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  By: aussiemerk

It’s been a couple of weeks since my encounter with the blond in the stationary supply room at work. I haven’t had any more presents left at by desk since the one of her freshly waxed pussy.


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This morning I came into work and settled in to things. Both of the people I work with on the project are out on vacation, so I have my cubicle all to myself.

The morning the young blond came to cubicle again, carrying a large stack of paperwork with her. She gave me a cheerful “Hi there” as she came into the cubicle, setting down the paperwork on the desk and sitting in one of the unused chairs.

“Hi, how are you?” I asked politely.

She pulled the chair up close to me, and leaned in so that no one around the office could hear. “It occurred to me this morning when I watched you walk past my desk, I’ve had your cock in my mouth, I’ve swallowed your cum, and I don’t even know your name.” She was looking at me with a grin.

We exchanged names, I’ll call her Liz here. “So... she said to me, have you been thinking about me?”

“Yeh... I have” I muttered.

Liz took my hand and put it on her thigh. “dirty little thoughts I hope.” she said with a grin as she pushed my hand further up her thigh, between her legs slightly. My hands stroked her inner thigh a little. Liz pushed her chair under the desk a bit, ensuring that no one would see what I was doing, and forcing my hand even further towards her crotch at the same time. The backs of my fingers brushed her pussy, revealing that she had no underwear on. Liz giggled slightly. “There you go...” she whispered.

I ran my fingers over Lis’s clit a few times, making light circles. I could feel her thigh muscles tighten and loosen with each move. She was clearly enjoying herself. Liz visibly occupied herself by fiddling with some papers and pretending to look them over. Liz reached to her left to the pile of papers, all the while she arched her back slightly, rolling her ass downwards, and her pussy up, the movement caused my fingers to slide off her clit and slip fully into her wet cunt.

“mmmm” she mumbled, biting her lower lip. Her hand closer to me reached under the desk and pushed my hand hard, forcing my fingers deep into her. She was rocking here ass in the chair now, trying to be inconspicuous all the while fucking herself with my fingers as hard as she could. “God I wish you could fuck me now.” she whispered. I moved my arm slightly so that I could continue to fuck her pussy with my fingers, but rub her clit with my thumb. “Another finger...” she whispered into my ear. “Cram another finger into my pussy.”

I worked my third finger into her. She was pushing hard against me, stretching and pounding her pussy as hard and fast as she could while still avoiding letting other people around the office know what was going on. After another minute or two she pushed one last time, shoving my three fingers deeply into her, then squeezed her legs together. She bit her lower lip hard as she came. I could feel her insides clenching my fingers. She kept very still for a few minutes, savoring every last spasm before removing my hand from between her legs.

I looked around for something to wipe her pussy juices from my hands, but as I moved to get a tissue, she grabbed my hand instead. Looking into my eyes with a devilish grin she took my list finger into her mouth, sucking and licking every inch. She closed her eyes and licked and sucked the second finger with a sexy smile, and then the third. “The only thing that tasts better...” she whispered, “is cleaning up a soft cock after it’s been fucking me hard, and exploded it’s cum deep inside of me.” She reached her hand down under the table and touched my rock hard cock. “Hmmmm to bad I can’t return the favor now.” she said with a grin.

Carefully and discretely, she managed to slide her chair out from under the desk, and stand up. She straitened her skirt so that it once again, barely, covered her round little ass. Moving towards the exit from my cubicle she said in a normal voice. “Thanks for the help. I’ll be back later.” Liz returned to her desk, leaving me hard and in bad need of relief.

Lunch time came, and as I typically do, I grabbed some lunch from one of the vending machines and headed back to my desk. I was about half way though my sandwich and coke when Liz came back to my desk. “Ohh sorry” she said politly, sitting down near the entrance of my cubicle, back to the entrance, facing me. “I’ll just wait for you to finish.” As she sat she moved her ass forward ‘accidentally’ sliding her skirt forward. She slowly moved her legs together and then appart giving me a good view of her pussy while I sat there.

