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  By: aussiemerk

I’m a consultant, so I move around between companies and offices through the city.


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Last Friday I was sitting at work. I am in an office sitting in a cubicle area with two other people on a project, however my workload is fairly light at the moment. The others were out at lunch so after a quick look around I opened up a web browser and logged onto this site. I started reading a fantasy about a woman fucking her ass with a dildo in the shower and got really turned on and was lost in reading, oblivious to everything around me.

I was suddenly brought back to reality by one of the office workers knocking on the desk beside me. I realised at that point she could probably see what was on my computer screen, and could definitely see the fact I had been rubbing my swollen cock through my jeans. I didn’t know this girls name, but she was young, blond with small tits and hot legs that disappeared into a very short skirt. I could feel the color drain from my face, and could just imagine getting fired over the situation.

Instead she smiled, said she had some things to drop off for one of the people I work with and dropped them on the desk beside me. She turned to leave the area, then glanced back and said with a wistful smile, “Nice web site...” My heart was pounding as I watched her walk away down the hall way back to her desk.

The encounter had my heart racing and my mouth dry, so I closed the browser on my PC, locked my computer and went to the kitchen to grab some water. Standing at the sink filling by drinking bottle I heard someone come up behind me but didn’t take notice.

“So... what were you reading on that dirty web site?” I heard the blond girl whisper in my ear.

I stammered a bit but couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Ohhh come on now. It’s cool. I read shit like that all the time... I just don’t get caught. I’ll tell you what, you come sit with me at lunch and chat, and I won’t tell anyone that you are reading dirty little fantasies on work time.”

So I had no choice really, I went down to the cafeteria with this gorgeous young blond. She picked a spot in the corner of the cafeteria away from the few other people that were eating lunch late.

“So... what were you reading?” she asked me again. I explained that I was reading a fantasy that one of the women had posted about doing herself in the shower with two dildos. I was speaking quietly so that no one could overhear our conversation. As I spoke she leaned in closer to me.

“God that’s hot. I love hearing about that sort of thing.” she whispered. “So.... have you ever posted anything on that web page?”


“uummmm yeh... “ I said. She had a huge grin on her face at this point.

“Ok, come on give me the web address, and the name you use to post. I want to read what you have posted.” I hesitated, but she pressed further. “Come on... I want to know. I’ll make it worth your while.” As she said that I felt her bare foot rubbing up against my crotch under the table. She raised an eyebrow. “Come on...” she panted. I could see her pert nipples straining the fabric of her top. The way she was leaning forward I could see down her top and realise she wasn’t wearing a bra. The sight was making me hard, which she could feel with her foot still rubbing my cock.

I grabbed a bit of paper and quickly wrote the web address and my user name down. Before I could change my mind she snatched the paper and stood up from the table with a giggle. “Thanks” she said. Then she turned knocking the pen off the table onto the floor. “OOppse” she said with a grin. She turned away from me and then bent over at the waist, giving me a clear view up under her skirt. She was wearing a white lace g-string that was tightly wedged up her ass, and spreading her pussy lips appart. I could see she was clearly wet from our conversation. She picked up the pen, and lingered there a bit longer then she had to.

Standing up again she smiled at me again and said “Now try and concentrait on your work...: I knew I wasn’t going to be able to think about work all day.

By the time I got back to my desk the others were back and working. I sat down at my desk and opened a few documents, flipping back and forth pertending to be doing work, but thinking about what had happened. I kept passing time without accomplishing much of anything until it was time to pack up and head home.

I had just finished packing away my laptop when I decided to head to the mens room before the trip home. The office had pretty well cleared out, with only a few people remaining at there desks. My mind was still going over the events of earlier today, and I could feel the wetness of my precum soaking my underwear. In the mens room I had a piss. My cock was throbbing and still semi-hard, my balls were acheing as I thought about the blond girl at lunch and her tight g-string climbing up her wet pussy and ass. Finishing up I tucked my cock back into my jeans and finished up.

