Bob\'s Load pt. 2   added 4 years ago    

  By: jalvar11

Sky was staring transfixed at my swollen cock. It was the biggest she'd ever had in her grasp, and she seemed a bit wary of it. I was amused. She was a sexy little brunette I had picked up hitch-hiking. She started a little game of teasing me with her pussy, so I showed her what I had.


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Naughty level to be set later

Now she was stroking the length of it, like she was making sure it was real. Her tiny fingers felt good stroking and squeezing my cock. I got even harder as she rubbed me. She used both hands together.

"Mmm, well, got you wish... What do you think?" I asked.

"It's amazing! I can't believe how hard it is, and longer than my forearm! i can't believe you fuck women with this monster!"

"Oh, you better believe it, sweety...!" I roared.

"You put this in your girlfriends ass?"She asked, shocked.

"Told you it took a while..."

"Fucking crazy..." She shook her head.

"Go on, girl...I see you lickin 'your lips."

Sky grinned. " I guess I was.

She kept both hands around my lower shaft as she opened up her mouth. She wrapped her lips firmly around the head of my dick. She stroked me with her top hand til her fist reached her chin,then she eased her lips down as her fist stroked downward.

I felt the tip of my cock push against the back of her throat.

"You got an eager little mouth, don't you, girl?"

"Mmm, hmmm." She responded, as she sucked. Then she sucked upwards, til my cock popped out of her mouth.

Then she opened up again and slid her mouth down. I felt the back of her throat again. I felt her throat relax and open up, as my cock went a few inches deeper.

She gasped as she pulled my cock out of her mouth again. She was breathing heavy,when she stroked my cock, spreading her saliva further down my shaft. Then she sucked down on me again. This time nearly gagging herself as she tried to swallow more of my cock. She kept her double fisted grip around my rock hard prick as she continued to take more of my dick down her throat. to my surprise, she sucked all the way down to her top hand.

" Uhhhh,mmm,mm... I am impressed! no one has ever gone down that much!" I had to say.

"Mmmmm...mmm..." She moaned, as she bobbed and gobbled my cock.

"That's a good girl." I said as she massaged my balls with one hand, stroked with the other, and sucked with her mouth. Now thats some coordination!

" I can't believe how huge it is." She said, jacking me off, looking up at me.

" I bet your pussy's mighty wet too,huh?"

"Oh, fuck want to fuck my cunt with your monster cock, don't you?" She asked urgently.

" Damn,right I do, girl! I bet your little cunt would feel real nice squeezing around my cock, baby."

She continued to suck me off

I closed my eyes and imagined what I was going to do to her, while she steadily deep throated me. I let her suck til her jaw started to cramp up. Like I knew it would.

I took her to the back of my cab and folded up the top bunk. I pulled her shirt up over her head and grabbed on to those hard nipple of hers. she wiggled her shorts off. I lied on the bottom bunk.

"Now, you come here and squat on this dick, you hear?" I asked.

" MMmm, hhmmm, I hear." She nodded.

She stood over me, one foot on each side of me. I held her hips and let her lower herself at her own pace. She squated over my up right cock til my head pressed against her parted pussy lips. Like I had guessed, Her pussy was tight and my fat dick went in only a few inches before she was stretched tight.

"Mmmm, damn..." She breathed, squeezing her eyes shut.

She bounced up and down, gently, trying to fit more of me in to her. I thrust my hips up to meet her descending cunt.

"Ohhh, Jesus Fuck!" She cried out as half my length dissapeared into her wet hole.

"Mmm, thats it, bounce on my cock, baby...Let it in more!" I soothed.

"It's too much, uhhh, uhhhh... My pussy can't take it!" She cried out.

I let her bounce on my cock until her legs shook. It felt great, as this little girl wiggled and gyrated on my upright prick.

"Mmmm, I'm about to come..." She purred.

"You go girl" I encouraged.

She bounced faster and more urgently. Still only taking half my length in. I thrust with her.

"MMmm,mmm,ahhh,ahhh,oooh oh, oh...OHHH FUUUUCKK! I'm coming...I'm coming!" She orgasmed on my stiffened rod.

I eased out of her and let her sit back, leaning on the wall of the cab. She was breathing like an olympic sprinter, pussy soaked. I handed her a pillow and said, "Put this behind you."

" Hm..yes, sir..."She gasped as she positioned the pillow like I told her.

She reclined back as I pushed her legs apart. I gripped the back of her knees, so her legs bent as I lifted them up towards he shoulders. I licked her reddened wet pussy a few times. I had to taste her.

I was so turned on now, I was ready to fuck her til I came. I rose up onto my knees and lifted my cock up. Her feet rested on my shoulders now. I could see the excitement and fear in her eyes. Her legs were spread wide, I held them firmly in place. I inserted my cock into her spread eagled pussy and pushed in.

"SHHHHhhngh!" She groaned, trying to back away.

I had her pressed back into the corner of the bunk, she wasn't going anywhere. I pushed deedper into her. She covered her own mouth to stifle her scream.

"Mmmmmm..mmm...!" She made a muffled noise through her hand.

I goraned as I thrust my cock deeper and deeper into her quivering cunt. I felt my balls swing and graze her ass asI thrust in and out.

'"How do like this?" I gritted my teeth as I pumped away.

"Holy shit!" She cried out. "It hurts!, But it feels..uhh, uhh...sooo good, too!"

I could see her streched out pussy gripping tight around me. My balls slapping loudly, now, against her ass. I was most of the way in her now. She groaned and writhed under the rhythm of my brutal fucking.

I felt an orgasm coming. I thrust faster and faster, until just before I shot my load.

"Open you mouth!" I cried out as I pulled My twitching dick out of her.

She obeyed, and opened up. My first squirt hit her chin and dribbled on to her sweaty tits. The next burst found her open mouth as she closed her lips on my orgasming cock.

I continued to come as she swallowed as much of my load as she could, the rest squeezing out of the corners of her mouth.

We both collapsed in an exhausted heap.

"This is going to be a great trip home." I thought, as I fell into a deep sleep.










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