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I’ve taken up walking the past few weeks in an effort to get some exercise, a bit of stress relief. And to be honest there are more than a few opportunities to indulge some of  my voyearistic fantasies with some of the women that walk around disk in the area that I live in.


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I have some bike short stile underwear that I typically wear when I am walking, along with a t-shirt and that’s about it.  The shorts cover enough to ensure I don’t get arrested. I like the way that they fit around me tightly, creeping up my ass as I walk hugging me tightly and giving a bit of a view to who ever passes by and has a look.

I’ve noticed a few times the gaze of some of the women that I regularly encounter lingering on me as I walk past.

The other night it was raining out. I decided to take a walk anyway so as not to get out of the habit. I figured that there wouldn’t be any eye candy out so I just set off making the most of the workout. By the half way point my shorts were soaked through and leaving nothing to the imagination of anyone who looked closely. The rain had stopped and the humidity was rapidly setting in. I could feel sweat running down my back.

I was about two blocks from my house when I noticed a woman outside her place. I’ve noticed here a few times before and always lusted after her body a bit. She was standing outside watering one of her flower gardens that hadn’t been hit by the rain. She had a glass of wine in the other hand that she was sipping on while she watered. It was her outfit that stopped me in her tracks however.

She was wearing a very short crop top of thin white t-shirt material. The top was so thin that from the distance I was at I could see her flesh underneath the shirt. She was wearing extremely short shorts made of the same material. The humidity was making the fabric stick to her as she moved back and forth, the movement made the shorts ride up her ass crack, and her sweat was making the fabric even more revealing. her hair was pulled up in a pony tail, keeping it off her back and neck.

I could feel my cock getting had as I watched her. I was straining at the material of my shorts. I stood there for a few minutes watching her. Then she looked back at me with a grin. “Ohhh there you are...” she raised an eyebrow. “I’ve been waiting for you to come around to get my daily eye full of you.

I wasn’t sure what to think at this point. I stood there staring at her. I couldn’t help but look down her body. THe way she was standing, back to me, but turned looking back I could see her profile, the crop top didn’t quite cover the bottom of her tits, and what it did cover was only highlighted by the material sticking to her.

She turned around facing me fully. She grinned again as she moved the hose around, bringing it closer to me. I was looking her up and down. “Ohhh... down boy.” she said, with obvious attention to what was going on in my shorts. She flicked the hose up, catching me with a blast from the cold water. I jumped, brought harshly back to reality.

She laughed. Then she brought the hose up above her head. The movement pulled her crop top up, exposing her magnificent tits completely. The cold water ran down her body, over her tits, down her stomach, soaking her shorts and making them cling to her crotch. The cold water made her nipples stand up. She turned off the hose and came up to me, tits still on full display, and pointing directly at me.

“I’ve noticed you walking around the place lately.” she said. “I love those tight shorts... checking out your ass as you walk past.”

She came up close to me. “Then I noticed...” she said quietly. “No hair on the legs....” so I wonder. She ran her hand up under my shirt. “Hmmmm no hair on the chest.” he said smiling. Then she ran her hand around my back under my shirt... “none...” Her hand went down the back of my shorts. Her smile grew more ashe she ran her hands over my smooth ass. Then she moved her hands around front. “Ohhh...” she sighed with a satisfied smile as she caressed my smooth balls.

She grabbed at my shorts with both hands puling the front down. My cock sprang fee for her view. “I’ve always wanted my husband to do that...” she said about my waxed pubic area. “But he’s such a whoose...” she said with a giggle.

“Ohhh” she said with surprise. SHe quickly pulled my shorts up and pulled her top back down over her tits. Just in time as the lights from a car came across us. The car drove by and we were in darkness again. She grabbed my hand and shoved it in her crotch. I took the opportunity and started rubbing her through her shorts. It wasn’t long before she was spreading her legs further and grinding herself against my hand. I pushed my hands under her shorts, she was slick with pussy juice. I pushed my fingers into her hot pussy getting them wet and then back up to her clit, alternating between circles, up and down and side to side rubbing, back into her pussy, back to her clit. She was groaning quietly. Then her legs snapped shut as she had an orgasm that sapped her breath.

She grabbed my hand and brought me in front of her car. Once we were hidden from the view of the road she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down again. This time she pulled them down to my ankles. She swallowed the rest of her wine in the glass she has been nursing before. Then she pulled off her own shorts, tossing them back in the open garage before she squatted down in front of me.

Taking my cock in one hand she took me into her moth quickly, sucking me like a mad woman. She started at the head, and sucked the entire length of my cock into her mough. I could feel the back of her throat on the head of my cock as the took em in, then pulled out till just my tip was at her lips. She fucking her mouth with my cock as fast and as hard as she could. Her free hand grabbed the base of my cock firmly and started jerking me in time with her bobbing head. I was thankful that I had fucked my wife the night before so that I lasted a while under this relentless blow job.

After a while I could feel my balls tighten. She obviously could feel my cock swell in her mouth as I approached orgasm. She took me out of her mouth and jerked me off harder and faster. Just as I was about to blow my load she held her wine glass up, catching every drop of my hot cum in her class.

Once I had finished oozing cum into the glass, she stood up. I grabbed my shorts and pulled them back up. She was standing in front of me, wet flesh glistening in the dim light. She held up the wine glass with my cum in it. “This is my favorite part.” she said with a grin as she licked around the edge of the glass. My gaze was locked on her. She dipped a finger into the cup and then licked it clean. Then with a big grin she lifted the glass to her lips and took the entire load into her mouth, swallowing as she did. Then she used her finger to mop the left over cum out of the glass, then licked her fingers clean.

“MMmmmmmmmm thanks.” the said with a huge smile. She then went back to the side of the house, grabbed her hose and started watering the flowers again. All without any shorts on. She didn’t seem bothered as a car drove past. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” she said with a giggle. She didn’t seem bothered as another car drove past with her standing there half naked.

I headed back to the road and started for home. It was only then that I realized I had just gotten off with this woman and I didn’t even know her name. The house number was 38... so Mrs. 38 I’ll call her.

When I got home my wife asked me if I had enjoyed my walk. Then noticing that my shorts were soaking wet she asked me what happened. I said something about getting caught by a sprinkler and then went to change. 

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