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What would it mean to tear apart my girlfriend?
Step up behind you and trace the curve from just below your breasts, down the narrow sides of your waste and across your firm hips. Repeat that line with increasing pressure, venturing around and beneath your shirt to make sure your nipples are hard. Which, by the way, they always are. Hastily unbutton your pants and push both hands down against your thighs. By this point I know your pussy is dripping already so despite the curiosity of my fingers to explore you, I slide my hands out, along the way pulling taut the bands on your thong – soaking them in the process and making them useless to wear again.  
The way you gyrate and push your ass firmly against the bulge in my pants tells me everything I need to know. You want it now but you also want it in 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour and an hour later. With that in mind, I shove you to the bed. Pinning your arms above your head, I force my tongue into your mouth as you do the same to me. My cock is so hard, I can't lay flat against you which leaves enough room between our bodies for my hand to continue stroking you – priming you for what's still to come. We come up for air. Almost immediately you moan "oh my god, oh my god" while I stand up and tear your pants off, basically removing your underwear at the same time. You grab your tits and rub them firmly in the way your mind says feels right. I see this turning you on and smile at how lucky I am to be there with you, kissing the backsides of your thighs.
I pause to give you a moment of reprieve before laying the tip of my tongue squarely against your swollen clit. You spasm and grab the sheets, looking for something to hold onto. This spurs me on even more, now flicking and sucking your clit – pushing my face deeper between your legs. I feel your wetness overflow my mouth, dribble down my chin and coat your slit. I reach under your thighs with both arms, craddling your body and pulling it up into my mouth. You continue to cream, your asshole now fully drenched. I picture the head of my cock stuffed just an inch into your ass. I picture staring down at your pear shaped ass stretching to let the rest of my overly lubricated member in. 
But let's face is, my cock is far too big and you're far too little for that to work so instead I slip two fingers gently into your two holes. You grab the back of my head and grind. Your twist yourself to make sure the rights spots are hit. I vary my rhythms and pressures of my tongue and lips, all the while listening to your reactions. Your pussy is so wet and so compliant, it's hard to find your clit at times which forces me to dig just a little bit deeper while being just a little bit more sensitive. I'm not sure how much time has passed but suddenly you arch your back and moan endlessly. I know now I'm fingering and eating you out right – causing your clit, your pussy, and your ass to send waves of ecstasy to your brain. You don't know which way is up and can no longer form full sentences. Your eyes roll back in your head and just when you are regaining balance, there's a surge deep within your body. It's uncontrollable. You let out a muffled scream and flood my mouth and the sheets. You collapse and turn over onto your side, panting.  I lean back, smiling triumphantly at the sight of you fully overwhelmed and empty. 
I lean back to grab a towel to clean myself up only to turn around and see you on all fours, mouth agape, tongue out. You place your hands around my waist and I watch my dick, fully engorged, disappear into the depths of your mouth. I feel your nose press against my stomach and you clamp down on my purple mushroom of a head. I grab your hair and forcefully extract my dick from your hungry mouth. I lean down and we kiss again while you continue to stimulate me with your hands. I stand erect again as does my cock and watch you go to work again like the little slut I know you to be. You bury face against me, encouraging me to hold your head in place, feeling thick saliva build around my cock with each breathe you take. I feel the tip of my cock against the back of your mouth and then surprisingly feel you open up just that little bit more and I shudder as my cock slips a full eight inches into your throat. The saliva that was filling your mouth and cheeks now spills out over my balls and I yell out "oh shit!"
You pull back slowly, leaving strands of saliva dangling between your smile and my shimmering boner. I lean back against the wall to brace myself, only to have you blow my mind twice again, drooling all the while. Admittedly I want to just flip you onto your back, hang your head over the edge of the bed, grab you by the neck and fuck your throat while shoving a dildo into your pussy so deep you'd swear you were going to pass out. But I think I'll leave that scenario for another story, especially since I can tell your pussy is once again sopping wet.

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Untamed    (2011-11-19 05:39:02)    Flag as inappropiate
I wanted to be her!! Cant wait for the next session.

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