The Begining Night   added 4 years ago    

  By: Piro_raeB

Weeks of talking, waiting and following were soon about to pay off I thought, as I waited calmly in the dark of the bed room. Car lights in the drive way let me know she was finally home; her text message earlier let me know that the guest was with her. My captive pale star had brought us home a new playmate. “Go get the wine from the fridge, we’re gona have so much fun tonight” Kellie urged her on. Krystal laughed and retorted “You always say that, and all we do is get drunk and watch crappy movies on cable.” The night carried on exactly like Krystal thought it would, watching some crappy movie on TV, drinking wine while their giggles at the horrible acting grew louder and eventually died away when Krystal fell asleep. The floor sounded low creeks and moans, and Kellie came creeping toward the bedroom.


She entered the room, and flicked on the light it was dazzlingly bright after the hours of darkness. Once my eyes had adjusted to the light again I could she. A slight tinge of red colored her face part wine, part excitement. “She’s out like a light, you can bring her up any time you wanted” she said in a loud whisper, the excitement plain in her voice. She skipped across the room towards where I was sitting against the wall, and gave a small jump as she landed in my lap. She pressed her body tight to mind, and ground her hips into as she leaned in for a kiss. It was forceful and deep, much more aggressive than I’ve ever seen Kellie. I wriggle a hand under her shirt and found her nipple already hard, and gave a quick sharp pinch. She broke the kiss with shuddering sigh, her eyes closed tight; her breath coming is short pants.


“You really can’t wait for this to happen can you?” I asked.


She slide off me to the side and said “No, I can’t wait. I’ve been so very good with her. You should get her now while I get everything setup in here.”


I rose off the floor and made for the door starting to strip off clothes on the way. “If you plan to be that ready this soon, should I be as well?” she called after me. I stopped in the hallway just outside turning back with a smile, and dropping my pants to the floor to continue out into the living room. I could hear the soft sounds of draws opening and closing as I rounded the corner into the living room. The soft blue-white light of the TV screen danced shadows across the walls, and there on the couch, she slept. The medium fall of black hair already looked partly sleep tousled as some of it trailed over her face. The black-framed glasses she wore had slid partway down her nose, as she hugged the side of her face into a pillow, breathing steady with sleep. 


When I was close enough I took the glasses off her face, and hooked them in the waist band of my boxers. She didn’t take notice of the contact so I pressed on, smoothing my hands down the line of her thigh that the strangely short jean-shorts exposed. She rolled from her side to her back. The button down blouse she wore proved an easy defense to pass, as my hands stole down the line of the shirt opening as they went. When the shirt spilled open, the tops of the light ebony smoothness there were her breasts shown under the line of blue lace bra she wore. I could feel myself starting to stir starring down out her. “I will see you in nothing but your bra and panties first” I whispered into her ear, glad to learn she was a sound sleeper. The shorts found themselves undone with the flip of a button and the slide of the zipper. A bit more sliding and the knowledge that she had bought a matching set was mine. The soft blue lace of her panties felt amazing under my hand, if felt strange for such a simple thing to feel so good, but it did. Genteelly I lifted her from the couch and carried her back to the bed room, and lowered her onto the bed.


Kellie stood near a small table of toys and gifts, stripped down to her socks; she didn’t ever like to be barefoot. She turned to me a look mixed of anticipation and disappointment on her face. Her long black hair flared around her briefly with the motion, a perfect contrast to the paleness of her skin “Don’t look at me like that, I figured we could save all the best unveilings for when were all together.” She pouted out her lower lip at me anyway, turned back to the table bent over and spread her ass apart revealing the plug already buzzing in her. “I can see that, but that just means you’ll get to hold in your fun a bit more than the rest of us.” I told her. Standing back up and bouncing onto the bed she settled down against Krystal’s still sleeping form. She trailed her fingertips up and her tight tummy, the pale of Kellies so lovely against the light-skinned ebony of Krystal. She spoke so low into her ear I could barely hear it, “We are going to have oh so much fun tonight, all the strange things I asked of you will soon make sense.”


I stood still watching her speak in soft tones to her friend, remembering that Kellie had told me she was a virgin and she greatly wanted to fix that. Although who she was fixing it for was still up in the air just a bit. I slid Krystal’s glasses from my boxer’s waist band and laid them on the bedside table, and tried to lay myself on the other side of Krystal and genteelly as I could. I starting moving my hand across Krystal’s body to match Kellie’s movement, she noticed and entwined her hand to mine. Without thinking we both drew up meeting almost perfectly over the sleeping girls body, and kissed. The kiss was longer and deeper than the one we had earlier almost as if we could fuck and each other from the mouth alone. We pulled away, looking down at her I could see her body was starting to react, nipples hardening, along with the beginnings of a hard on for me as well. Looking down seemed to be the action both of us had taken, her hand letting go of mine, sliding along my arm and down my body, she slowed and played for a while along the edge of fabric I still had on. “This should really, really, come off sooner rather than later” she said it like a statement, but it held a questioning edge.  “This is true,” I said. She smiled, such a happy evil smile that lit up her face with all the things we had done before, and things we were gona do now.


