One week as a Human Toilet - Day One, Part Four   added 4 years ago    

  By: MissEllie

Day One: 6:00 PM Sunday October 23rd - 6:00 PM Monday October 24th


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Young-and-Dark is behind me again - the pressure of his chest against my back, of his hips against my ass, is familiar; I half-turn to look to him, but he grabs a handful of my hair and twists to keep me looking ahead, eyes front.  I can't do much more than squirm as I feel him slide into my ass again - well-fucked and slick, it offers him much less resistance than before as he settles hilt-deep between my cheeks.  Slowly he begins to fuck my ass, speaking as he does so, the thrusts of his cock like punctuation.


"You are a human toilet."  Thrust.  "You have a woman's body," he thrusts, "but you are not a woman," and again, "you are a toilet."  It's not just punctuation; his cock drills his words into me like a hammer pounding home a nail.  "You are not a woman, and you are not a person; you are a toilet.  An object.  A thing."


His thrusts may be slow, but they're forceful, each slam of his hips against my rear lifting my body, making me jerk and tremble under the impacts, a little shock of pain shooting through my scalp from where his fingers curl into my hair.  Forced to look forward I see another man step towards me, offering his ass to my mouth, spreading his cheeks; I dutifully part my lips, tongue extended, brown from my previous duties, and each thrust of Young-and-Dark's cock into my ass forces a gasp from my throat.


"You are not Ellie," he continues, as that ass draws closer, "you are a toilet.  You are not a person, you do not have a person's name.  You are a toilet, you have a toilet's name."  A camera and microphone draw closer, to capture this momentin exquisite detail.  "Your name is Shitbitch."  His thrusts speed a little, still hard, still slamming against my ass enough to make my whole body shudder, as my brown-streaked face settles between the cheeks of the man before me.  "Go on.  Say it.  What is your name?"


Assfucked and about to eat shit, there's only one response I can make.  I speak the truth of my soul.


"My name is Shitbitch."


My obedience earns me a mouthful of shit; my face is between his cheeks as he squeezes the rest out, mashing filthily over my cheeks, down my chin, across my upper lip and the underside of my nose; my senses are filled with the taste and the stink of it.  I chew as he steps away; some fragments cling to my face and jaw, others drop with light 'splat' noises to the floor.


"Say it again," Young-and-Dark commands me, still slow-fucking me.  As earlier, my response is garbled by the mouthful of half-chewed shit it has to force its way around.


"'Ai awm uh shu-buh't."  My name is Shitbitch.


He chuckles at that, genuine mirth in this scene of degradation and depravity.  "Yes, I think you really are, hm?"  I keep chewing as another man steps forward, latex-gloved fingers picking up the dropped pieces of shit from the floor, wiping across my face to combine with them those chunks still clinging to me; it's a most modest palmful as he finishes.  I wonder how I must look to him, like this, chewing shit and taking a stranger's cock in my ass?  Like a human toilet, of course.


The assfucking - oh how I love assfucking - continues, two more men stepping forward in turn to make me eat their shit before Young-and-Dark has had his fill of me and cums again, painting the inside of my ass with his seed, pulling out panting and sweaty; each time I dutifully, hungrily chew and swallow what I can, the same gloved man collecting what I can't, until by the time Young-and-Dark is done with me he has quite the handful of accumulated shit to present to me.  Young-and-Dark stands, taking one shoulder and arm as a third man moves to the other side of me, gently lowering me to my back; I can raise my head to observe what's going on, to witness this next step in my degradation.


The man who's been diligently collecting the shit I've been unable to swallow squats between my legs, taking that handful of filthy and smearing it along the length of his naked cock, his member twitching with arousal as it's sheathed in uneven and lumpy brown.  Young-and-Dark moves to my side, reaching between my legs; his fingers set me a-tremble as he parts my lower lips, exposing my wet pink depths to all the men around me.


"Such a pretty pussy, Shitbitch," he coos, chuckling again.  "You know what is to happen, yes?"


Legs spread, pussy lips parted, a hard and shit-smeared cock presented to me?  You're damn right I know what's going to happen, and I love every moment of it.  I nod vigorously.  "Then beg for it, Shitbitch.  Beg to be used."


I beg.


"Please," I beg him, my head lifted, blue eyes peering out of my shit-smeared face to meet his, full of my need and hunger, "please, put it in me, put your shitcock in my cunt, I want it, I want shit and cock in my cunt."


I want it, I beg for it, I receive it; he moves forward, lines himself up, and, grasping my thighs, eases his shit-smeared length into me.


Some of it comes off, of course, smeared around the tight entrance to my cunt, but by the same token, some of it goes in, clinging to his shaft as he smoothly penetrates and begins to fuck me.  It's exhilerating, not merely the fucking, but knowing that the cock fucking me is smeared with shit, that my innermost depths as being filled with it, that I am being - for lack of a better term - shitfucked.


It's enough to bring me quickly to climax, almost too quickly, long before he does; were I unrestrained my legs would have clamped around his back and forced him so deep into me, but all I can do is writhe and moan and buck my hips feebly against him as the white-hot sensation of orgasm rips through me.  And then I'm left aching and oversensitive as he continues to pound away at me, and it's just as good, overwhelming really.  He reaches down between my legs, thumbing my clit and focrcing a whining little scream from me, fingers finding the shit that sloughed off when he penetrated me and jamming it in between the juncture of cock and cunt to mingle with my juices, to be reduced to brown slime by our shared wetness and the motion of our bodies.


I'm not far from my second orgasm when he reaches his first, emptying his balls into my cunt, his cum joining the mingled shit of three men in there in hot white spurts; grimacing, he holds himself steady against me, pulling out in time for the last few dribbles of his climax to spatter over my pussy lips and join the brown mess there.  We're both panting; he stands, looks down at me, writhing on the floor, hips circling, bucking, my cunt an obscene mess of flesh-pink, shit-brown, semen-white, my face a caricature of desire and need.  I was so close, so very fucking close, I want it, I need it, I need to climax again and with my hands bound to my ankles I need these men to do it for me.


And so once again I beg.


"Please," I beg, "please, shitfuck me more."

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