Drunk Girl   added 4 years ago    

  By: super_wet_girl

I was young... Too young to be drinking alcohol, for sure.


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Naughty level to be set later

Billy was 27,and he would buy us whatever me and my friends wanted.

One day I was hanging out at Billy's by myself. We drank some Rum and Cokes. I got way too drunk. I couldn't even stand up.

"'You need to lie down." Billy said.

"M' kayyy!" I giggled.

"Weeee!" I squealed as he carried me into his room.

"Mmmm, Soft..." I said. dreamily as he set me on his bed.

Billy took off my shoes and socks for me. The room was spinning.

I felt my pants slide down.

I was staring at the ceiling. At least the room stopped spinning.

The silk sheets felt nice on my skin.

Suddenly, Billy appeared over me.

"Billeeeee!" I exclaimed, happily.

I giggled as he climbed on top of me

"You want to wrestle!" I laughed.

He pushed my legs apart and guided his dick into me.

I sucked in my breath and gasped in surprise.

Billy started to thrust his hips powerfully, as our stomaches pressed together.

My legs wrapped around him, as I arched my back.

"Oooohhhhahhhh!" I cried out.

I felt a firey heat in my pussy that traveled up my belly towards my titties.

Billy grunted as he fucked me.

I could feel wetness dripping down my ass crack.

Billy suddenly let out a loud groan,"Uuggghh!" He cried out.

I pulled out out me and stroked his dick, shooting come all over my stomache and tits. A little got on my face.

Billy rolled off of me and rolled onto his back breathing hard.

I lied there, my legs parted as my aching pussy cooled.

I passed out finally

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