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  By: BillyJones1979

Marie was a quiet girl. She was at Uni a shared a house with several other girls. It was Wednesday afternoon and she’d got home early. The house was empty. She’d stopped on the way home and picked up a paper. She got home and stripped off to lie on her bed, she lay on her back and opened her paper, for a short while she read but then she got an urge.

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She let the paper rest across her naked body and put her arms over it. It felt good to her she pressed very gently feeling the crinkling against her skin. Then she slid her hand in between he pages and down onto her clit. It made her gently moan, as she pressed she became more and more distant falling into a trance of pleasure at the feeling, the smell and the sounds of the newspaper moving on her skin.



Then her door opened, Kelly walked straight in. There was nothing Maria could do, she had been caught. Kelly said “sorry I didn’t know you were busy, what are you doing?” Marie was very embarrassed but explained “I don’t know what it is, but It makes me feel really good”, Kelly replied, “Well whatever floats your boat,  I guess” and she left the room.



Marie lay there thinking, “I do hope she doesn’t tell everyone I’ll never live it down, I mean who has a thing for paper?” She then heard the front door shut, Kelly had gone out. Well I might as well finish. She spread a few sheets on her bed and lay on top of them, then she spread the other sheets over herself and carried on gently pressing the paper, caressing her breasts and then rubbing it onto her clit.  



Half an hour later she heard Kelly come back in, and go to her room. Marie folded the paper back up and put on a dressing gown. She’d just finished tidying up when she heard Kelly call her, “Marie come up here I want to show you something. Marie did as she was asked, she was still trying to think of a way to explain herself. She tapped on Kelly’s door.


The door opened a there was Kelly, wearing a paper skirt and top. “What do you think?” she said. “Your taking the piss aren’t you?” said Marie annoyed. Kelly stepped back, her large double bed was wrapped in newspaper, pillows, covers everything. I thought I’d give it a try, could you help me.



Kelly untied Marie’s gown, and then slid it off her shoulders. She had a large pile of newspapers on her chair. She put a couple of sheets over Marie’s shoulders and then a couple around her, taping them up to make her a top, this covered Marie’s breasts, Kelly put her hand on her breast, and rubbed. Marie felt great, Kelly wrapped some  pages around her to make her skirt. They got close, then they touched. Kelly put her hands around Marie. She hugged her tight. Marie squeezed into Kelly. Just then the front door closed. Someone else had come in.



Kelly looked out, it was Babs. She was coming up stairs. Kelly went out to meet her in her paper outfit. Babs was a bit surprised and giggled, “new clothes Kel?” Kelly led Babs into her room, “Your turn girl”. Babs saw Marie too, “What is this some silly project you’ve got”, Marie said “something like that”, they stripped Babs down and made her the outfit. Babs could feel it now, the crinkling against her naked skin. “I’m just going to my room for something, I’ll be back” she left the room.


When she returned she was different, she had wrapped some paper between her  legs turning her skirt into hot pants. “Right you can wrap my legs now”, Kelly and Marie did as she said. She then pulled more newspaper around her belly and taped it up. Babs grabbed Kelly, “your turn”. She wrapped Kelly up with several layers. The two girls were now feeling each other. Babs didn’t even ask Marie, she just pushed her on the paper bed and jumped on her, she grabbed several sheets and wrapped them around her. She even covered her arms and hands. “Oh my good I feel great” said Babs. She put some sheets on top of Marie’s pussy, “tape it when I’m done” she pushed her face into the paper and wrapped it around her head, Kelly taped it. She pushed her tongue through onto Marie’s pussy, licking her clit causing Marie wild ecstasy. She came up made some eyes holes. Then she opened some pages, put them over Marie’s face and wrapped her head too. Kelly laid next to them, “My turn”, they wrapped.



The three young girls touched and kissed each other crinkling crunching. Kelly snogged Marie through their paper mask; the smell was overwhelming them with excitement. They licked and touched each other’s pussy’s through the newspaper. Then they all heard the front door bang again….

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