She slid the boxers down and they pooled around my knees, “I’ve got to lie down, or stand up to finish getting these out of the way.” Then I had an idea, sliding back off the bed from her lingering touch, I stood and kicked the boxers away. “Grab the cloth cuffs off the table, and we should get our guest ready now too.” I said. She slid back got what I wanted, and we both climbed back onto the bed. Together we gazed down at Krystal; almost together we both asked “Who gets to take what off first?” Both of us still looking down, I said “bra, you, I want to watch.” She half giggled half squee’d with joy, tossing the cuffs to me without even looking. She crawled on top her, Kellie’s clean shaved cunt lips would be pressing if not squarely on to damn near close to her friends. Her hands went first to her own body, toying at her own cunt and maybe judging from the soft sounds that she was making her sleep Krystal was getting a bit too. She spilled her hands up her body, one of them leaving a small trail of slickness part way up to her belly-button. Her hand kept moving, finding her tight breasts kneading them from the outside in small circles, moving inward toward her nipples. Small moans fell from her mouth, and slowly in small motions she ground herself into the fabric of the panties Krystal still had on. Then she just fell onto arms out to her sides, and she was kissing the sleeping girl. It was fantastically fucking hot to watch, I could feel the hardness of my dick reaching its fullness. Kellie’s hands wormed under the other girls body, she came up from the kiss, sat upright bringing Krystal with her, and removing the bra with the same motion.


“That was quite the little show Kellie, you must really want this.”


“You’re probably the only one who knows it.” She said wriggling her way off Krystal to spoon her body next to hers.


I tossed the cuffs back to her, and she set to binding the sleeping girl to the headboard of the bed. I crawled toward the far end of the bed and started to make my way back up, gliding my hands along Krystal’s legs spreading them apart as I went. Every bit of her skin was soft, warm and scented softly of raspberries. Finally I made it up to her now slightly sex stained panties, and peeled them away. The inside came away with more wetness than I had expected to see, her body had reacted to Kellies little show and she hadn’t even seen it. “Oh god, I can’t wait for her to wake up.” Slipping a finger inside her to see if I could speed the process along, and sure enough after a few probing strokes from my finger she moaned softly again, eyes fluttering open this time. All of the sensations seemed to hit her at once, her wrists cuffed to the headboard, Kellie tucked in beside her, and me between her thighs finger still in her continuingly wettening pussy. Her hands began to pull against the cuffs as she closed her legs to get me out of her, she whimpered softly “What’s going on here?” Kellie leaned close and whisper something into the other girls ear that I couldn’t hear, but it must have been good because Krystal instantly went still.  I licked the finger she had made me take out of her and tasted her juices, slightly sweet with a small bitter end note, “So interesting.” I thought.


I placed a hand on each of her knees and began to press her knees apart, she tried to fight but wasn’t close to strong enough to even slow me down. She started to resist with her entire body but more whispering from Kellie quieted her down again.


“Since you’re being such a good lil’helper Kellie, climb up on her like you’re gona eat each other out.”


She did it happily, when she was in place Krystal let out a small surprised gasp. “Doesn’t that hurt you?” she asked. Kellie leaned in close to Krystal’s clit kissing it, whispering “You’ll be able to tell me soon enough.” The muscles in Krystal’s legs went tight with the thought of her first butt plug. “We’re getting ahead of ourselves here.” I told them both. Krystal relaxed a bit, Kellie was wearing a fantastically evil smile, “Oh, don’t get to relaxed on us yet Krystal” I said giving her thighs a bit of squeeze. “You are going to l-o-v-e the way his cock fills you up babe” Kellie called back to her looking at me. I moved the tip to the her opening, Kellie let some saliva trail out of her mouth over my shaft as I teased the head up and down Krystal’s moistening slit. Krystal tried to stifle a moan of please, and Kellie started to wiggle her hips lowering them towards Krystal’s face. Krystal tried to make words of protest at this I think, she failed marvelously at that I think because the full head of my dick had just entered her. She was so tight, so tight but still so wet, it felt amazingly good for just the tip being inside her. “Is your friend here on the pill Kellie?” hearing my question and in a breathy gasping answer Krystal said “Noooo, I’m not.” With that fact in mind I continued to ease myself into Krystal, Kellie watching my progress with eager eyes. Kellie seemed to remember herself and with a small hip motion she gently dropped herself onto Krystal’s face. She closed her eyes, and tried to remain very still against the other girls face. “Surely she’s open enough by now” she called to me, I was in the middle of another slow entering stroke of our guest. “I suppose she is, I take it I should fuck her for real now?” The deep heavy breathing of Krystal seemed to catch in her, as muffled sounds came from between Kellies thighs.


