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"Oh don't look so glum honey, I'm not dumping you, I'm selling you!"


Tony stood aghast trying to take in what he was being told as Niki continued on excitedly.


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"The Students Union are holding a male slave auction for charity tonight and I've entered you. They asked on the entry form for an enslavement duration but I checked with Holly, you know the pretty one, blonde, Lizzie's party? She said it was fine to sell you permanently, in fact I'm not the first girl to ask."


Tony's heart was already racing but doubled dangerously as Niki stepped forward and tore open his shirt. Panicked and trapped he turned half away furtively but was turned back and forced to the wall by a firm push.

"now behave, we don't have long and I need to get ready too once I've sorted you."

Smiling she ran her hands the length of his quivering torso before undoing his belt and then in only a few moments more she had him naked. Without a seconds notice she took a firm hold of his balls and twisting and squeezing them hard in her hand led him now sobbing to the bathroom. As she let go of him he collapsed to his knees left resting only a moment before a firm tug of his hair redirected him into the bath and a humiliating ordeal of cold water and a full body shave. By the time Niki had led him back to her bedroom, this time more gently, he was smooth all over with shortly cropped hair. To bind him she pushed him face down on the floor, her warmth lingering in the small of his back just long enough to get the zip-tie secure around his wrists and the collar locked tight around his neck. For a moment she stood over him checking every inch of his back and then with a firm push with her foot rolled him over. Hard and helpless he looked deeply into her eyes his lips quivering, his breathing shallow.
"Ok, this is your last chance honey, say your safe word and I let you go, otherwise you're getting sold?"

Seconds passed in silence until finally the stalemate was broken as laughing Niki walked away to shower. By the time she returned wrapped in a towel and humming merrily to herself Tony was shaking with anticipation but she no longer cared. Lustfully he watched as she rubbed moisturiser into her satin smooth skin and slip into her finest underwear before stepping casually over him to sit at her dressing table.
"I've set a reserve on you, twenty pounds, if you don't sell I think I'll just put you in the toy box in the wardrobe and forget about you."
Spurred by her words Tony rolled momentarily away to look into her open wardrobe at the tiny toy box almost shrouded from gaze beneath the plethora of her shoes and boots.

"The lock is a bit dodgy..." she continued "... so I bought some screws and had my housemate pre-drill it so I can seal it shut"

Pausing from applying her make-up only momentarily she pointed at a new bag of screws and a powered screwdriver peeking out from beneath the bed and watched with glee at the pleading in his eyes.

"Agrgh, don't you want to be my toy, kept oh so safely in my toy box?"

Feverishly Tony shook his head.

No, but I thought you liked it when I put you in there?"

Tony's mind filled with memories of the tight confines of the box, the heat, the deep pine scent, the deafening bang of shoes being dropped on the top and wonderful pangs of emotion hearing Niki orgasm in the arms of another man.

Niki had finished with her make-up and hair and once more stepped over him to reach the wardrobe. Gracefully she slipped into a short figure hugging dress and painfully sharp high heels before turning elated to face him once more.

"How do I look?"

"Beautiful" Tony stammered.

"Thank you, honey that's really sweet" she purred "Time to go!"

Niki's grip was relentless as they made their way across campus, through the ageing buildings of the Science faculty and up the steep wooded hill to the Union. Everywhere was bustling with people though as they joined the registration que for the sale Tony's shame reached a new peak. Strangely the fact that he was far from alone offered no comfort as he watched each of three dozen men before him get ticked off the list as present, stamped and taken for display.

"Hi Niki, how are you?" Holly beamed as they reached the desk for Tony to take his turn and seal his fate.

"I'm really well, looking forward to this evening, I need a couple of new slaves!"

"I know what you mean, I'm so bored with mine! Have you seen, Katy is selling Aaron?"

Both girls shared a grin of anticipation before descending into schoolgirl giggles.

"Mmm, I'll have to look out for him! Can I register this one for sale?"

"Sure, no problem! Are you the sole owner?"


"...and he has agreed for you to sell him?"


Holly looked at Tony sternly till he furtively nodded agreement.

"... and how long has he agreed to be enslaved for?"


Again Holly fixed Tony with her deep green eyes and again he nodded.

"You have set a reserve of twenty pounds?"

"That's right"

"any medical conditions we need to know about?"


"and you filled out the section on the registration form listing hit limits, didn't you?"


"Excellent, well I hope you enjoy the auction and get a couple of nice bargains!"

"Thank you Holly!"

Firmly Holly stamped Tony's body three times with the sale stamp before passing Niki her receipt. From his left a female organiser took Tony firmly in hand and before he could resist he was already in the display room. The air was hot with excitement and laughter though under it all Tony smelt the dank scent of fear. The room was packed not only with long rows of tables sinking slightly from the weight of bound helpless men but also with with beautifully dressed women giggling at the produce whilst all the time sipping champagne. As Tony assumed his spot upon a table by the door he was shocked not only by how wonderful an evening the women around him were having but the pangs of pleasure and lust that echoed through his frame.

"Look Jane, Tony!"

A familiar voice tore through the hum of the crowd at once grasping Tony's attention and causing his already pink cheeks to redden further.

"Look, Niki must have decided to sell him!"