As I left the mens room the blond was waiting for me with a wicked smile. “Uhhh Hi.” I said.

“Nice web site.” She said. She looked around, then leaned in and whispered, “Those stories you wrote are fucking hot. I got so fucking wet reading them. No one realised it but I was playing with myself at my desk reading them.”

She looked around again and then pulled me into the stationary room, closing the door behind us and locking it. “It was sooooo fucking hot reading those stories and knowing who it was that wrote them.” She pushed herself up against me. “Was that true? The story of you going to the shop with that you in your ass?”

“UUhhh... yeh... “ was all I could say. Quickly she grabbed at my pants, and unzipped my jeans, sticking her hands in, and feeling my cock that was fully hard. She fumbled around with my underwear, getting her hands inside and on my flesh. As she felt me her eyes opened wide with excitement.

“Ohhhh” she gasped. “I’ve never...” in a mad rush she pulled her hands out from the front of my pants and furiousely undid my belt, and pants, pulling my pants and underwear down. She looked with excitement at my cleanly waxed pubic area. “I’ve never actually seen a waxed guy before. Well except in porn.” She was panting at this point. “Fuck that’s hot...” she whimpered. She was squeezing her legs together as she spoke.

She sat up on a table behind her. Her eyes locked on my fully hard cock and balls. She pulled her skirt up and started playing with her self through the fabric of ger g-string. The fabric rode up between her pussy lips as she rubbed. She moaned a bit, pulling her g-string roughly to one side and fully exposing her pussy to me. She was hairy, which I don’t normally like, but I couldn’t deny that she was putting on a hot show.

She leaned back and rubbed her clit furiously with her right hand. Every stroke caused more wetness to spread across her pussy lips. SHe stopped for a minute, bringing her eyes up from my bare cock, she locked eyes with me, licking her fingers that had just been at work between her legs. With an evil grin she went back to working her clit with one hand. Now both of her hands were at work, the right was rubbing her clit, while the first two fingers on her were furiously plunging into her gaping pussy. She was going faster and harder, soon she had three fingers stretching her pussy, fucking herself hard... then she tensed up, biting her bottom lip hard to avoid making any sound while she came hard.

She didn’t give herself much time to enjoy her orgasm before she jumped up off the table. My cock was dripping with precum as she approached. Seductively she started unbuttoning my shirt from the bottom button up to the top, admiring my cleanly waxed chest as she went. “God that’s so fucking hot.” she repeated running a hand over my chest, and the other stroking my cock.

“Ohhh dear” she said... “I think I have made a mess....” taking her hand off my cock, she looked my in the eyes as she licked my precum from her hand. She looked down at my cock again, then slowly got down on her knees. “God I love this. It’s so much nicer then a mass of hair.” She grabbed my cock with her hand in a firm grip, taking me into her mouth, and stroking my hairless balls with the other hand. Slowly she took me in and out of her mouth, I could feel precum oozing out of me as she did. I hadn’t had sex in about a week and I could quickly feel the cum rising in me.

“Ohhh” I gasped. She removed the hand from my balls, and plunged it deeply into her cunt, working herself again as she went. The site of her masturbating while she sucked me off was more then I could handle, I leaned back against the wall for support and exploded into her mouth. She swallowed hard and fast, taking every last drop of my cum in her mouth while rubbing her pussy.

Her job done she stood up. She grabbed my hand and shoved it down between her legs. Then grabbing me behind the neck she pulled me towards her and kissed me with a deep tongue kiss. I could taste the remnants of my own cum on her as she swirled her tongue in my mouth.

Then without another word she straitened up her clothing and started for the door. Frantically I pulled up my jeans and tucked my shirt into my pants. I was still buttoning my shirt as I walked out the door, but she had disappeared.

The next Monday when I got to my desk there was an envelope poking out from my keyboard. When I opened it there was a picture that she had taken showing off her now waxed pussy, with a note saying “You inspired me. I’ll be looking on that site to see if you post about this.” Needless to say I didn’t get much work done.

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