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  By: Ron1x

I typically hit the strip clubs up on my business trips for something to do on weekday evenings, and this week was no different.  There I found myself, walking into the local strip club and buying $200 worth of private dance chips ($20 per song and $100 for half an hour straight).  I also ordered a beer and leisurely found my way to a seat with a nice view of the dual stages.


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On my way I spotted this cute brunette in a skimpy night gown.  The gown allowed half of her ass to show.  It looked like she had no panties on from the back due to her thong being buried.  She had dark brown hair that was parted slightly off center that hung down to about her mid neck.  She had a really cute face, almost innocent looking.  Her breasts seemed to be a B to a small C and she appeared taller due to her heels.  She was up at the bar when I bought my dances and even caught my eye as I walked in.  She seemed somewhat occupied with another customer so I just proceeded to my seat. 

There were plenty of other hotties to look at on the main stages, so I wasn’t too concerned about not talking to her yet.  I ended up getting a few private dances from a couple girls.  One chick had huge tits that were natural.  Those were definitely fun to play with.  One of the other girls apparently loved to do that hum thing with their mouth on your cock through your pants.  That always makes me laugh when I have it done. 

I sat for a couple hours, just watching the rotations go through and getting privates from girls who struck me as hot.  However, the girl who I saw when I first walked in never made it on stage.  The club had quite a few girls working and each song is 5 minutes, but I should have seen her up on stage by now I thought.  Well I apparently thought too soon as a few songs later she came walking out of the back, little night gown and all. 

I instantly moved to the tip rail and put my dollar down, sitting on the chair to get the infamous “tits in your face” maneuver.  She moved the dollar aside while getting positioned in front of me.  She greeted me with a smile and introduced herself as Riley.  She commented on how cute I was and now I had nice teeth (typical things strippers always say).  Then she finally slid down onto my lap.

This is where things got a bit more intense.  Most private dances the girls just go through the motions it seems.  Not with Riley.  She slowly lowered her body to mine, keeping eye contact and eventually resting her topless torso against mine.  Her lips were a quarter of an inch away from mine and I could feel her breath as she began to grind her pussy on my ever growing cock through my pants.  She moved in an extremely sensual, sexy way.  Every move made you believe she wanted to be there and that she was enjoying every second of it.  She kissed my neck and let out slight moans on trusts that I could feel my cock was directly between her pussy lips, rubbing against her hole and clit.  My 30 second lap dance felt like 30 minutes.  It was one of the sexiest ways a woman had ever moved her body against mine.

She smiled as she pulled herself back onto the stage from my lap.  She continued her dance, always keeping eye contact.  When her song finished she made a b line directly for where I was sitting and sat on my lap.  We talked for a minute or 2 before the private dance question popped up.  Of course I accepted as it was what I had been wanting the whole night ever since I walked in.

We made our way to the back room and I paid her.  She stripped down to just her thong and climbed onto me.  Once again she pressed her body against mine, this time allowing her lips to gently press against mine as she moved to the side and began to kiss my neck.

I ran my hands lightly up her sides and in to her chest to allow for two full handfuls of her tits.  They were perfect.  Just a handful and they were that perfect blend of perky and slightly saggy that made for one very sexy set of tits.  Her nipples were proportionally sized for her boobs, at least the size of a 50 cent piece, and the actual nipple was the perfect thickness and stood off of her areola nicely.  My hands then moved from her tits to her back, gently caressing as I moved my hands and then gently but firmly pulled her close to my chest.

She apparently liked that as she let out a slight moan as she began to move her hips making her pussy grind against me again.  Her slit was directly on top of my cock and I could feel both sides of her pussy separate allowing me in between them as she moved.

Her breathing was heavier, as if she was trying to get off.  She would occasionally whisper in my ear different kinky things she wanted to do, such as tying her up, deep throating my dick, just all sorts of kinky, nasty things.  But it was mostly her moaning as she moved her cunt against my cock in an extremely sensual way.

When her breathing got even heavier, I moved hands slowly down her back to her ass.  I gently grabbed both of her ass cheeks, one with each hand and pushed her pussy against me harder.  It was the type of grab that the tips of my fingers could feel the beginning edges of her asshole.  Her thong was a string (hence why it looked nonexistent when she was standing at the bar earlier) so the further I spread her ass apart the more feel of her asshole I got.

