It happened again.   added 4 years ago    

  By: LBI_NJ_36

I was naughty a few weeks ago..
A girl asked me to "decorate" my cock for Christmas, and suggested candy cane striped satin thong panties for me to wear under my work clothes and to take and send pictures to her. So I did that... she had me wear them all day and after work go to an adult bookstore that I hadn't been to before.
This place is a little different. In order to get in the back you have to buy tokens, each one costs $2, and lasts about 8 minutes in the video machine, they guy up front informed me. I got two tokens and went in the back. There were no doors on the booths, just Japanese style dressing screens to put in front of the opening. I walked all around to see the layout and what was going on. There were a few booths in operation and the screens were closed up tight covering the opening so I could not see who was inside. I got my own booth and put a coin in. There were very few videos to choose from.. but I settled into watching one. My screen was open just enough for me to be able to see out.
Yes.. a guy walked by twice.. when I opened the screen a little more he came in. He was a little shorter than me. I dropped to me knees as soon as he came in. The booths are pretty small so I was backed up against the wall and he took his cock out. I let it slide between my lips taking him all the way in. I felt him stiffen up as I slid my mouth up and down over the shaft. He reached through the neck of my shirt and started pinching my left nipple. It felt pretty good. I sucked him until he was fully hard, and a few moments after that he stood my up and lifted up my shirt and undid my pants. He saw the panties and smiled. He pulled down my pants all the way to my ankles and my shirt all the way up. 
He had me pinned against the wall facing him and started licking and sucking on my nipples with his hands on my hips and his cock sliding in and out under my balls. He started to rotate my hips toward the screen more so I was sideways facing him. He spread my ass and started fingering me with his right hand and jerking my cock with his left. He turned me fully around and pressed me against the corner between the back wall and the screen. I felt his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him, then his hard cock near my ass. He pressed forward without any lube and couldn't slide in. I felt so dirty... 
I spit into my right hand fingers and reached around to lube my ass, and his cock head... then he slid it in... I relaxed as much as I could so it wouldn't hurt.. and it didn't.. it felt pretty good. He pumped a few times.. maybe ten... then pulled out quickly...
He took a few moments and then entered me again.. this time with a little more forcefulness. He pumped again about ten times and pulled out quickly groaning, and cumming all over the floor under the screen to my left. I bent over to pull up my pants.. and he asked... are you married? I said "yes" and he chuckled and left the room. I looked around for anyone else in there, but it was a slow night, so I left to go home. 
Yes, I enjoyed it... only the second time that I was fucked and enjoyed it. It was a huge turn on knowing that I was sent there by a girl to do this naughty thing for her... and having the panties on made me feel like such a slutty whore.
I am super hard at work telling you about this right now.

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smobrepus    (2011-11-17 07:59:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Pretty hot, you should the part with action longer!

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