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It was the summer of 91. I was just about to go into my last year of high school. I was the geek in school that couldn’t get a date if I tried, no less get laid. My only source of sexual relief were dirty magazines that I managed to buy at school, and the occasional dirty movie that my dad rented from the local video store that I was able to sneak a watch when he was working and I was home.


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Down the street was a young couple in there early 30’s. She was a stay-at-home wife, while his job required travel and was away for long periods of time. I tried to help out where I could, when the husband was away I’d help her with odd jobs around the house. I never charged her anything for the help, it was just a change from doing the same jobs at home, which often went undone.

One hot afternoon I went over to there house unannounced to clean up some brush in the back of their house that I had noticed. I set to work pulling the brush out from the planted areas around the house. I had only been working for a few moments when I glanced in one of the windows. The wife, Lisa, was lying on there couch watching a porn movie. I was shocked, I thought that was only something that boys did.

I knew I shouldn’t stay there, but I couldn’t move. The window that I was standing at was slightly to the side of there couch, and her attention was fully on the movie. It was a very hot and humid day, so all the windows and doors in the house were open.

I stood there watching Lisa watch the movie for a few moments. Then she moved to get up. Panicking I crouched down as quickly as I could. All I could hear was the sound of my heartbeat pounding in my ears. I stayed there crouched in the bushes for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I mustered the courage to peak above the window again.

Lisa was standing in the middle of the room, eyes glued to the porn movie that was playing on her VCR. She was undressing slowly. First she took off the tight fitting crop top that she had on. As she pealed it off over her head, her small tits sprang free. I had often noticed that Lisa frequently didn’t wear a bra, and today was no exception. I could see from this distance that her nipples were hard. Playfully she kicked her top to the side, then slowly caressed her breasts. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back. Her long hair swung around as she was obviously fantasising about someone else kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts. I imagined myself standing behind her. Imagined it was my hands that were running over her breasts, imagined I was kissing her neck, breathing in her scent.

Lisa frequently wore loose fitting cut off jeans. They were cut so short that the pockets would hang well below the cut off legs, and the remaining denim would barely contain her round little ass. Often the cutoffs hung loosely around her waste, barely held in place. Her hand easily slipped down the front of her cutoffs, and lingered there for a few seconds. In my mind that was my hand. I could feel between her legs. Could feel what I had never i my life experienced... the feel of a woman’s pussy. My imagination filled in the gaps from what I had heard from other boy around the locker rooms at school.

Lisa’s hands slowly emerged form her shorts. Slowly she unbuttoned her shorts, and unzipped them, letting them fall to the floor. Only a g-string remained. My breathing was shallow, my heart pounding. I had never seen a woman naked in real life before. Unconsciously my hand went to the bulge in my pants... I had a painfully hard erection watching her. I felt a bit guilty, but I just couldn’t stop watching.

I imagined myself in there again, caressing her body. Feeling her hot body pressed against me. I wanted to rush in there, take her from behind and have my way with her. But I watched on. I watched as she slid her thumbs under the hips of her g-string. She moved her thumbs under the waste band a few times, then slowly pulled up. The material rode further up her ass and pussy. She moaned slightly, pulling up harder, enjoying the rough treatment she was giving herself. Then slowly she slid the g-string down her thighs, letting it drop to the floor.

Lisa bent over, picking up the g-string and tossed it onto the pile of clothes across the room. Then slowly walked over to the corner table to retrieve the half drunk glass of white wine she had sitting on the table beside the couch. She took a long slow drink. Condensation dripped from the glass, splashing her tits with little dew droplets. The drops fell in slow motion, in my mind, running slowly, seductively down her tits, to the edge of her nipple, gathering there before falling to the floor.

Lisa walked back to her couch and lied down on her back. Her head was propped up so she could focus her attention on the porn playing on the TV. She lied there for a few minutes watching some guy fucking a girl hard doggy stile before blowing a load of cum all over her face. I heard Lisa sigh a little as the woman licked the cum from the guys cock.

The scene over, Lisa grabbed the remote control and fast forwarded through the basic attempt at the movie plot. List stopped at the next sex scene. After all these years I remember the scene that unfolded before me vividly as if I were watching it as I type. The guy inthe movie was a young blond guy delivering water to a middle aged curly long brown haired woman with massive tits. When he came to collect the money she started rubbing him through his pants. As the scene got started, the clothes came off. Lisa lifted one of her legs and rested it on the back of the couch. Her hands caressed her body, until eventually one hand settled between her legs, and the other was playing with her nipples.

I felt guilty watching Lisa. There she was thinking she was alone in the house, enjoying herself, and I was there watching her. I couldn’t stop watching however, and as she started playing with herself I was rubbing myself through my shorts. I pulled my shorts down slightly, releasing my cock from my shorts. The freedom felt so good. My cock was already slick with pre-cum, so I rubbed it around my shaft lubricating myself. I gripped myself tight, feeling the blood pulse through my throbbing cock.

The woman in the movie was on all fours, sucking the guy off, while he reached across her back playing with her pussy. Lisa was breathing heavily, her hand furiously rubbing herself between her legs. Her back was arching in all directions as the furry built. Then she jammed the hand that had been playing with her tits roughly into her pussy. The roughness pushed her over the edge and she exploded in orgasm. Whimpering and writhing around the couch, squeezing her legs together.

I was watching every move, slowly stroking my cock, and enjoying every inappropriate moment of what was going on. The characters in the porn were fully into fucking by this point. “Fuck me till I cum” the girl kept saying over and over. The guy alternated between fucking her and having his cock sucked by her. It was so hot, I stood there jerking off wishing I was there, that I was fucking Lisa and having her suck my cock like that.

I looked back at Lisa and she was kneeling on the couch. Her ass and pussy were facing me, while she finger fucked herself again. One hand repeatedly went in and out of her pussy, while the other rubbed her clit bringing her to a second orgasm. She whimpered, and flopped down on the couch exhausted. I looked back to the movie in time to see the guy jerk himself off in to the girls tits. The sight was all I could stand. I let out a grunt as I finally shot a huge load of my own cum onto the flowers. It was a moment or two before I caught my breath. Looking back to the movie I noticed that Lisa had paused the tape. I glanced back to Lisa who was lying on her side on the couch... looking at me. I could feel the blood rush to my face, the panic rushing up in me. But Lisa was just lying there, smiling at me.

After a few moments Lisa got up, and walked to the back door. Still naked, she opened the screen door and beckoned me to come in.  

“I uuhhhh....” I stammered. “Sorry... “ I was scared. I just new she was going to call my parents and I was going to be in trouble.

Her eyes and smile softened. “It’s ok....” she said softly. “Come  in. You’ve never been with a girl before have you?”

“Uhhhh no...” I stammered again.

“It’s ok.” she said again, extending her hand. She pulled me gently towards her. She was gentle with me, slowly taking off my shirt, and shorts. Caressing my body as she went. Then takine me by the hand she led be back to the couch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon naked, cuddling together on the couch watching porn. We didn’t speak much, but I could see her reveling in my touch as I would run my fingers down her back, or caress her breasts. My skin felt electric as she would run her hands along my chest and stomach.

“Don’t be shy...” she said to me as I left. When I got home my mother was on the phone. After hanging up she said to me that Lisa had called and wondered if I could help her with some brush that she needed to clear from around the house. It would probably take all day, and that If I would be so kind as to show up early, she would feed me lunch.

That was a good summer. Lisa taught me many things about sex.

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