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  By: aussiemerk

Deal is a deal.


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Two weekends ago my wife and I had a bet. She bet me that I couldn’t clear a pile of rubble in the weekend. If I did she would be my sex slave for a day. Anything I wanted to do, anytime any place for twenty four hours. She of course assumed that I would tire out part of the way thought and leave an easy job for her to finish.

My wife is very conservative when it comes to sex. If she had her way we’d have sex missionary position a few times a month to ease the tension and that’s it.

So last Saturday it started. I woke her up early and had her take a shower while I watched. Then I told her to get dressed in a shirt tight skirt with no underwear and take the little ones to her parents. When she got back I brought her out onto the back porch and told her to strip. We was reluctant because of being outside, and the risk of the neighbors seeing her. I told her I didn’t care, and that a deal was a deal.

Reluctantly she agreed, and stripped off. I handed her a pair of black crotchless hot-pants, and a skimpy black shelf bra to wear. She was happy to have at least some clothing to cover herself. Next I handed her a bag that I had procured special for today. My wife looked in the bag and her face fell.

“Come on” I urged.... “You said anything I want.” She grimaced as she pulled out the first package, a clear plastic but plug. With a sigh she opened the package and withdrew the plug, then got the tube of lube from the bag. 

She was fumbling with the plug, obviously reluctant. I told her to kneel down on one of the deck chairs and put her ass out to me. She complied, resting her head on the back of the chair, and closing her eyes tight. I put some lube on my fingers and started rubbing her ass hole to ease her into it. She resisted and her ass was clenched as much as she could. 

“Relax...” I urged.

She breathed deeply a few times and forced her ass to relax a bit. Gradually I was able to slip a finger into her ass, then two. After a few minutes I took the plug, with lots of lube and placed the tip against her asshole. She contracted again. Slowly I rotated the plug around, applying a little bit of pressure as I went, more turning, more pressure. Her eyes were closed tight and she was working at controlling her breathing. Her ass stretched as the largest part of the plug strained how far she could open up. “UUhhhhhh” she cried out as her ass opened just enough to take the thickest part of the plug, and then contract, sucking it all the way into her and locking it in place.

The plug was clear so I could clearly see her ass muscles clenching and loosening around it. I held the base of the plug and turned it around a bit. Her face clenched up... but her ass pushed against me, and her hips moved around in circles. Her body was enjoying what her brain was telling her not to. Just to add a bit I reached around and rubbed her pussy a few times feeling her involuntarily grind against my hand.

I stopped. The disappointment on her face was clear, but today she was my slave, not the other way around. “Sit down” I told her. She sat down gingerly into the outside seat, her wight pushing the plug further up her ass in a mix of discomfort and pleasure. 

I handed her the next package. A set of Ben Wa balls. She grimaced again as she opened the package and took the balls out. She held one at the opening of her pussy, rolling it around and getting is slick with her wetness. 

“Guess it’s not so bad is it?” I asked nodding towards her wet pussy.

“Payback’s a bitch...” she said to me with a grunt as the first ball disappeared into her. “I can’t fit the other one in me.” she protested at the second ball. 

“Sure you can... just try.” I ordered. Gradually the wetness slicked up the metal ball, and it to disappeared into her.

The final toy came out of the bag, a butterfly vibrator that strapped against her clit. I strapped that tightly into place, making sure that the crotchless hot pants didn’t come between the vibrator and the her. 

“Now we are going to go for a walk...” I said. leading her into our bedroom and grabbing her a short dress from her closet to wear. The dress would just about cover her ass enough not to get arrested, but still make it easy for me to grope her. The top just barely covered her tits. Once she had the dress on, I put some batteries into the controller for the vibrator and turned it on it’s lowest setting, then I tucked the controller discretely into her dress.

We walked down the street to the local grocery store. About half way there she stopped. “Ohhh god...” she gasped, squeezing my hand with hers, and reaching up under her dress to make sure she didn’t drop any of the balls out of her pussy. She squeezed my hand again hard, and then squeezes her legs together as she had an orgasm from the balls inside of her. I reached back and patted her ass, giving the butt plug a bit of a twist as I did. “Fuuuuuuucckkkkkkk.” she said under her breath. 

We stood for a few moments watching cars drive buy us while she recovered enough to walk. By this time I was very horny and decided to head back to the house instead of my earlier plan of walking my wife through the shop with her trying to have an orgasm discretely.

We barely made it back to the house when my wife’s clothes were on the floor, and she was grabbing at my clothes trying to get me naked. My pants dropped to the floor, followed by my underwear. I led my wife to the bedroom, and guided her kneel on the bed.

