first time pleasures   added 4 years ago    

  By: cupcake

So my man is away on a work project and I'm off to bed. Lying there trying to get to sleep but the more I try the more awake it makes me.


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I find myself thinking about him and about what he could do to me if he was there, this starts to arouse me and I can feel myself getting moist in that place that only he usually goes.

You see I've never touched myself before it's not something that I've thought about until this moment.

I close my eyes and its as if I can feel my guy slipping the straps of my top off my shoulders and he starts to kiss my shoulder, and then reaching my neck.....these thoughts seem so wrong but the more I think about them the more wet I'm getting, before I know it my hand is slowly reaching down between my warm thighs.

I reach my wet pussy and gently stroke it and it feels so good, so wet and so warm. I then lick my finger and taste myself, I now know what he tastes and it's so sweet. My finger is nice and wet so again I touch myself only this time I find my bud which is throbbing, as soon as I touch it my back arches and I let out a soft moan, who would have thought that I'd ever be doing this but it feels so good.

I press a little harder and flick my finger a little quicker and my breathing gets faster which makes me flick faster, dear lord the sensation is almost unbearable but I can't stop..the only way to describe it is that I feel like my pussy is going to explode.

With my legs spread wide and feeling like I can't take anymore it happens, I explode into the most amazing orgasm I've ever had and it feels so good, my pussy pulsating with each touch until I stop and just take it all in. Wow what I have  just done has definately made me sleepy, so I slowly close my eyes hoping that I can't fall to sleep tomorrow night either xxx

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