Doing this didn’t make her miss a beat, kept getting into it more and more, moaning a bit louder and throwing more of her body into her grinding motions.  She even placed her tits directly over my lips, running her nipple against them and begging me to suck on them in-between each moan and breath.  I didn’t hesitate to start.  I took each nipple in my mouth individually, sucking and gently biting her tits.

All of this apparently sent her over the edge.  She began to cum.  I could feel her body’s slight convulsions as she tensed up while remaining completely pressed against me.  She began to suck on my earlobe as she finished her orgasm, all while continuing to grind her pussy on my cock, slower now as she recuperated.

She just stared at me for a while before getting up and straddling me and bending over so her ass was in front of my face.  She bent over, giving me a nice view of her pussy and asshole beneath her thong.  She ran her fingers along her pussy, lightly playing with herself as she moved with the music trying to seduce me with her ass.  She pushed her ass back which forced her pussy to bump into my face before sitting back down onto me.  I could smell her juices and her panties were actually damp.

I couldn’t believe it.  She was getting off on all of this.  It was extremely sexy and a huge turn on to be honest.  After a few more songs she had managed to cum 3 more times.  Her body was sweaty and so was mine.  It was like we had just had really hot sex, but we didn’t really fuck.  I ended up closing the club out in a private dance with her and the conversation of what I was doing later came up.

I wasn’t about to walk away, especially if this chick wanted to take it one step further outside of here.  I ended up agreeing to follow her back to her apartment in my car.  She only lived about 15 minutes away from the club, so it was a quick trip to her place after she got all her stuff from the back at the strip club.

When we walked into the door of her apartment it didn’t take long for things to start up again.  I instantly wrapped my arms around her waist turning her to face me as I pushed my hand up her shirt to get a full on grab of her breast while I pushed my lips against hers.  We kissed deep and hard.  My other hand moved to her ass pushing her hips closer to mine.  She moved her hand down to my cock, gently feeling it through my jeans.  It was rock hard by this time and she let out a slight moan as she felt all 7 inches that I had to offer.

I pulled her sweatshirt off from over her head to reveal her sexy topless body again.  She met me with the same motion, pulling my polo off and tossing it aside as she pressed her naked body against mine and started to kiss me again.  We slowly migrated from the door to the couch on the left, stripping our pants off in the process.

Riley sat down on the couch in front of my and positioned herself in front of me.  She slowly pulled my boxer briefs down which allowed my full 7 inches to fall out.  Her eyes stayed locked on my manhood as she slowly began to take my entire girth into her mouth.  She began to suck moving her head back and forth taking as much of my length she could into her mouth.  Occasionally she would run her tongue down my shaft to my balls and begin sucking on them, taking each ball completely into her mouth and licking underneath them closer to my taint.

While doing this, she began playing with her pussy through her panties.  She would run her fingers up and down her slit, spending extra time rubbing her clit.  In the club I couldn’t see how wet she was through her panties because it was too dark, but now in her apartment I could see she was sopping wet.

I pushed her back against the couch and made her lay down flat across it.  I grabbed both sides of her panties and pulled them off.  After she was freed from the wet lingerie she spread her legs and began playing with her pussy for me to see, using her other hand to cup her breast and gently pinch and pull on her nipple.

I grabbed the backs of her thighs and rolled her back so she was lying on her upper back and shoulders while her ass and pussy was up in the air forcing her legs to go over her head.  From there I began to lick her dripping wet pussy.  My tongue moved from her swollen clit down her slit and to her tight little hole.  I would slide my tongue as deep as I could into her hole, moving it in and out fucking her with it.  With each thrust she would moan and pinch her nipples harder.  I could feel and taste her getting wetter. 

She tasted quite sweet, but it also had a somewhat citrus like taste as well.  She kept her eyes locked on me, watching me tongue fuck her and suck on her clit.  Eventually my tongue made its way to her taint and I began exploring her asshole.  She moaned even louder the first time my tongue ran along the tiny recessed bump that was her asshole.

