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" Hey, bro! What's up?" My buddy Bob answered his cell phone.

" Not a lot, man." I answered. "Hey, you still got that chainsaw in your garage?" I asked.

"Sure do, but I'm on the road at he moment." He answered.

Bob was a long haul trucker. He was gone most of the time.

"Well, hell, I got a tree that needs to come down, like yesterday!" I laughed.

"Not a problem, bro. Emily should be home. If not, you know the code,right?" He asked.


"Go on and get it then, buddy." He suggested.

"Will do,then. How long you out?" I asked.

"Couple more days." He answered.

"See you then, buddy." I said cheerfully.

"Yessir!" He replied.

Bob and I went way back. He was one of my best friends.

I pulled up to Bob's about 20 minutes later. I didn't see Emily's car in the drive way. I noticed a strange car parked on the street, but thought nothing of it. Emily was Bob's live in girlfriend. She lived with him and was usually home. The house looked quiet. I punched in the code to the little lock box that housed Bob's extra house key and unlocked the front door. I stepped inside and called out, "Hello?"

No answer. As I went further into the house, I noticed a faint noise coming from somewhere deeper inside. Squeaking. Curious, I followed the sound. Squeaking and thumping, like bed springs. Then I heard what could only be moaning, female moaning. I could see Bob's bedroom door was slightly ajar. Silently, I krept towards the door.

I was pretty sure I knew what i was going to find, and I was right. There was Emily, my best friends girl, on her back, getting the shit fucked out of her by some dude. I felt my pulse jump, red hot anger boil up from my gut.

"Fuckin' slut." I thought.

"Uhhn, uhh, uhh, uhh!" Emily was repeating,

Her big titties flopping up and down as this guy pounded her pussy. I was surprised, and a little ashamed when I felt my cock stiffening. I tipped toed backward and went to the garage.

I eased the door shut and turned on the garage light. I saw the chainsaw I had come for. Walking right past it, I went to the metal tool box in the cupboard above the work bench. I knew Bob as well as I know myself in some ways and opening the box, I grabbed Bob's pistol. Making sure it was loaded I went back inside.

I could still hear the bed springs squeaking away. Peeking back into the bedroom, I watched Emily and this guy fuck for a few seconds.

"You like my cock, baby?" The sonofabitch asked her.

"Mmmm, yeah! Fuck me harder!" Emily hollered.

I'd had enough. I threw the door all the way open and walked in.

"Well what the fuck do you know?" I shouted as I entered.

Emily saw me and screamed . The dude that was fucking her jumped right off.

"What the...?" He turned and saw me and the pistol. His hands went up. "Hey, man, I don't want any trouble!" He stammered.

"Well thats what you got mother fucker!" I growled, Pointing the gun right at him.

"Jason,no!" Emily screamed.

"You shut up, bitch!" I shouted. "You got five seconds to dissappear,punk!" I yelled at Emily's fuck buddy.

That dude grabbed his shit and bounced out with a quickness. He didn't even look back at Emily.

Emily was in tears, a look of terror on her face. Eyes riveted on the pistol.

"J'jason..." She stuttered. "Please, what ever you're thinking about doing, please don't..."

A moment of confusion crossed through my mind. "What I was thinking about doing?" I thought.

Then I remembered the gun.

"Oh, hell, Emily, I don't think Bob would appreciate me blowing your pretty little face all over his room, now would he?" I asked.

I emptied the shells into my coat pocket and tossed her the gun. She visibly relaxed.

Now I was at a loss for words. I just stood there shaking my head. Emily was crying. She pulled the sheets up to hide her nakedness.

"So, who the fuck was that?" I asked her.

"Nobody, just someone I met." She answered quickly.

"Well, then I guess I'll have to tell Bob I caught you fuckin 'just someone you met', huh?"

"Please, Jason, don't tell him!" She cried.

"Don't tell him? Are you fuckin' nuts? You think you're going to get away with fuckin' some guy in my best friends house? And I'm going to help you?" I was stunned.

"Please! I'm so sorry!" She was in tears.

"Sorry? You're sorry you got caught, bitch. Save the tears, you're wasting water!"

I was one step from slapping the shit out of her.

"Why, Emily? What possesed you to fuck around,huh?" I asked.

She wiped her tears and took a deep breath.