“What’s that honey?” Kellie asked? “I can’t hear very well when I’m thinking about how poorly my pussy is being worked. “Oh, oh, I think I can help you both with that.” A quick, hard thrust buried me inside Krystal as far as I could manage; causing a chain of gasps starting with Krystal and ending out of Kellie’s mouth. I drew back slow one more time and set to fucking Krystal, a pattern of several fast, hard, almost circular thrusts. Krystal’s muffled sounds of pleasure must have been doing something amazing for Kellie, whose eyes were closed tightly as she made continual unintelligible sounds, her hands searching for something to grab on to. Her hand eventually found mine, nails biting in to the backs of my hands just a bit as our fingers interlaced. The pain through me out of the rhythm I had be pounding into to Krystal’s wetness, and brought on a more straight line version of the rhythm, my hips thudding against her with every stroke. Krystal’s muffled moans grew even louder which was impressive through another human body. The increase of sound from Krystal also brought louder sounds from Kellie like someone talking into a megaphone. The thunking sound of the headboard was clear even with the girls screaming their pleasure; I looked up Krystal’s thin arms with trying to pull forward with all her excess pleasure. I could feel Krystal growing warmer and tighter, my body responded without my really meaning to. The thrusts seeming to become more and more urgent, like I needed not to pound into her but through her and out the other side. Krystal’s multiple loud moans became one very long one, her hips rising up in spite of the Kellie on top of her, to meet each stoke of mine with a strangely forceful one of her own. It felt so amazing I had almost not noticed Kellie’s nails now fully digging into my hands, the pain didn’t come instead it was just more of that same amazing force, like sex could happen just between hand and nails.


“GONA CUM! I’M GONA CUM” I shouted. The girls both seemed lost in themselves and couldn’t hear my warning of the impending finish. It took some effort but I managed to push Kellie into a sort of kneeling position with her pussy still on Krystal’s face, what I could see of Krystal’s jaw was working furiously at Kellie. Wrenching one of my hands free, Kellies now free hand went to  one of Krystal’s nipples  latching onto and massaging the small breast up and down with what looked to be a good deal of force. My free hand found my cock, damn near dripping with essence of Krystal, It made the action of bringing myself so much easier. The first thick white blurt of seed flew high and landed splattering across Kellies left breast, the next two landed much shorter landing near Krystal’s belly button, the final blurt fell out more than anything and landed on the bed in the pooling juices from Krystal’s pussy.


Kellie’s entire body seemed to tense and shudder with pleasure. She bent over and set to licking up the cum from Krystal’s body, working hard to pick it all up without swallowing any from the look of her. She hoped off Krystal to the side and waved me up near her face, I moved up. The juices that coated nearly all of Krystal’s face glistened in the light; her eyes were nearly rolled into the back of her head. Kellie edged her face over Krystal’s lining up their mouths dribbling the mixture of cum and saliva into Krystal’s gaping unaware mouth. As the end of the mix seemed to be falling from her lips, she followed it down to the other girls’ mouth for a deep, probing kiss. Her hand motioning to the cuffs while the other roamed up and down Krystal’s body, I undid the Velcro cuffs that held her hands up and the fell upon Kellie, roaming, touching, and pinching. Then pushing at her torso, she kept pushing at Kellie trying to get free and failing as Kellie had wrapped both her arms around the other girl. There was a very audible swallowing sound the kissing girls, then Kellie willing broke away from the kiss with a great intake of air.


Krystal pushed herself up to a sitting position with her back to the headboard, and look from Kellie to me for a while. Then a smile bloomed on her face, and she began to shake a bit as her eyes fell down to look at the dark spots on the bed, Kellie shared a look with me a look which was not completely sure of itself.


“That…” Krystal began breaking the sudden silence, “ was A-FUCKING-MAZING.” She said and broke into full laughter that shook her breast with the force of it. “We do so aim to please sweety” Kellie said moving to sit next to Krystal, resting her head on the girls shoulder. “Yes, yes, we do” I said mirroring the action on the opposite side. “Not to mention that you were not bad at all yourself Krystal. I’d like to see you to go at it, if you’re up for girls.” 


They shared a look I could not see, and that seemed to settle the matter with a very sure of itself yes.


I began to craw off the bed to pick out a good spot to sit on the floor and enjoy the show that was about to come. Krystal caught me on the arm with a hand, drawing me closer to whisper into my ear “I’d like to get just a little pay back on Kellie tonight if you don’t mind.” Kellie was watching us closely as I looked up at her.


To be Continued…


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