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Our 1st Meeting

We have been talking, chatting; getting to know each other now for over 2 Months, finally the time has come, where we will meet. I am hoping you will not be disappointed, when you see me, but we have shared so much, pictures, thoughts, many conversations, I have no doubt the connection will be real.

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Naughty level to be set later

I fly into Florida, head down to Baseball Camp, ready to play competitive baseball, but all along, cannot stop dreaming of our 1st kiss, and finally meeting you, and making you a reality.

The next day, is our day to meet, I know you’re on your way down to see me. I am in my 2nd game of the day, playing shortstop, when I look towards the walkway to the fields, and see this pretty, blonde haired, fit, pretty woman walking towards the field, it has to be YOU!! My heart starts to pound as I see you from afar, I can’t wait to get to the dugout and say Hi.

We get the 3rd out, and I run to the dugout, your smile am matching mine, the wait is over, I come directly to you, and give you a big hug, and a quick kiss. I cannot take my eyes off of you, and feel so relaxed, no tension, just so comfortable around you. Well, it is the last inning, my team is down 2 runs, my turn at bat, with 2 runners on base, 2 outs, and you give me that amazing smile before I head to the plate. I am so focused, the fast ball comes, and I crush it over the center fielders head, we won the game as I cross the plate, with the go ahead run. High Fives, chest pumping with the guys, but I just want to see your smile!!! The smile I have been waiting for 2 months to see, is lit up with all the excitement, I am excited to have shared this moment with you!!

I grab all my baseball gear, and ask you if you would like to come inside and see my room, the door barely closes, before you feel me grab you, and kiss you deeply with passion that has been burning inside of me. I have not even showered yet, but it does not stop me, from wanting our kisses. You sit me down in my chair, and straddle me, kissing me softly, biting my neck, and I bite yours, my hands are roaming through your hair, and your back. You tell me, take your jersey off, I have waited too long to feel your shoulders and chest. I take it off, you just want to rub my strong shoulders, and feel my chest. We kiss again, you like the feel of my bare chest against you, while we are kissing.

You say, let me clean you up good; let’s take the rest of your clothes off. I start to take my belt off, and you say, no, let me do this please.

I stand up, and you unbuckle my pants, take off my belt, and slide my pants down, lift my feet, so you can take them off. You say, mmmm, what do we have left, you touch the bulge in my underwear and rub it a bit, mmmm, you like watching it grow, straining in the underwear. You lean it and give my growing bulge a light bite, and say he needs fresh air. You pull down my underwear, my cock springs out, and you take your little, soft hands and start to stroke him hard.

I say, would you like to shower with me, you said I would love that. Turn the shower on, as now, I sit you on the bed, and take off your shorts, exposing your g-string to me, your legs look incredible. I have dreamed of this moment, where I have you behind closed door, naked together. I pull your g-string off, and admire your perfectly bald pussy, it is glistening with excitement. I know take your shirt off, as I do your hands are back on my chest, than wrapping around my cock, I kiss your neck, and lean down to feel your nipples hardening in my mouth. I want you so bad!!

I take you by the hand, and set the shower up for us; I grab the soap, and with your back to me, lather your sexy, fit body, loving the feel of the water beating down on us, as I lather my fingers and hands over you. I get down on my knees, and slowly clean your feet, one at a time, and then reach up, and clean your thighs and pussy. I cannot wait any longer, as I lean towards you, and start to kiss your thighs, and soon, your moist pussy. You taste so good, been wanting to please you for so long, and finally am able to. You hold onto the sides of the shower, as you have wanted this as bad as I. You can take no more, and finally orgasm as I continue licking you, I come up, so you can relax. You kiss me passionately, tell me, you’ve never cum like that before; it was intense, and so strong.
We finish, as I tell you, the night has not started, and we will have
plenty of time alone later.

You take me to this nice restaurant, your dressed so pretty, your short blonde hair, blue eyes, look magnificent in your thin top, showing off your belly ring, and shorts. We have not stopped holding hands since we left feels so natural. We sit across from each other, so we can look into each other’s eyes. I cannot take the smile off my face; you really are a reality, not a dream. I whisper across the table as we have a drink, that I look forward to sliding my cock inside that sweet pussy, I just tasted. You slide your foot on my lap, as say; I have something special for you later!!

During dinner, you head to the ladies room, I text you, and said, to bring me your panties when you come out. You come over to me, blushing, kiss me, as you slide in my hands your panties, you whisper, they may be a little moist!!

You say during Dinner, no dessert you are the Dessert I want, and ready to taste your dessert.
We leave, holding hands, you ask me, if I would drive back to our room, when we drive away, I see you with a devilish smile, you lean your seat back, and say I can’t wait for you to fuck me, you pull your shirt up, exposing your pretty breasts, and hard nipples, tweaking them, as I am trying to drive. You put your legs up on the counter in front, and I rub your legs, they feel so silky and smooth, your left starts to rub my crotch, and say I want him inside me so bad.

We finally get to our room, it is still somewhat early, 9pm, and we have the whole night ahead of us, alone.
Once the door closes, you tell me to get comfortable and lay on the bed. You go into the bathroom, and I hear music playing, our songs, you open the door; you’re wearing heels, and a sexy baby doll. You look at me, and say Do Not Move!!!

You slowly start to dance, your body is so pretty, love watching you move all so slowly, your hands sliding over your body, you slowly take down your panties, and slide a finger inside yourself. You walk over to me, and slide your finger in my mouth, mmmmmm, you taste so good, as you move back away.
You ask me, to remove my clothes, I throw them off quickly, as you continue to dance, now taking off the baby doll, your nipples are so hard, and I ask if I can stroke myself, you said I want you too.

You get on the bed, only heels on, and slowly climb up my body, until you get to my hardening cock, you look up at me, with your blue eyes, and say, this is the dessert I wanted!!! You’re so soft, as you stroke my cock, and gently run your tongue up and around it, it is throbbing for you. You pull out a little lube, and stroke it, orange flavor, it adds to the sensitivity of your touch. You take my entire 8” cock inside your little mouth, moaning and stroking me, I ask, you please let me put it inside you.

You push me back, and slowly descend on my cock, I love looking at your pretty face, and watching you take my cock inside you, you move up and down, I ask you to lean in, so I can smack your pretty ass. Both hands all over your ass and you move up and down. I taste those hard nipples, and I feel you cum hard, watching your face orgasm, is so beautiful.

I roll you on your side, I want to be behind you, my hands are tweaking your nipples, and breasts, as I ask, do you like the feel of my cock inside you. You say YES, but I want you to cum inside me.
I rub my cock up and down your ass, teasing you, even sliding a small finger inside your ass, all lubed up, you say FUCK ME!! I now slide my hard cock inside you, your fingers are playing with your clit, as you spread wider, you’re so tight, I cannot slow down, I can take no more, as I feel the rush of an orgasm, I tell you, I am Cumming, you groan, and moan, as we cum together, I feel like I am shooting a gun deep inside you, again and again, then I feel you quiver from your amazing orgasm.

I just want you to lay with me, hold me; this night was amazing on so many levels. This night is a night they make songs about.
I once again, ask you to shower with me

I love cleaning you, and I feel Goosebumps on your skin, as I touch you.
We lay in the bed, both smiling, laughing about the day/night we have had. Just let me have you in my arms tonight Baby Doll!!

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