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It was her Twentieth birthday, everyone was pretty pissed already and this was likely to be the last pub on our little crawl. She'd worn a very sexy birthday outfit, a tight white top clung to her pert full chest and a short pleated skirt stopped high enough to reveal the swell of her creamy white thigh – she cut the image of a classic sexy minx. We'd been friends a few years, never sexual but often suggestive -I'd take a fair few chances to eye her curvy body and I think she'd occasionally enjoyed toying with me by letting a hint too much of her skin show and by occasionally reaching for things in a way that revealed a little too scintillating a curve.


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Well our fun started when I noticed her loose little skirt hung in a way that flicked up away from the backs of her leg, she was bent forward a little leaning over a table and the fabric was cutting a straight line from the beautiful curve of her ass; this made her bum look awesome, I noticed a few forty somethings at another table were looking and the barman kept stealing glances. I sat transfixed eating up the vision of her ass until she slowly raised herself and stood straight again, the skirt flowed back down her thigh and the curve of her butt flexed into another sexy angle.

She headed my way, I greated her with a big smile,

“Happy Birthday Lolo!”

“Happy My Birthday!” she giggled reaching to give me a quick hug, without really thinking I ran my hand up the back of her thigh as I reached from my chair to embrace her; the bending forwards gap must have returned because I felt delightfully soft skin all the way until the fold of her firm ass and the start of her tiny panties. One swift yet sensual stroke up her round and smooth thigh, over the shelf onto taught and cool buttock before cotton clad buns slid over my palm and I was left with a handful of skirt pressed into the small of her back. I knew for an instant I was holding her skirt high above her bum, that those who were looking could see her peachy ass in all it's beauty – I squeezed her a second or two then moved to free her skirt, with fake awkwardness I fumbled at flatting it as another second passed and i patted it in place secretly enjoying the soft rebound of her plush cheeks.


She moved her head to mine and said half shocked, half drunk 'I think you just flashed my bum to the pub!' I fawned a shocked embarrassed face;

'oopps, yeah, sorry' and hugged her more carefully this time, 'shots?'

'yeah!' she pulled me from my chair towards the bar, three apple sourz each and we moved to the pool table with our beers.

She broke, I potted one, she missed, I missed and then we both missed -the game went on like this until we both had two balls remaining; I lined up for a easy pocket but she knocked my cue with a cheeky giggle – she missed on her own then as I leaned to take my shot I was distracted by a pool cue gentle exploring the empty trouser area between my legs, I tried to ignore it but missed my shot. She potted a ball and moved into the lead, I tried for a serious effort but this time as I bent over to line up the fat end of her cue found its way between my legs and pushed up into my trousers quickly discovering my dangling package, I fought to keep my eye on the ball but the cue she was holding jiggled against MY balls in a way I simple couldn't ignore; playfully explorative.


Her shot, the white had ended where she has to make a nice big lean across the table – while she lined up I took my cue and gingerly tickled the hem of her skirt, she pulled back ready to pot and with a flick I raised my cue to catch her skirt and lift it just enough to flash her panties then fall back down. I finally saw the view I’d provided for others, oh what a wonderful ass!

“OI!” she gasped, knocking the white at a haphazard angle, I shrugged. My next shot she instantly went for my balls again but this time with a bit of a bash, I gasped but didn't shoot; she shrugged – ok, I grinned to myself – spreading my legs a little to give her perfect access I even raised my ass a little in a real show off way, letting her fumble with the cue and bump my bits I narrowed my eyes and focused, between molestations I potted my yellow with a thud.

The next shot however she was dangerously forceful with the cue and I missed by a mile after my left nut took a hard tap; she giggled as I walked from the table with a half stepping limp and look of anguish. This time I take the cue up under her skirt again and lift as she soon as she starts to line up, with the point I press it to her back so everyone can see her creamy white cheeks and small little black knickers – she gasps then starts to turn towards me but stops and looks back to the table and prepares to play her shot, the whole time everyone is watching her hot ass bend seductively over the table. From where I am I see the black little panties vanish between her thighs, the rolling curve of her pert ass – she's a real peach.


Undeterred she pots! Now only one black ball remains to be potted, my eyes are frozen on her exposed ass and I don't let down her skirt but she doesn't even seem bothered as she leans a little further forward to take the next shot. Her thighs part and the black cotton camel toe reveals itself, I can't help but peer forward at the milky patch of frothy wet I spy but then with a sudden powernudge the black flys into it's hole and spinning round her skirt drops back down she looks at me to exclaim,

“I Win!” my eyes still on the skirt fallen over her bottom once again “That means I’m the Boss.” the handle of her pool cue flicks deftly towards my balls, I turn and let it crash harmlessly against my thigh.


“i own you tonight.” a sly smile crossed her face, “and you're going to pay....”

“the looser is a slave?” I chuckle, she starts to grin but I point behind her, “you potted the white!”


Her face turned red, she winced and turned to survey the table,

“um...” she met my eyes,

“so I guess, you're the one that pays?” I laughed,

“ooops.” she eyed me slowly. “yeah.” I was still mentally locked onto the damp cotton covering her buldging mons,

“i'l take your knickers.” my cock was thinking for me now,

“what? no!” she gasped,

“you'd have done worse!' I whisper as I reach to wrap my arms around her in a hug,


“you'll be ok without them”

“but....” I reached a hand up her skirt and touched the damp patch

“they're wet anyway”

“They're not!” she lied as my finger slid over the wet cotton.

“Take them off”

I took a step back and she glanced around, the pool table hid her below the hips from most the room so only the barman noticed her reach into her skirt and gently tease her panties from her butt – the table of gents that'd seen her panty covered ass before suddenly noticed her black panties slide down her legs, she stood by the table with her knickers at her feet – they all looked and seemed to be whispering to each other about it but she hadn't seemed to notice.

“Pick them up and pass them to me” she carefully crouched holding her knees together and lifted them from the floor to hand me. I sniffed them deeply, “very heady aroma” I joked handing them to her to wiff – she gingerly smelt her own panties in the middle of the pub, I don't know if she knew people were watching but they certainly were.

“ewww, kind of sweaty” she giggled,

“no, sexy – that smell is sex juice” I laughed taking them back and holding them up washing line style so she could see the stain

“no, please! People!” she tried to grab them back but I was quick,

“scared they'll see you creamed on your panties?” I jibed,

“please?” I screwed them up in my hand,

“ashamed of cumming on your knickers?”

“it's sweat, please, it's disgusting!” she blushed.

We mock argued over it for a bit, I made her sniff them and examine them until she agreed, I grinned as I made her admit she'd got horny when I flashed her bum; I told her she was a exhibitionist but she refused to admit it.

Well anyway, she suggested a shot drinking competition and thus the eternal tournament was begun....

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