Tony's emotions curdled again as Jane and Catherine, two of his closest friends emerged from the crowd.

"I can't believe Niki is selling him!" Catherine exclaimed.

"Nor me, look how embarrassed he is!"

Desperately Tony didn't know where to look and worse found his eyes wandering lust-ridden over their soft feminine curves.

"Bad slave!" Jane scolded playfully "Horny slaves don't get bought by nice girls!"

Tony's mind shot to the tiny toy box and instantly his eyes darted obediently down.

"That's better!"

"I wonder if he heels on command too?" Catherine smiled.

"Of course, Niki trained him!" Came Jane's quick reply.

"I don't want him though do you?"

Jane looked thoughtfully at him and then coyly ran her fingers over his glistening chest.

"No, I don't think so."

"Hang on, we were looking for an ornament for the garden weren't we?"

"Good point!"

"Do you remember last year when he came to our Christmas party and he broke 'Alphie' our gnomb?"

"Oh yeah, he said he would get us a replacement and then never did."

"What do you think about having him as a replacement?"

"Mmm, thats a great idea, we could dress him up and paint him..."

"paper mache!"

"Now you are onto something, do you remember Katie built that wire statue for her second year exhibition?"

"What the creepy ghost one?"

"Yeah, she built that with paper mache and a wire frame."

 "So what, you thinking, put him into a wire frame and then paper mache over the top?"

"Exactly, that way we can pose him how we want with the frame and then use the paper mache to get a nice smooth finish to paint."

"Perfect, we don't have to cover him all over do we?"

"No, not if we don't want to, why?"

"I just like the thought of being able to see the look on his face when we all lay out in the summer sunbathing, after all if now is anything to go by he's going to be a very horny gnomb!"

"Mmm good thought, who would have thought that replacing a gnomb could be so much fun!"

With Jane's words still ringing in his ears the two girls drifted back into the crowd and the auction gong sounded to indicate the start of the sale.

 A week had passed since the auction with Tony gagged and tightly bound in the dinning room of Jane and Catherine's student house. Beside him the six girls had collected hundreds of old newspapers with an array of wire from unforgivingly thick to pliably thin, which seemed to growingly torment him with each passing minute. When Jane and Catherine had returned with him from the auction and presented him to their other flatmates Tony had hopped they had been joking or at least the other girls would have objected to their idea for him. Instead he had quickly found that they had loved the idea and more felt him a fitting replacement for 'Alphie'.

Saturday night arrived all to fast for Tony and as Jane, Catherine, Ally and Lucy held him firmly gripped in the pose they had chosen Katie assisted by Amber began to weave the wire around his quivering form. After an hour the collective threads had rendered him unable to move more than millimetres and an hour more he was fixed. Katie had spun her web so that it encased seventy percent of his body only leaving a small section of his chest and head free. He was now but a statue while unmistakable as once a man.

"Katie, he's perfect, its almost a shame to paper mache at all!" Jane exclaimed.

"Thanks, though I think he will look even better all painted and decorated."

"I agree... " Amber chipped in.

"Excellent, shall we make up the paper mache then?" Catherine enquired, excitedly.

"Definitely, I think one coat tonight and two tomorrow should do it?" Jane asked of Katie.

"Sounds about right." Came her reply.

With a party atmosphere the girls encased their new gnomb stopping only once he was throughly covered and ready to be left to set. Through the night whilst they slept Tony struggled though as morning broke through the dinning room window he knew he would never escape.

With now practiced efficiency the girls applied the next two layers and then satisfied with their work left him forgotten in a corner to dry.

"Jane did you get the paint for the gnomb?" Katie asked whilst tapping Tony's now dry tomb.

"Yes, in the hall under the stairs, you going to start painting it?"

"Well I don't have lectures today so I thought I'd get it primed and then we can all paint it together tonight?"

"Sounds good, everyones going to be here and once we get it finished we can put it in the garden out of the way."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, I can't say I'll be sorry to have it out of here and get our dinning room back!"

After slipping into old jeans and a white paint stained t-shirt Katie made a cup of tea, put on the radio, and began to paint the gnomb. Strangely for her it had had already become an object of decoration and only when she caught his tortured glance did she acknowledge it was alive.

"That's your first coat of primer nearly done and seeing that it is a very warm day I should get another coat on and dry before the girls get back and we top coat you tonight."

The gnomb looked sadly at her it's eyes filling with tears though somewhere deep down had accepted its fate. Gently Katie stroked it's face, smiling sweetly.

"Oh poor gnomb, I didn't know garden ornaments got upset, if I did I wouldn't have just thrown 'Alphie' in the bin."

The gnomb's lip quivered, it's breathing shallow within the frames tight embrace and for a second forgot the futility of it's situation and struggled against it's plight. As it stopped it found Katie laughing at it and helplessness mixed with shame

"Stop struggling now 'gnombie' you will never get free, do you really think you are the first statue I have made out of a man?"

Katie's eyes glistened with mirth her tone warm with pleasure.

"Last year I made three sculptures and this year I have made more. Don't you just love the thought of a busy art gallery, people milling around the exhibits, all blissfully aware that they were once naughty boys? I do and now you are going to be a good little gnomb and brighten up our garden aren't you?

Tony qhivered at the thought, as Katie left him to dry.

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