I patted her ass with my hand, and then stuck a finger in her pussy. As my fingers touched the metal balls inside her I pushed slightly making her quiver. She was dripping wet. “Take those out I said.” She got up on her knees and worked the balls out of her pussy, then got back down on all fours. I removed the vibrator and set it aside for later. Then I stuck first two and then three fingers into her wide open pussy. I curved my fingers down, brushing against her g-spot as I finger fucked her. She bucked back against me, forcing me in harder and faster.

I stood up behind her and guided her back onto my waiting cock. She let out a huge sigh as I came fully inside of her. She bounced forward and back against me. “You aren’t getting off this easy” I said. I reached around and grabbed her tits, squeezing her nipples and making her yell a bit. This just drove her on harder and faster. I could feel myself getting to the point of orgasm soon, so I pulled out.

“Nooo.... “ she wined.

“You’re my slave tonight remember?” I said.

I moved around in front of her, and brought my cock to her mouth. She looked up at me with a defiant face. My wife has used every excuse in the book to avoid giving me blow jobs, every excuse short of simply admitting the truth that she just doesn’t want to do it. She resisted, but eventually opened her mouth and took me in with an angry look. Her mood didn’t improve when she tasted her own pussy on my cock.

I was careful not to make her gag, but I continued in her mouth until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I knew she wasn’t enjoying herself, but I was determined that I would get what I wanted for once. I exploded in her mouth, filling her. She groaned as much as she could with me still stuffing her mouth. My cum escaped the sides of her mouth, but I stayed in her until she had no choice but to swallow. 

I slipped out of her mouth. Immediately she started to get up and go towards the bathroom, wanting to rinse her mouth out. I stopped her, pushing her back down on the bed. She looked at me disapprovingly but complied. Under the bed I had another surprise, I had hidden a set of restraints. Once on the bed I tied her arms and legs spread eagle.

Things calmed for a few moments while I went to our secret drawer and retrieved a porn DVD. I placed the DVD in the machine and skipped to the first sex scene, a gang bang. My wife was lying flat on the bed, so I gently lifted her head and moved a pillow under her so she could watch comfortably. I kissed her, but she kept her mouth shut tight, It was a few moments before she recovered from being forced to take me in her mouth and swallow my cum.

I sat down beside her on the bed and started stroking her pussy. Down, diving a finger into her, and then back up around her clit. Back and forth, up and down, round and round. It wasn’t long before her anger passed ans she was lifting her hips, pushing her clit against me with the strokes. I few moments later she was moaning again as she started building up to an orgasm.

Taking my queue I leaned down and started licking her clit while she watched the movie. Every lick of her clit brought a moan. Gradually I brought her back to the point of orgasm, hovering just short of tipping her over. She groaned with frustration. Carefully I moved into a sixty nine position, my soft cock hanging around her lips. She lifted her neck and sucked my cock into her mouth, her resistance was gone and she would do anything just to get t cum. As she sucked, I started to get hard again in mer mouth, the feeling of being sucked off made me loose my control and I stepped up my own assault on her pussy. She finally tipped over the edge in a long multiple orgasm. I was amazed that she kept going, and kept sucking my cock while she was at it.

Eventually she stopped sucking me, and begged me to stop. I climbed off of her. STanding up I released the straps and changed her position. This time she was facing the foot of the bed, and the porn playing on the TV on her hand and knees. I shoved a few pillows under her stomach to give her support before tightening the straps again around her hands and ankles.

Still hard, and slick with her saliva, I knelt behind her, moving my cock around her pussy lips. She moaned again, and wiggled her ass at me. I tool hold of the buttblug, and spun it around a bit, then shoved hard burying myself in her pussy in one thrust. 

She let out a shout from the unexpected full entry. She started to tell me something, but I pulled almost all the way out, and then slammed hard back into her. I slammed hard into her again and again. While I did I started playing with the butt plug. With one thrust I filled her again, as I did I pulled on the butt plug, watching as her tender anal flesh stretched and resisted the removal. “uuhhhhh.....” she cried out as I thrusted into her again, full force.

Her anus stretched, opening up and releasing the plug, before contracting again. I pulled the plug all the way out, watching her ass gape and quiver as I slammed into her pussy. Again and again I slammed into her. I put the tip of the plug back against her open ass hole. She pushed back against me hard, pushing filling her pussy, and again stretching her ass. I looked up at the porn on the screen and saw the woman on her hands and knees betting double penetrated and understood where the excitement came from. 

