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  By: jalvar11

I was driving back home after a long week of driving. I drove a Semi-truck for a living, and while the pay was good, the time away from home was often. I was thinking about Emily, my girlfriend, at home. She was a sexy little woman. I couldn't wait to get back and tear her up! She was fine as hell and let me do whatever I wanted. The best part was, she never asked any questions about what I did while I was gone, which was good, because I would have had to lie to her!


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Naughty level to be set later

I had a few regular spots I'd stop at and find me a "Lot Lizard" to relieve my tensions with. A "Lot Lizard" was a chick that hung out at truck stops to meet long haulers, like me, and make a few bucks, or at least get drunk and maybe high. I had a nice rig with a sleeper cab and all the niceties one could want, while on the road.

I was headed north, just passing San Francisco. The weather was shitty and it was raining like the Lord was going to break his deal with Noah. Now, I usually don't pick up Hitch-hikers, especially when I have a load to drop, but since I was done with my delivery,I was feeling a bit charitable.

I was glad I decided to stop, cuz when the hitcher opened the passenger side door, I realized my soon to be road dog, was a girl!

"Well... look at you! soaked to the bone, aint you?" I asked.

She was, too. The rain was hitting hard. This poor girl was drenched as could be.

" Thank God, you stopped! Yes, I'm saturated, and freezing my wet ass off!" She said

"We'll, now, where are you headed?" I asked my new pal.

"Oregon.How far can you get me?" She asked, as she set her travel pack down and removed her wet jacket.

"Well, miss, it's your lucky day, I happen to be headed to Oregon and if you don't plan on going further north than Portland, then it looks like you got a straight ride." I smiled.

"Realy? No shit! I'm going to Eugene!" She exclaimed.

"No shit." I responded.

" Hell yeah, man... I was hating life a minute ago. You rock!" She took off her wet gloves and hat.

She was soaked through. Her shirt was wet to the skin.

"Why don't you go in the back and change into something dry?" I offered.

'Holy, shit! You have bunk beds in this thing?" She asked, as she looked to the rear of the cab.

"Yes, ma'am. And a mini fridge, T.V., and DVD player. All the comforts of home." I bragged.

" That's hella tight." She replied. A few minutes later she rejoined me up front. She had on a little tank top and some teeny shorts. She was also barefoot.

"Dang, girl! You think we're headed towards Summer?" I laughed.

" No!," She luaghed back, "But its plenty warm and dry in here."

"Fair enough..." I admited.

It was warm too. I cranked the heater up when I stopped to pick her up. I was wearing a tank top too. I glanced over at the now dry and smiling girl I rescued from a sure cold. She was a pretty little thing. Her shoulder length grown hair was a wild mess as it air dried. She was petite and looked like she weighed as much as my boots. She leaned far back into the seat and closed her eyes. I figured I'd let her rest.

" Oh! I'm Sky, by the way!" She turned to me with an outstretched hand.

"Sky? Nice to meet you, I'm Bob." I replied, taking her little soft hand in mine.

"Well, Bob, you saved my ass. Thank you. I owe you one."

"I'd like to wax that liitle ass..' I thought to myself. "Tell me, what's a pretty thing like you doing out hitchin' rides all alone? Kinda dangerous, dontcha think?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I know, it's stupid of me, but I have family up in Oregon. My now 'ex' boyfriend kicked me out and I decided to leave Cali, once and for all. Oh, and thank you..." She said, after a minute.

"Thanks for what?" I asked.

"Calling me pretty." She answered.

" No thanks, required for the truth." I laughed. " How old are you,anyway?"

"Nineteen." She answered, drowzily.

I guess she must have fell asleep shortly after that. I took a look her way and her breathing was slow and steady. I noticed her legs. Those shorts she had on rode high on her thighs. I liked what I saw. Her hands rested between her legs. It almost looked like she was rubbin' herself. People tend to sometimes do that in their sleep.

When she shifted, a while later, her legs parted more than a little. Her right hand came to rest on her little cooch and her middle and index fingers definately found a gap between her skimpy shorts and her firm thigh.

I had to keep my eyes on the road, so I looked up and made sure I wasn't drifting. I quickly looked back her way.

Her fingers were busy, it seemed. I could see the fabric over her crotch moving. She was slowly groping herself. I was getting turned on. Checking the road, I loosened my belt. I unfastened my pants and, using my left hand, rubbed my cock a little.

