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  By: super_wet_girl

I had the Dream again. That's twice this week. I'm at home, alone. It's late and I'm getting ready


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Naughty level to be set later

for bed. I have the feeling that someone is watching me. I want to run, but I can't. I'm frozen in

place, My heart is racing. For some reason my panties are wet and I'm groping myself with eager

fingers, digging into my pussy.


I can feel him behind me, so close. I turn to run and he's there. I waited too long!

" You waited too long." says the face I cannot see.

I can't see his face, just his hulking frame that promises power and pain. His hands bind me, arms

pinned to my sides. He's going to have me, use me, control me. His penis is powerfuly erect.

Thick as my wrist and hard as steel, his tool is meant to dominate my tender holes.


Everything slows down, as time loses meaning. This moment will be savored. My body isn't my

own to control now. I'm bending over, he is bending me over. My backside is exposed and I'm

vulnerable. I know he is going to rape me and there is nothing I can do to stop him. He's going to

force his monster cock in to my helpless asshole. I'm ready. I accept that which I cannot


" Where is Jenna?" asks the face I cannot see.


That's when I wake.

I'm wet, too, just like last time. I feel dissapointed. I masturbate before I get out of bed, because

I'm so horny now.Part of me feels ashamed for my dissapointment, but another part of me feels


Three years ago, I witnessed my older sister being raped by an intruder in our living room.I hid out

of fear. but I could see the entire assault from my hiding spot. I became less afraid as he had his

brutal way with her. My fright fading to fascination. I fingered my pussy while he fucked my sister,

Jenna, and then I found myself poking my asshole, deep, when he violated hers. When he finally f

inished, he simply turned and left. I simply snuck back into bed. My sister never mentioned it...ever.

For the next few months after, I wondered if he was coming back. I started to unlock the front door

at night, after everyone was asleep.I would lie in bed and wait. He never returned.

I'm a senior in highschool now, I turned eighteen over the summer, so I can buy all my friends

cigarettes. I'm a popular girl! It started last year at school, when I dated Scott Davis, the captain of

the wrestling team. i talked him into showing me how he pinned his opponents after school. The

practice room was empty . We had the matts to ourselves.

I was gettting excited as he restrained me and held my body immobile.I challenged him to be

more aggressive. "Is this how you wrestle your opponents?" I taunted.. "Bet you can't pin me if I

don't let you!"

I pushed and twisted, so he had to actually use his strength to hold onto me. I was breathing in

short gasps. My heart was racing and my legs were trembling. I saw him making his move and let

him pounce on me. He took me down carefully, but once we were down I squirmed and tried to

push him away. He was about to have me straddled, but I wrapped my legs around him and

squeezed. He immediately pushed down towards his waist with his hands inches from my

crotch.My legs were losing their grip on him. My shorts were pushed up and wedging into my

camel toe.I could feel his dick as it was pressed up against my wiggling body. I fell back and let

him pin me down using his full body weight. "You're a perv!" I accussed.


"I can feel your dick, Scott, it's hard as a statue! "

"I can't help it." he answered.

" Well, you got me! I can't get away. I'm pinned! You could do whatever you want and I can't stop

you." I pointed out.

"I wouldn't do that!" He sounded embarrassed.

I laughed, "Yeah, well you're cock says other wise. Are you turned on?" I asked.

"No." he lied.

"Your dick is so hard, because you want to fuck me! and Im pinned and helpless. If I said to go on

and do me, you soooo would! "

"It's different if you want it!" he argued.

"Let me up..."

He slowly began to get off of me. Thats when I grabbed ahold of his balls. Not hard, but hard

enough.from my low ground position, I held him in place right where he stood.

"Let go."

"No." I answered.

" But I let you go!"

"'That's where you fucked up. You had me, then let me go. Your balls could be slapping up

against my ass right now, instead of trapped in my fist. Now I am in control and I get to pick the

outcome of our situation." I explained.

" Okay, okay! Whats the outcome going to be?"

" Your dick, pull it out, let me see it." I could tell he was going to try and argue, so I gave a warning


"Fine, here!" He pulled the front of his shorts down and thrust is hard cock at me. I gripped his

shaft and gave it a few test tugs. I could take his pulse with it now.

"Want me to suck it?"

"Y,yes.." He whispered

"I would have, if you had refused to let me up. Then you could have butt fucked me if you had

wanted to." I continued to stroke his cock with one hand and grip his ballls with the other..

" Awww..." I teased and let my mouth drift towards his dicks head.. "I bet my mouth would feel so

good on your cock, have you ever cum in a girls mouth, Scott?"

We both heard the squeek of the rooms doors at the same time A few of scotts fellow wrestlers

had just come in. we all froze, I don't know who was more surprized.

"See what he's making me do?" I yelled at them. And then I wrapped my lips around his cock and

started to suck as if he was forcing his cock into my mouth.


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super_wet_girl    (2011-10-13 13:38:16)    Flag as inappropiate
super_wet_girl This is actually part two of "The Intruder"
super_wet_girl    (2011-10-13 10:00:24)    Flag as inappropiate
super_wet_girl part two is coming soon
anonimusrick    (2011-10-09 14:14:03)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Needs a part 2.
Did the rest of the team force you?

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