The action on the DVD got quite fast and hard, and every stroke of the guys she would pound her ass back against me. After a few stroked the buttplug popped back into her ass completely. Instead of pulling it out again I played with the base of the plug, making it dance around inside of her, and making her moan again and again. Harder and harder she pushed back against me, until she tensed in her second orgasm of the night. Her spasms pushed me over the edge and I came for the second time as well. Exhausted I collapsed on the bed gasping for breath.

I got up and got a drink of water for both of us. I made sure to put a straw in it for my wife as she was still tied to the bed and wouldn’t be able to move. She struggled against her straps a bit and asked to be untied. I told her I would think about it, and then put another DVD in the player. This DVD was constant sex, no plot, no dialogue, just two hours of hot fucking. 

My wife complained that she my cum was leaking out of her pussy. I stuck a finger into her dripping pussy, teasing her a bit.

“Don’t” she wined. I ignored her. We watched the DVD for about an hour. I figured that I wouldn’t be able to go for a third round and was just thinking baout freeing my wife. “Ohhh...” she said, eyes getting wide. The woman on the DVD had three guys on her at once, one in the mouth, one in the ass and one in the cunt. I could my wife getting into the scene on the DVD, so I left her tied up, but started caressing her ass, and started playing with the butt plug again. 

“mmmm” came a familiar moan as she once again started pushing her ass against me, pushing the plug further. She started breathing shallowly again. “mmmmmm.... fuck..... come her....” she begged me to stuff her mouth again with my cock. I was soft, but she worked me frantically trying to get me hard again. I was about half erect when she pulled off my cock and begged me to shove it in her again. 

I climbed up on the bed behind her and pushed my cock into her open, dripping pussy. After a few strokes I was hard again, and banging into her. I reached down and grabbed the buttplug. I pulled on the base of the plug, this time her ass opened easily and it slipped out. The plug was dripping from the lube. Her asshole was gapping open, begging to be stuffed full again. I stuck two fingers into her ass.  She told me to stop, but the moaning and her bodies reaction tole me otherwise. Pushing back she drove my fingers, and my cock all the way into her. By this time I was completely hard again.

The lure of her ass was to much. I pulled out of her pussy, despite her protests. Then I put the head at the opening of her asshole. Her ass opened just a bit further, coaxing me in. Between the luve that was in her ass from the plug, and the cum and pussy juice that was on my cock from just fucking her pussy, I was slick enough to slide all the way into her in one go. 

She grabbed the sheets as I came in. “OOhhhhh god....” she moaned. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting in and out of her. I could feel her anus gripping the base of my cock tightly. After a short period of reluctance she was pushing back against me, with every thrust. 

After a few minutes of ass fucking I remembered the butterfly vibrator that I had strapped to her initially. I grabbed the controller and flicked the vibrator on. She screamed with delight as the little toy went to work on her clit. I kept banging her ass while I gradually turned the vibrator up further and further until it was at it maximum setting. I pushed into her and stopped. I could feel the vibrations coursing though her body on my cock. 

“Do you like being my little slut?” I asked her.

“Ohhh.... Fuck me... Fuck my ass” was all she could managed. So I resumed fucking her ass, harder and faster. I was just starting to feel the beginnings of building up to an orgasm when she begged me to untie her hands and let her have her dildo as well. 

I undid the strap on one of her hands, and handed her the largest of her dildos. I wide, soft  flesh color one. She reached under herself and started working the dildo into her well fucked cunt. It only took her a minute or so to have the dildo fully in her, and her begging me to get back to fucking her ass. 

I could feel the vibrations from the vibrator strapped to her, and I could feel the dildo inside her pussy as she fucked her pussy as hard and fast as she could. As she pulled the dildo out, I pushed in her ass, as I pulled out of her ass she pushed the dildo in. Harder and faster we went, watching a woman in the middle of a threesome get the same treatment on the DVD. 

The dildo and the vibrator pushed her over twice more, leaving her exhausted. It took me just as long because of having already cum twice that night. Finally I got to the point of orgasm. After a night of fucking I didn’t managed more then a couple of drops of cum, but the feeling of exploding in her ass, feeling her muscles clench around me pulling me deeper into her ass, was amazing.

Finally spent, and knowing that there was no way that I could manage any more fucking for the night I turned off the DVD and untied my wife. She was finally free to go to get cleaned up, while I changed the cum soaked sheets on the bed. 

After everything was done we climbed into bed. I expected to get the cold shoulder after how much I had worked her over, but she cuddled up to me instead. She admitted that she was feeling sore in both the pussy and the ass, but laughed it off as the price to pay for an awesome fuck session.

I was just starting to drift off to sleep when she whispered into my ear. “Remember what I said though... payback’s a bitch, and when I can walk strait you are going to get a whole lot of payback.”

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