Depression leading to sex...   added 4 years ago    

  By: 69crazyfists

So I am sitting at a Starbucks doing my research for my internship. I am listening to some Maxwell and just research away. No one is at the Starbucks. Just my laptop and I hard at work; until that is, I see a fine ass Mexican chick that is fine as fuck. She’s wearing a punk hoodie with black tight pants with some furry boots. I see her and my eyes on her until she comes in with a guy and he kisses her.


My boner goes down and in my mind I go “oh fuck!” This, seeing couples together depresses me so much I almost cry and I start to lose focus and I go on facebook to check up on my shit. I start to feel depressed and I get desperate to look for someone to talk to on facebook. I look at my wall and see a friend of mine (she’s got the pussy with benefits. YEAH!) and I decide to call her.


This girl, Yesenia, is a dark skinned Latina with Blonde highlights, big round ass, nice tits, and a piercing on her lip. I ask her if she is down to hang out in an hour and she says yeah. When we met up, she was wearing these tight jeans along with a victoria secret shirt that was pink and said LOVE. She wasn’t wearing a bra but she was wearing a pink and blue stripped tight hoodie along with some red and white Air Jordans. Normally she does not get my boner up since she’s a great friend, but this just got my attention.


As we go to the taquiera around the University, we talk for a few hours and in the last 30 minutes, we’re talking about relationship problems and we’re just tired of the shit that we deal with. I have never dated and she keeps getting dicked by a bunch of guys that get with her and leave. She starts crying and I comfort her and tell her “it’s all right, I got you”. As I hug her, she starts to feel my bulge and she starts asking me, “have you thought about having sex with me?” Everytime I see you, you get a boner when. I especially see it everytime you hug me. I deny and tell he “hell naw! Not even”. Mind you, I actually have but I keep that shit discrete like magic but this trick just did not work. Yesenia goes on to say, “it’s okay.” “You’re sweet and cute. Even though we are too good of friends, I did want to hang out with you to ask if you wanted to spend the night at a hotel and just chill?” I ask her why a hotel and she says “I don’t want to be at home as home is too depressing and I just want to say FUCK school for the night”. I say “sure, home is depressing anyway and my folks are getting on my nerves”.


We drive to the hotel 15 minutes away from the taquiera and Yesenia decides to check out a room close to the window to get a view of the city lights. I then ask her why here? She says, “you ask too many questions!!!” “Do as I say and shut up if you want to get out of here for the night.” Scared, I go “okay… What’s the worse you can…” and then she throws herself at me and starts to kiss me. I don’t know what to do other that hold her ass and kiss her lips back. I never even kissed a girl and right away I get what I wanted. Fuck! We are kissing each other holding each other and as we make it in the showers, I decide to zip off her tight hoodie and throw it down the ground and it start to feel her tits and she goes “boy you must be missing out a whole lot just to go for my tits right away…” I nod and go “less talk sexy, more action!!!” We make it in the shower and I push her back to the wall and she grasps me and continues to kiss me on my lips as I move up and kiss her forehead and she is kissing my neck. I hold on to her head and I begin to put my fingers through her hair. She takes off my shirt and I start to kiss her even more as I thrust my bulge onto her and she yells, “oh I want your dick Jesse!” Hurry up and get this party started. I pull my pants down and right away she sees my boxers with hearts on them and she touches my boner and strokes it in and out and I kiss her cheek and I rub my forehead onto her forehead. We then start eskimo kissing and she pulls down my boxers and I pull down her pants and rip off her baby blue thong and I force my dick into her tight pussy and she starts moaning. “Jesse, I’ve been wanting to do this to you for so long!!!” “Keep the party going!!!” I lift up her thigh and I fuck her hard and kiss her. She pushes me into the shower and I take off her shirt and throw it in the toilet and she slaps my shoulder hella hard and I continue to fuck her standing up and her thigh lifted up. She decides to wrap her legs onto my legs and like a spider, I penetrate her pussy even harder and she’s screaming for more and she keeps kissing me and I fuck her harder. She then drops down and turns around and I run my middle finger down her spine and into her asshole. She tells me “you naughty fuck… That’s for next time…” and winks at me. I then put my dick back into her pussy and I force her up by holding on to her tits and squeeze them as I am fuck her pussy and pushing my dick all the way into her pussy. I kiss her head and I start to smell her hair. Her hair smells like strawberries and I begin to nibble on her ears and tug them fucking hard. I’m about to cum but I resist it and push her on the glass shower door and fuck her hard. I then slap her ass and then run my finder down the back of her spine again and I pull her back and hold her tits again and thrust her hard. I can’t take it anymore I just need to cum and I push her aside and go “OH YEAH! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT FUCKING BITCH!!!!” She goes down begging for some and I let off my load on her bit tits and the load lasts for 2 minutes as the nothing but white glossy cum comes squirting out my dick. I moan and moan and my body shakes and I hold her head and after I was done, she was smearing that cum all over her tits and I gave her a kiss and thanked her for the first experience. She tells me, next time, “I’ll let you fuck my ass and I know you’ll cum harder…” “Next time sexy…”


We turn on the water and we start showering and we lather up the soap and we wash each other, rubbing that crevice and rubbing each other’s body. I continue to hold on to her tits and I start to nibble on her ear again and pulling it. She goes “ahh I need my ear…” I pop another hard boner and start to rub my dick on her ass and she goes “oh no… Trying to get more huh? Next time…” “I’ll save the best for later…” She then winks and slaps me ass super hard. I then push her to the wall and kiss her hard on the lips. “That’s right baby… NEXT TIME but you’ll be wanting more of me than ever before…”


We’re done and she drives me back home and I kiss her telling her “next time I’ll fuck that ass up and you’ll be walking like a cute penguin…”


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