The day I finally met my internet dom (the first part of an interesting tale?)   added 4 years ago    

  By: AllSortsOfGames

I shivered as I crossed the threshold, tentatively I entered the domain of this diminutive brunet with crushed silk skin and elfin button nose who i knew only as 'Big Daddy'.  This was the first time I'd set eyes on my internet master, frankly my mind was blown - I'd expected a large gutted old guy with pawing hands and sweaty balls but instead i was presented by the most beautiful nymph i'd ever laid eyes upon, a cherub like grace of feature combine with mouse like cuteness.  She said, 'I'm Big Daddy, Enter." and I allowed myself to be sucked into her world.  


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She looked at me slowly as i stood in perplexed silence, gently she bade me undress and without a moments hesitation I began slowly stripping my clothes from my body, she watched cooly as I dropped my jacked and pulled off my shirt revealing my taught yet pale skin and my muscular but skinny arms.  She continued to regard me as I let my trousers fall to the floor and showed my firm, strong legs.  The boxers followed and with a moment of urgent and inwardly screaming fear and self doubt i let my neatly trimmed package fall into view, my cold little dick hanging naked between us,  

      "Well done," she looked me up and down, "turn around" I rotated myself so she could see my strong back and girlish ass, inwardly i screamed to myself i wasn't anywhere near good enough for this magnificent and wondrous beauty.  A small hand grasped my buttock firmly and squeezed in a gropingly perverse way, my mind knew but still couldn't connect to each other the twenty five year old girl gripping my butt and the perverse internet dom that I'd been servile to for almost five years.  Those soft fingers released their handful of flesh and spanked the spot with an echoing slap; i knew this was my Big Daddy, the same big daddy that i'd performed for hundreds of times, the same big daddy that had watched me drain myself, fill myself, piss myself!  Another sharp slap and I marvelled that such a slight girl could hit so hard, a hand on my back pushed me forward so i was bent double and moving to my side she began a mighty rain of jarring spanks across my buttocks.  This was my big daddy, i knew now without any doubt - even my loins knew and began to glow and fill with warmth.  


The small hand stopped raining upon me and i heard her move behind me, a camera clicked and her tiny fingers grabbed my shoulder and pulled me upright, guided by the hand i turned to face her.

    "good, you're warming up. I so love your cock at a semi" she said the words of my Big Daddy but gentler and softer than i ever imagined, then she clicked a pic and bid me follower her into the kitchen.  She showed me where she kept everything and i fixed us some drinks, on the way to the lounge she pointed out the cleaning cupboard, the key to the garden shed and the garage door.  I carried our drinks and followed her into a plush room with sofas on three walls and a large screen television on the forth.  

     "When you know the house you'll walk ahead and open the doors, of course, you'll be in my vision always -unless I tell you otherwise." Obviously struck by a thought she reached out and took hold of my swaying blood filled dick and pulled gently leading me to the centre of the room, "this is your spot, you will be here amusing me while i watch telly, eat or chat to friends." she tugged again and led me to another door, "this is the spare bedroom," she pushed open the door "it will be your fuck room." she led me inside and pointed to the wall above the bed where a picture of me naked, shaved and in a leash was blown up poster size; i had promised not to say a word until asked - i almost broke that rule by exclaiming something out of shock but luckily i couldn't find anything to say.  "i've already had you show me yourself fucking and getting fucked." she pulled my hardening cock to face the other wall where a picture i'd sent her of me riding an older woman sat beside one of me being fucked by a large plump man -meetings she'd set up.  "I'll see it again in this room." 


There was a computer in the room, she told me it was her masturbation room and i didn't even blink.  The next room was her bedroom, i was forbidden to enter, a toilet and shower then another spare room which it would be my duty to clean along with the rest of the house.  On the internet we'd agreed i'd stay for two weeks and clean instead of paying rent so i expected this, i didn't expect her to tell me she'd arranged to take me to a few friends houses at the weekend to earn some money to pay for my share of the bills but whatever, i was in a world of bliss - i'd agree to anything right now.  My cock throbbed in her hand now as she led me back down towards the living room, i was deposited in the center of the room and she fetched a metal dog bowl which she threw at my feet.

   "I want you to think carefully, this is real.  I see your cock throb, I've seen it many times before; i know you pup, i know you." she emptied my glass into the dog bowl, "drink that and think pup, when you've covered your belly in spunk for me as you have so many times before, then you may speak - then you may agree" she paused, "or, not." .  

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