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  By: easypeasy

Long absence, and the last fantasy I posted disappeared with no response to my support requests, but I've been feeling like writing again, so I thought I'd drop in.


I've recently moved and am staying with family (the aunt with the weird guy living at her place, as in my fantasy about the weird guy) until I find a place of my own.  It's been hard to find privacy, but I've been trying to manage a little on the weekends lately.


One thing I do is get off in the shower because they have a removable shower head I can use to pulse on my clit until I come.  I love doing that after I shave my pussy, which I've been doing a lot, partially at least, because I get turned on by feeling my smooth cunt lips afterwards, and how slick my whole pussy gets when I get turned on, no sticky hair getting in the way of my wet pussy lips sliding together.  Love it!


Another new thing I've been doing is commuting to work on public transportation, taking a train gets pretty packed with other commuters at the times I ride it.  It's been putting in the mood to watch a lot of public transportation porn lately, which makes me wet like nothing else right now, even though in real life it would be beyond creepy.


Dudes!  In real life the contents of this fantasy are in no way welcome to any woman ever, so keep your fantasies off your face, your hands to yourself, and respect boundaries when we're crammed up against each other in the train car, for real.  I mean it.  But the fantasy turns me on so incredibly much.  What are you gonna do?  Write about it here, I guess!


Anyway, lately I've been thinking about how wet my pussy would get if I got groped and fingered on the train car.  I think about not wearing panties under my skirt to work one day, and feeling someone's hand rubbing up between my legs on one of those trips when we're packed in so tightly that I can't even tell whose hand it is.  But it slides up between my thighs, soft and a little damp with sweat already, right up until I feel finger tips brushing against my pussy lips as I unconsciously widen my stance and spread my legs a little.  The hand takes advantage, and I feel a finger brushing back and forth over my slit, working its way between my cunt lips easily because my pussy is already so wet that they're slick and slide right open when the finger pushes down between them.


I'd squirm a little, can't help it, and I'd feel the finger rubbing over my hole and pushing into me a little, starting to finger my hole in quick little shoves, only working its way about halfway inside me because of the angle, but enough to make me crave more and bigger and harder, wanting to feel myself get really fucked suddenly, right there on the train car, surrounded by strangers who would have to watch, no choice.  Some of them would notice, would watch and maybe get turned on, god, maybe they'd take out their dicks, or slide their hands into their bras and squeeze their nipples, watching me get fucked where I stood, my hands on the bar above me and a stranger's dick plowing into me from behind, thrusting tightly in short hard jabs because there's no room for anything else.


Thinking about getting fucked as the hand between my legs keeps fingering my hole, quick and shallow, I can't help a quiet moan, and I'd try to cover it with a cough, but I can't help spreading even wider and arching my spine to push my cunt back at the hand a little.  Wondering if people can tell what I'm doing, who is watching me from behind that I can't see, trying not to draw attention to myself by looking around too much while fingers fuck into my pussy over and over and make me want to get fucked hard and loud, right there.


My clit would be throbbing, and I would want to touch myself so bad, but there'd be no way without making it obvious, no way to get my hand down there and rub my clit like I'd be dying to do, so Id just start grinding a little, clenching my pussy tight around the finger when it's inside me, circling my hips a little to feel my cunt clench and my clit throb harder, imagining taking a dick like that, hard and thick from behind and using my own fingers to rub my clit, right there in front of everybody.


Then suddenly the finger would slide out my hole and slide down to my clit, rubbing over it once and then starting to circle it, fast and light, and I'd moan again, closing my eyes and unable to car, clenching my empty wet hole on nothing while my clit is fingered over and over, letting myself starting grinding down on it a little.  I'd feel myself get closer and closer to coming and just stand there and take it, let myself get fingered until I come suddenly, my pussy clenching and throbbing and flooding with hot pussy juice while the finger keeps rubbing over and around my clit through it, rubbing me until I stop twitching.


I'd know I made sounds, know I made jerking movements, but no one would make eye contact with me, and the bus would stop, people flooding off and the hand pulling out of my pussy as the person presumably moved away with the crowd leaving the bus.  I'd have to sit down and feel my bare wet pussy rubbing on my skirt, feel my come getting sticky all over my smooth cunt lips and my thighs and my skirt, feel my clit throbbing and tingling still, all the way home, not knowing if any of the people occasionally looking at me had watched me come with a stranger's fingers in my pussy.


God, imagining it is so hot.  I really do think about getting fucked like that.  My cunt is throbbing right now, and my asshole is clenching around the huge plug inside it, over and over.  Oh yeah, did I mention I've got a big silicone plug in my ass?  Took a shower, shaved my pussy, almost got off with the shower head, but didn't let myself come.  Watched some porn on the bed with my plug up my ass, rocking on it sometimes to feel it hard like I'm riding someone's dick.  Earlier, my aunt's husband knocked on the door, and I had to let him in and talk to him with the plug in my ass.  It made my pussy get so wet feeling it there while we looked for his toolbox.  I'm going to finish this up, get my medium size dildo up my pussy, and probably use my vibrator on my clit to get off while I watch porn.


