One week as a Human Toilet - Day One, Part Three   added 4 years ago    

  By: MissEllie

Day One: 6:00 PM Sunday October 23rd - 6:00 PM Monday October 24th


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Naughty level to be set later


"More shit," I demand, and Goddess, do they deliver.


After letting me take my time - making me take my time, really - gulping down that first load, the men who step forward next seem eager to sate my hunger.  Tall-and-Fair watches with an almost amused expression on his face as the next man squats over me, lowering his ass to my open mouth and lashing brown-stained tongue, answering my moaning, my pleading of "give it to me, give it to me" with another thick log of shit, straight from his asshole into my mouth.  This one is too big for me to take all at once, half of it slipping from my clenching teeth to drop to the floor in front of me; hands bound, I can't reach to scoop it up, can't do anything except chew and swallow and suck air into my lungs between disgusting, delicious mouthfuls.  I've barely finished the second man's shit before a third takes his place; Young-and-Dark's fingers tighten in my hair, holding my head steady even as my slender torso heaves with my breathing.  Again my begging, pleading chant; again, I'm rewarded with a thick mouthful of brown filth.


I lose myself in that moment, biting down on the slimy mass of shit in my mouth, my cheeks bulging obscenely as I push it around with my tongue, separating it with my teeth into smaller lumps I can work on.  My eyes flutter half-closed; I must look ridiculous, heavy-lidded and fat-cheeked as I roll a lump of shit around with my tongue, licking it, swallowing a little at a time, letting the taste and texture of it fill my mouth and throat, my hips - I'm aware - bucking a little with each swallow, thighs damp with mingled sexual juices and trembling with excitement.  The urge to masturbate, the need to slip a hand between my thighs and coax myself to an explosive orgasm to match the overwhelming sensation in my mouth, is maddening - and of course, hands taped to my heels, I can do nothing, tensing against my bonds in exquisite sexual frustration.


The third man withdraws, his bowels emptied into my mouth, and a fourth steps forward - presenting to me not his asshole, but his hard, naked, and precum-slick cock, slowly stroking it with one latex-gloved hand.  I am for a moment confused - didn't I demand more shit, not cock or cum?  Not that I'm the one in charge here - but realisation dawns on me as he reaches down and scoops up in his other gloved hand the fallen lump of shit from the floor, smearing it thickly over the head and shaft of his cock.  My mouth hangs open, my breath comes in short, hot pants, as he steps forward and lines it up with my mouth.


"Going to suck it clean, Ellie?  Going to suck that shit off my cock?"  He's grinning, teeth gleaming in his dark face.


"I'll suck it, I'll suck shit off your cock, please, give it to me, let me suck your shitcock," I beg him.  He doesn't immediately acquiesce - first grabbing me my the hair, twisting my head left and right to smear his cock across my cheeks to leave thick brown streaks across my face - but soon enough he releases me and lets me do what my urges drive me to, what comes naturally to me.  I lean forward and take his shit-smeared cock between my lips, and, like the whore and toilet I am, I start to suck it clean.


I take it to the base in the first stroke, the head of it lodging in the back of my throat as my tongue descends upon it, hot flesh and hard metal stud caressing its surface as I hungrily lick the shit from it.  He gives me a few moments to do this before he begins to thrust - to fuck my face with his shit-covered cock, to shitfuck my mouth, to feed me faeces with his dick.  I'm degraded, disgusted, delirious with sex and shit, and I take his shitcock like I was born to do it.


Soon, all to soon, not only is his cock clean, but I feel him tense, jam his hips against me as he unloads his cum into my mouth to mingle with the last remnants of the load of shit I've just slurped down.  Bitter-salty mingles with shit-filth on my tongue and palate, tastes and wastes mingling in a headily vile cocktail; I roll it around in my mouth for a few moments before gulping it down and looking up at the remaining men with button-bright, blue eyes.


Judging by their smiles as they close on me, they're as eager to use me as I am to be used.

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