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The rain beat down on wooden roof of the dog run before spilling in a torrent down the metal mesh. Inside the small structure Tony was grateful for its protection, as he huddled for warmth in his basket. Of course he couldn't complain, both Christie and Niki had been explicit about how he would live out his life as their pet. As he thought back to his interview, he could remember not being able to believe that this loving couple could want to keep a man as their pet. Both women were in their early forties, professionally successful and deeply in love. neither had an ounce of spite or malice in them, yet the pleasure with which they had shown him the kennel, not to mention how they had described how they would be brake and obedience train him, gave him chills.


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After signing the contract he had given up his clothes and personal items, and rolled onto his back with glee so they could start his transformation. Fondly he recalled the softness of Christies hands as she had held his ankle tightly to his thigh for Niki to wrap with tape. Taking her time Niki had cocooned each leg in thick strong tape ensuring that he could never again extend his legs. Satisfied she had moved onto his hands, creating bound paws from clenched fists, clumsy pads from dextrous freedom.

From the moment Christie had attached the collar and leash, and had begun to lead him around the room, Tony had been shocked by how effective their simple work had been. Bound as he was there was no chance of releasing himself, while a simple knot in the leash to a fixed object, was enough to constrain him to its short length. Now of course he was used to much of his new life, strangely even dog food from his bowl. Long walks with his owners gave him most pleasure, though sometimes even now he longed to aloud to speak rather than bark.

Curling up more tightly against the now driving sleet he cast his mind back to warmer climes and summer sun. Vividly he could see Christies face as she told him of the holiday and then his pangs of disappointment as she explained he would be kennelled. On the morning he had been falauned and apprehensive but as it slowly dawned that she had been teasing, he had barely been able to control his excitement.

As a special holiday treat they had let him sleep at the base of their bed though, had kept him tightly leashed to remind him of his place. The first night he had watched wide eyed as skirts and cotton tops had given way to smooth satin and soft lace. Chocolate flowed over soft curves as tongues and hands caressed hot flesh. Helpless and horney Tony had looked on lustfully. However, bound as he was he had no hope of release. For hours he had watched, dry mouthed and throbbing, hopelessly fidgeting and humping the air. By the time Christie and Niki were satiated and entwined together on the soft sheets, Tony was was dripping, sweat covered and sore. Catching his eye Christie smiled sweetly and giggling softly whispered in Niki's ear and instantly both girls bust into laughter. That night Tony barely slept a wink, a wonderful torment for a human puppy.

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