Sky shifted again. This time her eyes opened. I stared hard at the road, hoping she didn't notice my awkward position and left hand. She straightened up and closed her legs. I wondered if she was aware of what she had been doing. She looked at her hand, briefly, and looked my way.

I casually looked towards her. "Sleep well?" I asked, innocently.

;"Totally." She said. It looked like her cheeks were flushed.

"I was going to say you could crash in the back, but, I didn't want to bother you." I told her.

" Maybe next time." She said back. " Hey, is your belt broken?" She asked suddenly.

"Huh? Oh, No, uh, I let it loose sometimes after a bit. Feels better, less restrictive." I stammered, feeling my cheeks flush a bit, too.

I decided to stop at rest area so, we could use the restrooms there. I was waiting in my seat when sky came running back.

"Brrr!" She squealed as she opened her door. " I forgot how fucking cold it was out there! I'm nippin' hard. I bet they could cut glass right now!" She burst out.

I had to look. Sure enough, her nipples were at full attention. I could see enough through her little shirt as it was wet from outside. She had some perky boobs! And I could see that they were larger than I first thought.

"Maybe if you had on a bra, they wouldn't do that." I grinned

" It's all good. I don't mind. I prefer not to wear a bra if I don't have to. Same with panties, too..." She said, thoughtfully. "Unless... ALL I'm wearing is panties."

I sat, smiling. Thinking about the fact that Sky had been rubbing her bare pussy, a while earlier.

"What are you smiling about, mister?" Sky asked me, mischieviously.

" Oh...I guess, cuz that means you're not wearing anything under them little short, shorts you got on then."

She giggled. "And you'd be correct. I would then have to guess that you're smile means you like the thought...?"

" I'd be a liar if I said 'No'. " I admited.

"Why do guys all seem to think it's sexy when girls don't wera any panties?" She asked, laughing.

" Can't really say..." I thought outloud. " I guess, cuz in cases like this, when a girls got on skimpy little shorts, like yours, then it means there's only one thin layer between your lady parts and the free world..."

"Lady parts?" She laughed loud. "Are you afraid to say, 'Pussy', or something?"

I rephrased my answer, " It means there's only one thin layer between your PUSSY and the free world..." I felt like she must have thought I was a prude, so I couldn't stop what I said next, " I guess it would mean a girl could rub her naked PUSSY up her skimpy shorts, while she was taking a nap in a semi-truck,while hitch-hiking in shitty weather!" I shouted, laughing her way.

'What?! Seriously!?" She shouted back. This time she was definately blushing.

"I'm just sayin'." I answered.

She turned my way and pointed. "You perv! You watched me rub myself in my sleep?" She laughed, " Why didn't you wake me?"

" Didn't want to interupt, ha ha! Besides, then you would have stopped!"

"Wait... that's why you had your belt undone, right? You were getting off watching me!"

"Sky, I won't lie to you..." That was all I said, looking at her as seriously as I could.

After a moment of silence, Sky busted up, laughing.

I went on in my defense.

'You can't blame me...! There's a sexy girl in the seat next to you... rubbing her....PUSSY... and, well my...COCK... felt left out!"

She laughed her little ass off now.

"Touche, I see your point!" She conceded.

"I apologize, I guess I should have kept that under my hat."

" No, it's okay. I kinda figured I had been doing something naughty in my sleep. My pussy was moist when I woke from my nap and my fingers were a little sticky, too."

I went to start up my truck.

"Are we leaving already?" She asked

"That was the plan..."

"But we just got here! Are you in a hurry? I thought you dropped off your load already?"

"Yes, that's true..."

"Then, rest...we are at a 'Rest Stop', right?"

"You have a point..." I admited.

"Besides, you're a pretty funny guy. With your ' I apologize' and 'Well, I guess', and 'Ma'am's'." She giggled, playfully.

"You Pokin' fun at me?

"Well, 'sir', I guess I apologize!!" She cracked up.

"Oughtta make you walk..." I mumbled.

"Oh..I'm sorry. I'm just playing! Don't be mad... I'll be nice!" She smiled.

" I ain't mad... I'm just playing too."

"Good. Let's talk, then. How's your girlfriend? Is she pretty?

"When did I say I had a girlfriend?" I asked.

"You must... a sexy, muscular guy like you..."

" Her name is Emily. Yeah..she is pretty. Got the type of body any man could want."

"Emily...pretty name too. AND a nice body, huh? You must miss her when you're gone..."


"Bet you guys fuck like rabbits when you get back, huh?"