I made my tongue motions slightly harder and deeper, beginning to penetrate into her asshole slightly.  With this she reached up and began rubbing her clit vigorously.  I could smell her juices as her pussy got even wetter and I had to push extra hard to penetrate her ass with my tongue due to her tensing up as she came.  She grabbed the back of my head and pressed me deeper into her as she finished her orgasm.

As she laid there regaining her breath I lowered her hips and spread her legs as I moved my rock hard cock in front of her pussy.  I slowly ran the head up and down her soaking wet slit, teasing her clit by rubbing it from top to bottom with my dick.  I slowly moved down to her hole and slowly slid my head inside.

She felt amazingly tight.  She was a very petite girl, but I had never expected it to be this tight.  I watched as my cock slowly slid completely inside of her.  She could take my full length, and she took it with pleasure.  Once I was completely inside of her she let out a massive moan and began to grind her hips against mine.  I met her grinding motion with a series of really hard thrusts that forced me even deeper into her.  This caused her moan even louder.

I latched onto her hips and slammed her into me each time I thrusted as hard as I could into her.  The entire length of my cock was moving from just barely having the head inside of her to being deep enough that my balls were completely pressed against her asshole.  Her moaning kept on going and she began rubbing her clit again.  Each thrust made my balls slap against her asshole and her tits would bounce as her whole body jolted from each impact.

I could feel her pussy start to clinch around my cock as she began to cum again.  This time her moans turned into one continuous sound as she came again.  I could feel her pussy get wetter which allowed my cock to slide in and out even faster and harder.  As she came her pussy felt like it got twice as tight from all her squeezing.

As she regained her composure, she flipped over onto knees and bent over the back of the couch, reaching back with both hands to spread her pussy and ass apart and give me a nice view.  I moved up and slid my cock deep inside of her, continuing the hard pounding by grabbing her hips and slamming her into my cock.

While I was fucking her, my balls would slap against her clit which she was still rubbing.  Occasionally she would try to rub my balls mid thrust.  I had a perfect view of her sexy little asshole while watching my cock slide in and out of her wet cunt.  I could see it spread slightly open as I spread her ass even more apart with my hands. 

I think she knew I was enjoying the sight of her ass as she reached back and began to play with her asshole, slowing rubbing it and rimming it with her finger tips.  Her fingers would move from her asshole down to my shaft, feeling the sides of it as I thrusted inside of her pussy, and then back up to her asshole, spreading her wetness all over it.  Then she slid her middle finger knuckle deep into her asshole and began finger fucking herself, shoving her entire finger in and out of her ass.

This felt amazing.  I could feel her finger moving in and out through the walls of her pussy, and it made her even tighter.  Every thrust was making me harder and harder, and the urge to unload every ounce of cum built up inside of me was beginning to become more and more of a reality.  I slowed my thrusts and eventually pulled out of her.

My dick was covered in her juices, practically to the point of dripping off.  She turned around and dropped her mouth to the tip of my dick.  She circled her tongue around the head and slowly allowed me into her mouth all the way till I could feel the back of her throat and she started to gag.  She held herself there briefly, then pulled back gasping for air. 

She then took me again, and again, slowly getting my cock further down her throat.  When she could finally take my entire length, she began sucking me fast and hard.  She grabbed my ass and used me to pull her mouth faster and deeper down her throat.  She used one hand to massage my balls while she fucked me with her mouth and throat.  I could feel my balls begin to tingle as she was really going to make me explode.  My breathing got heavy and she had to know I was on the verge of blowing.

She then took me completely down her throat, all the way so that her lips were against my pelvis.  She held herself there, sticking her tongue out to lick my balls in the process.  As my orgasm began to overtake my body, I could feel the wave of pleasure overtake my body as my first squirt of cum shot down Riley’s throat.  Before the second squirt, she had pulled up and began slamming my cock in and out of her throat again.  I unleashed squirt after squirt of thick, hot cum into her mouth and throat. 

My cum was dripping out of her mouth, down my shaft and all over my balls.  She kept on taking me until every last convulsion and spasm was finished.  When my dick was finally spent she pulled me out of her mouth and began to click all over my shaft and my balls.  She cleaned up every last bit of my cum and enjoyed every second of it.


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