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  By: 2joke5

The snow storm has made the roads virtually un-driveable and the bus let me off a mile from the bus stop, the bus driver refusing to drive down the snowy icy road any further.  The snow storm came out of nowhere without any warning.  I'd had a meeting downtown with the Owners of the company we were courting so I had dressed to impress. I had my four inch heels on, my tight skirt that wasn't too short but showed off my ass to perfection, and my low, but not too low cut blouse that promised a hint of nipple if you looked hard enough.  NOT the clothes to be wearing in a freak snow storm when you're more than a mile from home. And of course, I had rushed out of the house late this morning and hadn't grabbed a coat.  Needless to say, I was freezing cold and miserable, and I think I lost the feeling in my toes about a half mile back.


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I rounded the last curve of the road to my development and noticed, shock of all shocks, the power was out.  That was just what I needed, now I wouldn't even be able to take a hot shower and warm up once I got in.  I briefly thought about staying on the sidewalk and walking all the way around to the entrance, but quickly decided I was just too damn cold to go the long way and decided I would cut thru the woods and cut the time in the snow short.  I slid thru between the tree and the fence post where the fence started and started thru the woods only to decide that was one of the stupider decisions I had made. It was hard enough to see with no street lights when you're on a sidewalk, but it's impossible to see in the dark woods with no light at all.  I stopped and briefly thought about going back, but in the end decided if I didn't get home soon,  I was going to start loosing body parts to frost bite.


I was suddenly grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground.  I was so surprised that I just lay there for a moment trying to get my brain to register what had happened.  I felt a hand push my face into the snow and I panicked thinking I was going to be smothered in the snow. Rough hands shoved my skirt up and a cold hand was grappling at my pussy, awkwardly trying to spread the lips of my pussy apart. I felt a weight on the back of my legs and then a dick was shoved roughly into me.  I tried to put my hands on the ground and lever myself up and away from him but he roughly slapped the side of my head making my ears wring and my eyes blur.  He grabbed both my arms pulling them up and behind me, making my back arch and he slammed into my pussy over and over, grunting and moaning.  He grabbed both my wrists in one hand and grabbed my hair by the other pulling me up and back, bending me at a painful angle, cutting off my air and slamming into me roughly over and over.  He shoved into me and stopped, moaning and shaking and I could feel his cum shooting into my pussy in hot pulsing waves.


I lay there for a moment praying it was over, and then I heard someone say, "move over, it's my turn."  Oh god I thought, it's not over.  I was roughly pulled to my feet by my hair and pushed forward roughly until I was up against a fallen tree with my face pressed against the rough bark.  The lower half of my body was pulled backwards and my legs were kicked roughly apart so I was standing with my legs spread wide and my ass in the air being held up against the tree.  My hands were grabbed again and pulled behind my back and this time the hand shoved a finger roughly in my ass and then followed it quickly with a dick.  I could feel my ass tearing and ripping as the dick was shoved roughly into it and my blouse was ripped open and my breasts were exposed to the cold night air.  My nipples hardened immediately from the cold and he let go of my wrists and grabbed both my breasts, squeezing them and twisting them hard as he pounded into my ass over and over again.  The bark from the tree scrapping the tender skin of my stomach.  


"Wait, let me get some more" I heard from behind and I was pulled off the tree and someone moved in front of me, leaning back against the tree and spreading his legs. I was pushed and pulled forward until the man in front of me could position himself between my legs and then he shoved up into my pussy again.  


The man behind me shoved his dick hard into my ass impaling me on the man in front of me's dick.  The man in front of me lifted his hips up hard almost lifting me off the ground and back into the dick in my ass. Back and forth like a see saw I went between the dick in my ass and the one in my pussy.  The man behind me still grabbing and twisting my breasts, grabbing the nipples and pulling on them as hard as he could.  The man in front of my grabbing my head and pulling it down to shove his tongue in my mouth.    The man at my back let go of my breasts for a moment and I felt his hands on the back of my skirt before I heard a rip and felt him rip my skirt and throw it to the side. On and on it went until I felt like it would never end.  The man behind me was gasping and moaning and he started hoarsely chanting "yes, yes, yes, I'm coming" and the I felt his dick twitch and throb in my ass and he spurted his hot load into me.  I was still impaled on the guy in front of me and I heard him mutter, "oh yea, again, again" and felt him come inside me a second time.


The men slowly lowered me to the ground where I lay for several moments trying to gather my wits about me.  The guy who had been behind me reached his hand down to help me up.


"Well, babe, was it all you imagined and more?"


I smiled up at my boyfriend and said "You know it honey! I've got the best boyfriend in the whole world," and I turned to his friend and said, "and his friends not too bad either!" But you owe me a new skirt!  I had to walk home naked that night, but with all the power out, I really wasn't worried any of the neighbors might see!




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easypeasy    (2012-01-29 11:13:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Pretty raw, but, not gonna lie, it made my pussy throb.

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