" Right, again!" I laughed.

" Does she like to suck dick?"

"You sure got some questions, don't you? Yeah, I guess...I mean...she does it!"

"Just because she 'does' it, doesn't mean she 'likes' it. I mean does she go straight for your cock with her mouth when you get home?" She pressed.

" Not 'straight' for it..."


"Spit or swallow?"

"Alright, enough about Emily, now! What about you?"


"That's not exactly what I meant, but, uh okay..."

Sky leaned back in her seat, still kind of facing my. She put her right foot up on the dash, but kept her left foot on the floor. I had a nice view of her pussy. I tried not to stare, but it was near impossible.

"Sorry, I was just wondering, is all..." she said innocently,as her right hand came to rest on her inner-thigh, inches from her pussy. "I hope you don't think I'm a freak or anything...." She was non-chalantly carressing the crease between her thigh and pussy.

'Awww, don't even worry. I don't mind your questions. I just don't want to think about sex is all..."

"Really? Why?" She asked, surprised.

" Cuz, then I get all turned on..."

I noticed she was inching towards her pussy, playing with her pussy lip. My cock noticed too. I couldn't look away. I knew she was doing it on purpose. I ain't dumb...

" I like it when she spit it on my stomache..." I decided to tell her.

"What?" She asked, a little confused.

"When She sucks my cock...I like it when she spits the come on my stomache. So, no she doesn't always swallow..."

"Ohhh..." She said. understanding.

She smiled, waiting for more. She had her fingers up her shorts, now. The straight look on her face belied her thoughts.

"Occasionally, though..." I went on, "I hold the back of her head and fuck her mouth til I come. i don't know if she 'likes' it, but she 'does' it. I hold her head in place and she swallows it down..."

" Ohhh, now that's fucking hot!" She moaned. Her thighs parted further. She massaged her pussy, but continued not to give notice.

"Yes, it is." I agreed.

I sat back in my seat, looking out the window. I unfastened my belt.

"Emily has a great figure..." I went on to tell her.

I unsnapped my pants, and slowly, silently tugged on the zipper.

" Her breasts are firm. They bounce during sex. She has a tight, toned ass..." I looked towards Sky.

She was still rubbing her pussy, only now, she was squirming in her seat. I went on...

"I talked her into letting me fuck her ass... I had to work my way in, but it was worth it!" I laughed, with a shake of my head.

I felt the air on the head of my cock. I coaxed it out of my fly and pulled it free. I continued to gaze out the window as I gripped and slowly stroked it.

"I'd never come so hard in my life! You ever get it in your ass?" I looked back at her.

"I'm sorry..What?" She asked looking up from my cock, and then back down.

"You ever let a guy fuck your ass?" I repeated, turning a bit so she could see my cock better

" Uhhh, yeah... maybe, wait, what? 'Have' I? Uhhh, no..." She stammered.

Her eyes seemed glued to my dick.

"Something wrong, miss?" I asked her casually, as my hand slid slowly down my shaft.

" Ummm, oh, no... It's just... You, uh... Your dick, it's, well..."

" It's what? Out? Well, I figured I'd let him play too, seein' as your gonna play..." I teased.

"No...I mean...You..have, uh. a really big one!" She finally said.

I knew that was it. I wanted to hear her say it. Yeah, I guess I have a big dick. I hear it often enough. I've never measured it though. Don't care to. It reaches past my belly button when hard and is as thick as...well as thick as Sky's slender wrist.

"Really, you think so,huh?" I asked.

" I do... Can I...touch it?"

" I better call Emily and see what she thinks." I teased

"I'm serious, fucker!" She laughed. " Let me feel it!"

"And why should I?"

"Because I'm so sweet. and you're so nice?"

"Oh, is that why, now?"

"Yes! I want to feel it. I've never seen a dick that big in real life!" She said, already leaning towards me, hand outstretched, reaching.

"Hold on now...!" I said. I pulled my pants down over my hips so I could get my cock and balls out fully. " I suppose you can touch it, but be careful, It's my only one!"

"I will..." Sky said solemely, missing my joke.

She gently wrapped both hands around it, starting at the base, just above my balls. Her hands looked tiny, gripping my cock like a bat. I grabbed my shaft just above her top hand, with both of mine. There was still room for another hand...

"Well?" I asked, letting go,while Sky kept ahold.


I could tell she was in awe, and was trying to decide what to do next....

(Part Two Coming Soon)

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