Strangers Meet   added 4 years ago    

  By: lynnfiresteel

We meet in the parking lot. Lights dim outside the warehouse. My stomach in knots not knowing who you are and afraid but anxious for what you may do to me. You flash your headlights as i turn the engine off and open the door.
 We meet under the yellow glow from the street light and it cast's your face in shadow. You are tall and strong, you wrap your hand around mine and take me inside. We enter through wide cement steps and at the top a large red rusty steel door. Long fluorescent blinking lights line the narrow hallway. Our foot steps echo behind me as i follow you further inside. You squeeze my hand tighter as we get closer to the dark end.
We duck inside a black room and you let go of me closing the door behind trapping all the darkness inside. I can hear myself breathe but i cant see or hear you anymore. I stand very still, feeling my heart beat loudly into my ears and my knees shaking beneath me. You grasp my shoulders from behind and reach around in front of me ripping the thin black cotton shirt in one pull. The shredding noise unbearable in the dark. I dart away only not know where to go, scared of what i might find in the dark. I find the concrete wall cool against my hand and i follow it for a few steps and suddenly run into somthing hard with my shin.
I reach down to feel and you grab my neck forcing my torso down onto a hard desk. The cold wood pressed against my chest. You take both my hands and clasp them into a padded restaint forcing my body down as i try to struggle away. I can feel your hard cock through my jeans pressed tightly against my ass. You push your hips against me pinning me in place. You undo my jeans and unzip them then slowly tugging and pulling. Your hand reaches up and pulls my bra over my breasts. You capture my breast kneeding it hard, mashing my pierced nipple against your palm. I softly moan in pain and try to roll away but you pull harder agianst me driving your fingers deeper into my shoulder and breast. You start biting and sucking on my neck, painfully when i try to pull away. You lift and flip me to face you. "Unbutton my shirt with your teeth." I obey and start at your collar, your breath warm and heavy against my face as i start to work my way down. Your chest heaving under the fabric.
 I am on my knees with he last button. You grasp my face turning it to rub my cheek against the hard lump in your pants as you undo the fly. You pull it out slapping it against my face. Your cock stiff and hot against my skin. "Open your mouth and taste me...maybe i will make you cum if you listen." I open my lips slightly and find the tip with my tongue. Licking it softly at first so my mouth gets wet. I start slowly sucking it inch by inch into my mouth. Playing wih the head as it comes out each time with my tongue.
Grasping my hair with both hands you grind your hips against my face, forcing your cock all the way down. Gagging each time, spit dripping out of my mouth and onto my tits. You pull your dick out of me and smack it against my face again. You lift me by my bound arms and force me back first onto the desk. My legs dangling a few inches from the floor as you start pulling on my jeans again. "Please dont do this, i will do anything you want." You continue tugging until they are all the way off both legs. "This is what i want, to be stuffed inside that pussy and feel you when i make you cum all over my dick...spread your legs." I keep my legs close together. You drive me onto the table, grapsing just my nipples while twisting and pulling on them. I wince under that pain, i plead you to stop...but finally i spread my legs.
You lean down and massage my clit with your tongue. I hold back the pleasure not wanting to give in for a long time. Then feeling it tingle as you insert one finger and then two inside me. Pressing hard and fast in and out. You stand with your fingers still inside me. Your face meeting mine kissing me, tasting myself on your mouth, feeling your hand inside me hard and fast your thumb twisting against my clit. I feel it start to go, i breathe heavy and bury my face into your neck as i come all over your hand. You quickly rub my cum on your dick and plunge into my pussy. Raising my legs so my knees are almost at your shoulders. Grasping my thighs you pound against me with your hips. You stop abruptly and turn me over pushing my face into the jeans on the floor with my ass raised in the air. You rub it against my ass slowly sliding it past my clit and pussy.

You slowly sink it all the way in. Long deep thrusts all the way inside. Slapping my ass everytime you bottom out and i try to pull away. Grasping my hips you pull me harder and faster into you. Your fingers digging into my flesh as i feel your cock go rigid indside of me. You pull out and cum all over my ass and back. Your burning cum slowly dripping down my ass and sides. You play with your dick, still hard rubbing it agaist my wet ass. You grab my torn shirt and wipe yourself off. You pull your jeans out from under my face and pull them on and then replace your shoes. I hear your foot steps away from me as you open the door and pass through it. Leaving it open so that the dim light of the hall filters down onto the floor
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lynnfiresteel    (2011-11-21 21:03:25)    Flag as inappropiate
lynnfiresteel mmm thank you! I have always had fantasies about being used and dominated by a stranger
easypeasy    (2011-11-19 12:29:24)    Flag as inappropiate
Shit, that was hot! My cunt is throbbing! Nice work!

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