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  By: BillyJones1979

 Tina and Sean were staying in a small log cabin for their weekend away. The place where they were staying had just a few log cabins and a spa area. It was pretty quiet apart from some girls on a hen weekend in one of the larger cabins.


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One morning Tina walked to the little site shop to get a paper. On her way back she was called over to the large log cabin by a young lady asking for some help. She wasn’t anyone she’d seen before but Tina was always one for offering help. She went in the Cabin. A second young girl grabbed her and forced her onto a table, “What do you want?” “You’ll see very soon” one of them said.


They tied up her hands and feet, spread-eagle and gagged her.They took Tina's shoes and then pulled out a pair of scissors. They carefully cut her clothing. Soon she lay there naked.


One of the girls, tall with dark brown hair started running her fingers over Tina's naked skin. “Pass me the paper, we’ll get this started”. They smothered Tina’s lower half with a thick liquid. They opened a large sheet if the broadsheet and wrapped her up between the legs they used several more to wrap her legs and feet. They did another two layers, her bottom half was wrapped. They removed Tina’s gag, then left the room.


Tina lay there helpless. She couldn’t escape. Now she started moving, wriggling slowly, what was this, crinkling, crunching? She squeezed her muscles and it felt good, the smell, the feeling, the touch. Should she call for help? She called in her captors.


Sean was panicking; he’d not seen Tina for two hours. Where could she be, it’s only about a ten minute walk to the shop. He went there and asked the young girl behind the counter, “Yes she was here about an hour and a half ago”. He started walking back unsure what to do. Then the young lady called him over, “I think I saw your friend in there” she said pointing at the large cabin.


He walked in, there was a fire burning in the pit. There was a person sitting in the armchair in the poorly lit room, they were reading a large broadsheet, hiding themselves behind it. “Hello Sean, how you doing” Tina said. She lowered the paper and stood up, she was wrapped from toe to head in newspaper, apart from her long reddish brown hair. She was wrapped tightly so that Sean could see her features. As she walked it crinkled, she had her hand on her clit and was very excited. Get your clothes off and hold me. Sean did what he was told. She hugged and kissed him, right I’m going to wrap you up and then you are going to make love to me all day and all night cause I’m feeling hot. She wiped the glue all over him and wrapped him.


Let me introduce my abductors, Alex and Maria. Get over here you’re not missing out. They put Alex on the table first. They wrapped Alex head first, and worked down, Alex’s dark hair was all that was left showing. As they wrapped their hands pressed against Alex, making her wet before they had even started.  Maria was already coating herself with glue. Soon the four of them were covered.


Alex went to the cupboard and pulled out some unusual items, outfits, miniskirts and boob tubes made of pink FT newspaper, the girls got them on. Now they were transformed.


 Alex grabbed Tina and Sean and led them to the huge newspaper bed, with paper pillows sheet, and spare paper to play with. Tina grabbed Sean and pushed him on the bed, she crunched as she jumped on him, she put his cock in her mouth and started licking and then gently biting, Alex grabbed a hand full of newspaper and rubbed it between Tina’s legs, fingering her through it. Then Maria started to lick Tina’s clit. The four of them crunched and crinkled and the feeling was so amazing. Sean made love to each of them multiple times. They would be back for more.   

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