And maybe I'll think about feeling a stranger reach around me and unzip my pants to slide a hand inside and feel my pussy while I hold on to the bar and the seat in front of me, on the local train, long ride, lots of stops.  So I freeze, feeling fingers push down into my pussy, no panties that day because I had just shaved my cunt and was turning myself on by letting my bare pussy rub against my pants all day at work.  (But that's a different fantasy…!)  I know the people in the seats I'm facing can see what's happening, but I can't stop, and I make eye contact with each one, knowing that we all know exactly what's happening, but no one says anything.  They all just keep watching--the older lady in pearls and gold jewelry, the college guy with the hoodie and backpack, the man and woman in suits who appeared to be business colleagues.  All watching me get fingered by a stranger behind me.  My cunt would get wetter around the fingers rubbing up and down between my pussy lips, and the fingers would respond by rubbing over my clit specifically, fingering it lightly until I start grinding forward a little. 


Then I'd feel another hand sliding my pants down in the back, down below my ass, and a hand is pushing me to lean forward a little.  I do, getting closer to the college student and the woman in the suit.  And I feel a dick rubbing against my ass cheeks.  It's hot and hard and the soft head is sticky when it rubs lightly over my ass crack, just barely pushing between my ass cheeks.


I bend a little farther, wanting to feel where it's going, and it rubs down my ass and over my cunt, the head working its way between my pussy lips as the stranger rubs it up and down.  I whimper a little when I feel it rub down over my clit, and when he starts circling the head there, I moan a little, too.  The older lady looks startled, her eyes snapping to my face, and I'm embarrassed, but I can't help moaning again when the head of the thick hard cock behind me pushes on my tight hole and starts fucking its way inside me.


She looks a little more scandalized, and the college student is flushed, his eyes darting back and forth between over my shoulder and down to my cunt where he knows I'm taking a dick that he can't see.  The train stops, and even more people get on, pushing everyone around me even closer, and I feel the dick shove deeper into my pussy as the stranger presses up against my back.  Suddenly he starts pounding up into me, shoving his cock into my cunt over and over, short hard jabs that leave me trying to catch my breath and wanting desperately to rub my pussy.


The college student meets my eyes, and he must see something like begging there, because he swallows hard and reaches out to put his hand between my legs, his fingers pushing tentatively into my cunt.  I grunt when he feels my clit, and he looks at me quickly before focusing on what he's doing and rubbing at my clit over and over while I get fucked so hard by the stranger behind me.  It doesn't take long, and I come really hard, my body shaking as my pussy clenches on the strangers dick, and the college student's hand gets covered with hot sticky come as my pussy floods around his hand.


I hang on there panting as the college student takes out his dick and quickly jerks himself off with the hand covered in my come, using it to slick up and down his cock until he spills thick white jizz all over his hand, looking at my wet cunt in front of him, watching me jerk and twitch as I get reamed hard from behind by some other guy's cock.  I know he's close to coming in my pussy, and I feel myself throbbing as I think about it, and then he grabs my hips hard and shoves his dick into me a few times, super fast and extra hard until he stays buried deep inside me and pushes a little deeper in with each pulse of his come that shoots up into me. 


It even makes me hot to think about him pulling out and leaving me sticky and filthy, all that come dripping out and making my jeans damp and hot between my legs when I sit down.  Feeling empty and wet and hot and embarrassed, god, my pussy is so wet right now imagining.  I've got both my pussy and my ass filled, dildo and plug hard inside me, and I'm just aching to fuck myself until I come.  That's it!  Time to go watch porn and fuck myself until I get off!


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Comments for A little public train sex

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easypeasy    (2012-03-10 17:53:09)    Flag as inappropiate
Ha, thanks for that thought, XxmalakixX. My clit is throbbing thinking about it. :)
XxmalakixX    (2012-03-06 20:52:32)    Flag as inappropiate
XxmalakixX Oh baby. Thats fucking hot. Next time let me kno amd ill let u fuck me
easypeasy    (2011-10-23 18:25:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Yay, you know I love to hear that, CanadianCasanova. :)
easypeasy    (2011-10-23 18:25:03)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, buster, it makes me so wet to know that. :)
CanadianCasanova    (2011-10-22 15:25:08)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Another hot story as always easy! Glad to see you post something new! Made me hard. ;)
buster    (2011-10-21 12:57:36)    Flag as inappropiate
buster God girl! It felt so hot fucking you hard in the train... I'm still really hard just thinking about it! write me at naughty_buster28@yahoo.com and watch me jerk of for you baby!
outlawwolf    (2011-10-19 00:35:21)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawwolf So glad you've returned with another hot story. I read your previous story that disappeared too and that was insanely sexy. Is there any way you could repost it or make it available elsewhere?

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