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  By: EndeavourLost

Mrs Steel sat with perfect posture, the picture of decorum, in the vast office which denoted her power. The file lay open on her desk, a catalogue of mistakes, a compilation of wrongdoing. As Peter stood trembling before her the ten long years of work at the company flashed before his eyes, now all for nothing.


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With a shiver he remembered the last employee who was caught out by Mrs Steel and the echo of his cries as she ever so publicly caned him. The poor mans ordeal had quickly become a spectacle, with the female staff crowding at her doorway to see the welts start to form. The strokes had fallen uncounted and only stopped once he begged for forgiveness, grovelled at her feet. Of course no forgiveness was given and as he waddled away with his trousers around his ankles the gathered horde was hysterical with laughter.

Sadly he had only gotten as far as the lift before Mrs Hargrove, Mrs Steels personal assistant, had caught up with him and dragged him sobbing to her desk. It had taken her less than five minutes to cut his clothes from his body, fasten a thick steel collar around his neck and lock his wrists and ankles into chains. With a quick amendment to the stock file he had became property of the company and the value of his mistake had been levied against his name.

It had given Peter chills the pleasure with which Mrs Hargrove had set him to work. Quickly his body had become scrawled with her notes and doodles from long phone conversations and stripped with scorn from her cane. Each morning he had knelt cowing by her desk while she looked at the security footage of the long night before and checked the speed and thoroughness with which he had gone about his chores. Of course he had never met her exacting standards and had always been mercilessly punished. Finally a week or so ago he had disappeared, suddenly and finally, and while there was talk that he had payed off his debt, Peter was not convinced.

Swallowing hard and beginning to shake, Peter's mind was jogged back to the present. Before him Mrs Steel had fixed him with a stern stare and a knowing smile, and reached for her cane.

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