - although she was looking at me kinda weird at times, i just thought it was the drink.

On the way there, one of the lads was chatting to me whilst the other was chatting to Sarah - i didn't have a clue where we were to start with, but then recognized the bus station ahead and asked the guy i was chatting to where the bar was from here - he said in the bus station.

The guy chatting to Sarah had his arm around her - laughing and joking - and his mate started to ask me questions like how long we'd been together and whereabouts she was from... i knew where this was going - and if he had the words I'm sure he would have popped the question first, but i gave him a hand.

The area we were now in was almost pitch black and was at the far corner of the station - there was a fire hydrant there and a wall that created a blindspot from the rest of the station.

I called ahead to Sarah who was laughing and joking around with the other guy - and asked her whether she wanted to go back to the hotel . I didn't need an answer, the look on her face was enough, she was gagging for a fucking and these two guys were pretty keen on providing the service.

What Sarah hadn't contemplated was just how much the Dutch hate the English, and just how much the threesome we had back in Bristol the month previous was toytown compared to what was on the cards here.

I was fine with it - as long as i got my dick sucked all was ok with me - and Sarah loved her sex and was well and truly broken in so no problems there either.

I let the first guy know that we were up for a bit of fun, but that had already been decided as matey boy (that had spent the last 10 minutes chatting up my missus) already had his hand up her skirt and was giving her the roughest fingering i had seen in my life.

The look on Sarah's face was priceless - it was a bit like hating it loving it - but then the other guy joined in and the look turned to total confusion, but at the same time you could see was getting her rocks off.

The first guy now had his dick out and was rapidly sliding on a condom - he was pretty big (bigger than me for sure) and was as hard as a rock. He quickly lay on the floor pulling Sarah down with him. At this stage i was getting my dick out - as too was matey boy and before you know it, there's 3 dicks swinging around and one willing girl wanting the lot

Sarah gets as wet as fuck when she's horny and you could hear the slapping of the guys cock pounding her pussy -almost slapping it. The floor of the station was oily and Sarah's hands and knees were a show already - she usually rides the dick on her feet, but she was so pissed she simply didn't have the stability. She tried a few times to get on her feet but no good

Matey boy nudged me and pointed to her arse - i nodded and basically said crack on, not contemplating the fact that he was even more well endowed than his pal.

Oh jesus christ - the next 2 minutes were brutal. The pair or them pounding the hell out of her was a sight i'll never forget - by now her hands, feet, and legs were covered in this sooty oily mess, and with the guys mauling her with their hands, the rest of her body was pretty much covered in black smears too.

She came just the once - and the guy on the bottom shot his load pretty quick too - leaving just matey boy to cum.

He pulled himself out of her arse - allowing his pal to get up - and then shoved his cock in Sarah's mouth and started to throat fuck her. Now bearing in mind she was totally unprepared for all of this, had been out for the whole day, and had been eating a variety of crap food washed down with alcohol since we had arrived in Holland you can imagine the state of the guys dick.

She wretched and gagged her way through what seemed like the longest blowjob in history - but she got there in the end and she even got a well done from matey boy at the end after she had taken the condom off of his dick for him.

I still pull her leg about this even now - we've had a few threesomes/foursomes since, but despite plenty of requests the only one she gives arse to mouth to now is me.. :)

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