People in the office started clearing out, heading off to lunch. Soon the office was pretty well deserted. Liz used the opportunity to rub her pussy a few times, giving me quite the view. Liz looked around the office quickly, then got up and came towards me. She put one hand on the side of my face, pushing my ear close to her lips, the other rubbed my throbbing cock through my pants. “Quickly... follow me if you want some help with that.”

I followed Liz through the office to a lesser used area. Her hips swaying with every step. She was moving quickly and then found the room she wanted. She slipped into small, little used meeting room. Once I was inside she closed the door, and pushed a chair up against the door.

She grabbed my belt, and undid it. Quickly she opened my pants and pulled them, allong with my underwear harshly down. “Sit down.” she ordered, already pulling her skirt up, wiggling her hips to get the stretchy fabric to move high enough. I sat down, my cock painfully hard, throbbing in anticipation. Liz turned around, back to me, she straddled my lap. She grabbed my cock with her left hand, and spread her pussy lips with her right hand. Grgually she lowered herself on to me. In by inch she would slide down my pole, only to back off, and then lower herself again. It was sweet torture gradually sinking deeper and deeper into her warm, welcoming pussy. It seemed to take hours for her to finally, fully impale herself on me. She sat there for a few moments, getting accustomed to my girth.

She moved her hips around a few times. She sucked her first two fingers into her mouth, lubricating them with her saliva, then reached down between her legs as started rubbing herself. As she rubbed she raised and lowered herself on my. I could hear her low moaning with pleasure as she used me to get off again. I could see her slim ass move around, up and down, slowly and deliberately. “God I have wanted this all day.” she panted. Her right hand was slowly rubbing her clit, her left hand was further down, guiding my cock in and out of her.

Liz leaned forward. Still rubbing herself, she reached down to my smooth balls and gently caressed them with her other hand. “Like that?” she purred?

“Yeh.” I gasped.

“Like the view?” she asked. I looked back down to my lap. I could seem my cock sliding in and out of her. I could see her cunt lips stretched around my girth. I could see her pink little ass hole puckering with every move.

“Fuck.... yeh....” I gasped again.  “God this feels so good.” I could feel beads of sweat running down my back. “I can’t hold back much longer” I said.

“Play with my asshole.” She begged. I stuck my thumb into my mouth getting it wet with my own saliva. Reaching down I started rubbing circles around her asshole as she rode up and down on me. She picked up the pace, moving faster, rocking her ass more and more. It wasn’t long before instead of rubbing circles around her ass hole, my thumb was fully inside of her.

“God I love having my ass played with...” she panted. She slammed harder against me, thrusting me deeper and harder inside of her. “Next time...” she gasped. “Next time... you are going to fuck my ass.... here in the office.”

I groaned, I clenched every muscle in my body trying to hold back a little longer. Knowing that I was going to cum, feeling my cock swell inside of her, feeling my thumb a bit rougher in her ass. Liz rubbed herself a little harder, and then her pussy and ass clenched around me at the same time. She exploded in an orgasm, slamming back down hard on me. The last motion was just to much and I shot my own load deep inside of her. It was hard to keep quiet while an endless stream of cum streamed from me. Liz’s cunt drained every last drop.

It took a few moments to catch our breath. Liz carefully raised herself off of me. As she got up I started to stand up. Quickly she pushed my shoulders down, back to the chair.

“Ohhh no you don’t... I’m not done yet.”

With a flick of her hair, Liz gown down on her knees in front on me. Licking her lips she took my rapidly softening cock into her mouth. Closing her eyes, and smiling with pleasure she licked the mixture of her own pussy juice and my cum from my cock. “God that feels so fucking good.” I could barely get the words out of my mouth. If I hadn’t just fucked this girl and had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, I would have been hard again in a moment.  

When Liz was finished she stood up. Looking down at her pussy I could see she was starting drip my cum out of her. She reached down with one finger, retrieving a large drop of our mixed juices. She pushed the finger to my lips.

“Some time...” she said sternly, “we are going to do this again, and then I am going to sit on your face and force you to eat my freshly fucked pussy... But not this time.... people are starting to come back from lunch.”

Liz straitened her skirt, while I got my clothes back together again. Once we were composed we slipped back out the door, and headed to our individual desks.

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