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your name appears in my inbox - another email - and my skin starts to tingle. "now", you tell me...


i leave my desk, cross the kitchen and walk toward the first stairwell, keeping a straight face but aware that my hips are swinging ever so slightly more than normal. does anyone else notice?


walking down the first set of stairs, my mind races ahead to what is waiting for me two flights below. a strange sensation washes over me - something i used to identify as fear, but now realise is pure adrenalin. unconsciously i hold my breath as i open the door to the ground floor - will anyone be out there? does anyone see me as i casually close one door and slip through the next?

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now i know you can hear my footsteps on the concrete; when i turn this last corner you'll be waiting, leaning against the wall, each of us with a small smile playing on our lips -  amused at how wanton we are.

i move toward you - you say something, but i barely hear you - and then your mouth is on mine as i press my body into yours. i thrill at the soft insistence of your lips, your wet tongue - oh god, that toungue - slipping in to meet mine. my hands feel the heat of your skin through your shirt as yours move up from my hips to my breasts. we turn so that my back's against the wall, and i let myself fall against it as your fingers find their way to one of my firm nipples. you squeeze, and it hurts, but in the best possible way - "la douleur exquise". this mix of pleasure and pain is something i'll feel over and over again with you, and it's addictive - you push me to the edge of my threshold for each, just as you push me to the edge of my boundaries.

right now, though, all i want is for you to take my breast into your mouth - to suck it, bite it, and flick at it with the tip of your tongue. every action that you take causes an equal reaction as my blood pulses downward.

now your hands are trailing back over my hips, down my thighs and under my skirt; you slip one hand inside the lace and then your fingers find what they were looking for - my clit. your mouth returns to meet mine as you slowly circle the tips of your fingers against me; every so often you slip your hand further down to feel just how wet i am. my legs tremble and i curl my toes inside my high heels as i concentrate on the sensations you're creating; i'm glad there's a wall behind me, or i'm not sure i could stay standing. i need to feel that your enjoying this as much as me, and my hands slide over your jeans as they undo your belt, unbutton your fly and reach inside you bonds to release your cock. it's thick and gorgeous as always, and i take a moment to look down and admire it before returning my tongue to the inside of your mouth. i grip you and start to stroke; just a little bit, though, as i'm really very distracted by what you're doing to me... the circles are killing me, and you know it... my clit aches for your tongue to be pressed against it...

suddenly you flip me around so i'm facing the wall, and my lips feel the cool, rough concrete as they part to let out little gasps of pleasure. now you slip your thumb inside me and begin to move it around - pressing, rubbing, in and out. i'm vaguley aware of how different this feels to those circles - full and savoury, when before it was sweet and heady. i'm usually a dessert girl, but for this i'll make an exception...

you move faster now, and you're fucking me with your incredibly adept hands, fingers still playing with my clit; bolts of electricity shoot up through me and i bite my lip to stop myself crying out. you kiss me from behind, and i reach to pull you closer, wanting to take in more of you, and deeper - if only that door had a lock! instead i tell you to bite me, and as your lips and teeth dig into my neck the combined sensations almost send me over the edge...

there's a noise outside the door, and we both freeze for a moment as we crash back to earth. pretty quickly, though, i pull you toward me again - i'm not finished, and neither are you. now you're circling me again as i kiss you, and my hands are on your shoulders as my legs threaten to give way. this feeling is insane - i'm spinning further and further inside my own head, and if i could i'd keep it going forever. it all becomes too much, and i fall against you as the spinning breaks into a burst of firey sparks.

in a moment i compose myself, and look up at you with a smile before glancing down at your hard, delicious cock. "your turn", i tell you, as i...         

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