"You think Bob is loyal to me? She responded. You don't think he doesn't pick up whores while he's on the road? I know he does. I read his texts. He picks up girls at truck stops, hitchhikers and whatever else!"

Yes, I knew all about it. Bob told me all about the adventures he had on the road. It was true. But this was his house. He paid for everything.

"I don't know about that," I lied, "But I know what I just saw!"

Now that I was calming down, my mind wandered back to the images of Emily's naked body, her titties bouncing. i mean,hell, she had a rockin' body. Big, round titties. Tight ass...Oh, yeah, I couldn't help checking her out. She was tanned and tone. Long blonde hair and blue eyes....

I walked out to the living room, not so sure Emily was entirely wrong. Sure, she shouldn't have fucked in Bob's house. But, Bob was no faithful angel,either. Emily followed me, still begging.

"Jason," she said with reasonable tone in her voice," I know you two go way back, but, please..."

"Emily," I cut her short," I just don't know..."

She sat next to me on the couch. The bed sheet clinging to her naked body. i could see her nipples through the thin fabric. My cock was stiffining again.

"Jason," She said in a soothing voice," You don't have to tell him, you really don't."

Her blue eyes looking into mine. Pleading. she put her hand on my thigh.

'What are you doing?" I asked.

"I don't know..." she cooed.

Her hand inching towards my swollen cock.

" I suppose you're going to try to buy my silence with sex,is that it?" I asked.

"Well, maybe... If you wont tell, I'd be very grateful..."

'You know what, Emily?" I said, " We might be able to work something out..."

Her hand was on my dick, squeezing my shaft.

"What do you have in mind? She asked.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She started to stroke me, gently.

" Want me to suck it?" Emily asked in a sexy whisper.

"That's a good place to start." I answered.

Emily wrapped her pretty little mouth around my cock like an expert. She knelt naked, between my legs and bobbed her head fluidly up and down my rock hard prick.

" That's right, get it nice and wet..." I encouraged her.

I rested my hand on the back of her head and guided her mouth. Her mouth was hot on my cock. She started to lick and suck on my balls,while she jacked my cock. She was making little moaning sounds.

"I'll do anything you say, Jason..." She promised.

I grabbed my dick and held it straight uo.

" Well, Emily, I'd say now would be a good time for you to have a seat, right here." I said, gesturing towards my dick.

Without a word she stood up and turned around. She spread her ass cheeks and lowered herself down. I aimed my head at her asshole and let her wiggle her way down my shaft. Her sexy little ass was tight. It was slow getting in. My cock eased into her as her tiny hole relaxed and opened to let more of me in.

"Uhhhh..." She breathed, as she slid down my pole. Her sphincter gripped tight around me. She finally came to rest on my lap, my dick buried deep in her asshole.

I lifted her up slightly by her cheeks so that my dick eased an inch or so out of her. The I left her dop back onto my swollen cock.

"OHHH!" She yelped.

I lifted and dropped her repeatedly until her asshole loosened up. She took over the bouncing herself, then. I reached under her arms and grabbed a hold of her massive bouncing titties. Her nipples felt like marbles as I squeezed them. Emily's asshole was doing it's job,and My cock was starting to pulsate. I knew I was going to come soon.

" I'm going to fill your ass up, girl." I warned her.

"Pump me full, baby, I'm ready..." She she answered.

I cupped her butt cheeks again and held her in place. I lifted my hips rapidly and felt the come starting to pump. Her asshole was like a cock ring, and the come load was nearly pinched off. I thought my cock was going to burst! Then, finally, It broke free and filled Emily with hot goo.

" OHHH!, Fuck yeah...UHHH!" I groaned, as I shot a powerful load intoher.

"MMmmm! It's so hot... i love it!" She squealed.

I pumped every last drop I could squeeze out. I let her sit on my lap while my cock relaxed and softened. We both were sweaty and breathless.

Later, after Emily showered, I prepared to leave. I grabbed the chainsaw I had come for in the first place.

"So, what now?" Emily asked me.

"Well, now...when Bob gets home, you do everything as normal. Make him dinner, suck his dick,whatever..."

" Then, you're going to keep quiet about everything?"

"Of course... But, i will be checking in on you from now on." I smirked.

" I bet you will..." She smiled back.

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