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  By: BillyJones1979

Jane knew that her husband Rich had a thing for newspaper. She’d caught him a couple of times looking at pictures of newspaper dress’ and stuff on the internet. It as a couple of weeks till their first wedding anniversary, paper. Jane had an idea; she would do him a meal, but a special meal.

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Her friend, Rachel, was a studying fashion design, and was really good at making stuff. She had made Jane’s wedding dress, and Rich’s suit. She invited Rachel round to her house, Rich was at work. “Rachel could you make me a couple of outfits for Rich and me, but cause it’s our paper anniversary, could you make them out of newspapers, I’m doing him a special meal and I thought it would be pretty funny.” Rachel was surprised with the request, but she was intrigued and excited at the challenge. Ideas were flowing through her mind.


A week later, with a week left, Rachel spoke to Jane. “I’ve almost finished the outfits, but I’ve been thinking can I use this for a project for my course. If it’s ok I’d like to decorate your house and bring in a couple of models. You and Rich can join in too, it’ll be great.” Jane thought about it, her friend was doing her a favour, so she said “yes, ok but I’ll have to keep Rich out of the way while you set it up.”


The day came, Rich had bought Jane flowers and gifts and they went out for the day shopping. Rachel went to their house. She had bags and bags of newspapers. She brought the models with her, Kim and Nina.


Jane and Rich arrived back at the house, Jane blindfolded Rich and led him in, and she left him with Rachel. He could smell something amazing, arousing 


Rachel removed Rich’s blindfold. There was his beautiful wife dressed in a newspaper dress, from her shoulders down to her knees. And she had paper boots. The Sitting room had been decorated too, the sofa, cushions, curtains were covered, the smell had reached Rich’s nose, he felt extremely aroused. Rachel then introduced Kim and Nina; they wore skimpy paper tops and skirts, with high boots.


Rachel told Rich to come with her, “Jane’s cooking so I’ll get you ready.” Rachel lead Rich upstairs and into his bedroom, “Right listen, Jane’s not been up here so you’ll be the first to see” As they walked in the whole room was covered, the floor, the curtains, the bed, pillows, covers”.


Rachel was wearing jeans and a long sleeve top. “I know how you feel about the paper, I can see it in your face” She unbuttoned her jeans and showed her paper covered navel. She did the button up again “I love it, and so will they”. “Kim can you come and help, I need to alter your outfit.”


Kim came into the room. Rachel pushed her onto the paper bed. She had a bucket with a sponge, she started wiping it over Kim’s legs “I’m changing your outfit; pass me the paper, Rich.” She ripped Kim’s skirt, right take off your underwear it won’t look right with it” Kim took her knickers off and Rachel wrapper newspaper between her legs; she put another layer over her bottom half. Kim changed, converted, she started to feel herself. “Would you like to call Nina up her for me, Kim” “Oh yes” she said.


In came Nina, she looked surprised “We’re changing the shoot slightly, just go with it”said Kim Rachel and Kim, wrapped Nina’s lower half as they had Kim. Nina climbed off the bed and stood up, she looked at Kim, they moved towards each other and hugged, they rubbed up and down on each other, crinkly and crunching


Rich get your clothes off and lie on the bed. Rachel, Kim and Nina now lay next to Rich’s naked body; they sponged the glue mixture over his bottom half and slowly started to wrap him from the feet up. They wrapped his penis and then covered him with extra layers. They then started on his top half. He could feel every crinkle as they pushed the paper against his skin, he could feel Nina and Kim rubbing up against him, they were now so excited, it was getting noisy, they wrapped him up to his neck. Kim and Nina now started wrapping each other up, bellies, shoulders, breasts, arms.


Jane then walked in, “What are you doing?” Rich jumped up, wrapped to his neck. He grabbed his wife and held her tight. “I love you so much”. He pushed her onto the bed. She sank into the paper, Rich climbed on top of her, and she began to feel his thrusting and the crinkling. She was converting, please get me wrapped, Rich started wrapping her in layer after layer.


Rachel took off her clothes to reveal she was already wrapped. They were now all wrapped touching and feeling each other, Jane got the sponge and rubbed it around her face and head, and then her husbands. She grabbed some sheets and pushed her face into it, Rich wrapped her head. She ripped eye holes and was wrapped Rich. The other girls followed suit, the feeling, smell, crunch, crinkling was incredible. The girls all had a turn riding Rich, they touch and kissed each other. The girls had orgasms like they never had before time after time.

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