Good Girl   added 4 years ago    

  By: Arbiedudd

Entering the long abandoned barn I smell old barn boards,rusted metal, decaying leaves and fresh straw. I see the bale of hay in the corner. Just like you told me it would be. As my legs tremble I walk over to the bale. With my skirt on and my panties in the car, I wait.I'm a good girl. I do as I'm told.I get down on my knees i and lean my body across the bale. I wait.


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  I hear birds flying in the rafters overhead and something scurrying along the floor. I don't look to see what it is because I'm a good girl and I do as I'm told. I wait.
  My knees are getting sore on the hard cold ground. My pussy is itchy from my wetness. I don't try and relieve the itch. I'm a good girl. I do as I'm told.
  I hear a car pulling up, a car door close and movement behind me. I don't turn around. My heart beats in my ears. I wait.
  You grab my skirt and lift it up over my hips, baring my ass. You reach down and feel my wetness. I hear you hiss "So wet." You run your fingers up and down my slit, circling my clit, making me tremble. One finger slides inside my dripping hole. Two fingers Oh God! You found my spot. It feels so good that a deep moan escapes my lips. You smack my ass and say"SHH."
  I won't make a noise. I'm a good girl. i do as I'm told.I bite my lip as you rub my G spot roughly. My cunt swells as if a water balloon is filling up inside me.
  "you know what I want." your fingers working their magic. "Give it to me!" you demand. I do as I'm told so I allow the floodgates to open, spilling hot juice onto your hand, down my thighs, onto the ground around my knees.You drain me and slide your wet fingers up my crack to my ass. A finger slides into my asshole. I tense up. You smack me on the ass saying"Relax." I relax my whole being as you take out your finger, slide your hardness along my wet slit.You put the bulbous head to my asshole and enter me quickly. I hear your hard breathing as you savagely fuck me and fill me with your hot cum. I feel your hot breath on my neck. Your whisper tickles my ear as you say"good girl."
  I hear you pull up your pants, zip up your fly walk out and drive away.
  I wait. With dripping holes,quaking thighs,dirty knees shaking, I pull my skirt down, walk back to my car and drive away. Just like you told me. I'm a good girl. I do as I'm told.

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lynnfiresteel    (2011-11-30 21:04:15)    Flag as inappropiate
lynnfiresteel this was a fantastic little short story...thank you!

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