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so this is my first one dont hate!



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Naughty level to be set later

I came home one Tuesday night I was tiered I had work and school today and homework to do know and it was already 9:30 at night. I live with my mom and her roommate my boyfriend usia comes over once or twice a week to say the night. usia and me have been dating for six months and are madly in love we have never done anything but kiss and cuddle.


I walked in the kitchen to find usia sitting at the dinner table eating a sandwich he was wearing a pair of gray baggy sweats and no t-shirt usia’s 6’5 ways about 220 but its all muscle hes buff. He has short black hair and a beautiful straight smile and is Samoan. He turned to me when I walked in and smiled

“hey babe, how was your day?” he asked

“long and tiring I just want to relax, is any body her?” I said as I sat my bags done and leaned up against the counter

“no” he said

“okay” I said with a sigh

“come here” he said holding his arms out

I walked over to him as I was he stood up. He grabbed my arms and pulled me into his brace he hugged me like hes never touched me before. I turned my head up to his as I rapped my arms around his waist. He smiled at me and kissed me. instead of are normal love kisses this was fierce like he wanted me so bad. As are tongues twined and he felt up and done my body not missing a spot I wanted him to touch me at I got turned on and wet I know he was too cause I felt the buldge from his pants press up against me turning me on even more.


I was the first to come up for air as I did I smiled at him and pulled away he let me go but the look on his face said he didn’t want to.

“I got you something” he said to me as I walked to my bags and picked them up ready to take them to my room

“oh yeah and what would that be?” I said to him walking out the kitchen into the hall my rooms down

“it’s in your room you’ll see when you go in’ he said with a smile in his voice.


As I opened my door a light came out of it. In my room there were candles on all the window seals and roes pedals all over the floor and bed. I paused at the door with a sigh and dropped my bags. I turned to head backing the kitchen and ask usia wats this all about but to my surprise usia was standing behind me with a smile on his face.

“wat is this?” I asked turning fully around.

“it’s my surprise’ he said rapping his arms around me pulling me closer to him.

“and what’s this for?” I said letting him pull me closer.

“ well I just see u come home almost ever day always tiered and pooped so I thought maybe we could do something that would take your mind off all that and we could have a little fun to cheer you up “ he said slowly lowering to kiss my neck.

“sounds nice” I said with a smile tilting my head so he could have more access. I am 5’7 I way a 135 pounds and am white and pacific islander I have long brown hair and big brown eyes. It’s been a year and hafe since I have had sex so it’s as if I am a virgin. Usia has been patient enough to wait till I am ready and I am ready.


As usia kisses me allover my neck I pull off my jacket and undo my pants. He comes up a second to pull my shirt off. As soon as it’s off he throws it and starts kissing my neck again. While he did that I dropped my pants. And rapped my arms around his neck. Usia made his way up to my mouth as he did so his hands un did my bra letting my DD38 boobs fall out of the bra he threw the bra and picked me up pushing me against the wall as rapped my legs around hi he made his way down to my perky tits and started sucking and licking my beautiful nipples. I let out a moan.

“uhhhh yes’

“yeah u likes that baby?” he said biting my nipples

“yes I haven’t had that done in so long it feels so good” I said letting out another moan “uhhhhhhh”

“just wait till u see wat I got in store for u: he said smiling

I was so turned on I grabbed his face and pulled his mouth back to my mouth.


He got my sign and rapped his arms around my back and walked over to the bed laying me down and getting on top of me.

“fuck me” I said pulling away from him
“okay” he said with a wicked smile

He got off of me and pulled down his pants to revile that he wasn’t wearing any boxers. I looked up at him with a satisfied look his dick was about 11 inches long and 3’5 inches wide there was already pre cum licking from his head. I scooted to the front of the bed not letting him get back on top of me. And grabbed his dick and shoved it in my mouth. Usia has never been giving head to before by me I never even seen his dick till know. Taken by surprise he said “uhhhh yes babe that feels so good I like this side of u” while putting his hand on the back of my head. I loved his dick it was so huge and tasted so goo I had about 8 inches of him in my mouth and down my through started to move my head up and down really fast and could feel that he was close.

“uhhhhh yes babe keep going that feels so good” “I am going to fuck the brains out of ur little pussy u sexy bitch” he said shoving more of him down my throat. I new he was close so I let him letting the fact that I was chocking slide. A few seconds letter he exploded down my throat I tried to swallow as much as I could while some dripped out my mouth and down my neck. He pulled out of my mouth and pushed back down against the bed he smiled got on top of me and started kissing me.

“that was great” he said kissing my neck

“yes it was I am glad you enjoyed that” I said smiling
“your turn” he said opening my legs pulling down my pannies

“no next time I want you to fuck me know” I said

“are you sure?” he said

“yes” I replied

“you have a beautiful pussy” he said looking at my cleanly shaven small pussy “and a beautiful sexy round ass “slapping the side of my ass”

“thank you” I said “now fuck me”


He grabbed a pillow and put it under my hips then he propped him self he slide his cock up and down my soaking pussy.

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes fuck me” I said yelling and thrusting my hips at him at the same time. Knowing I couldn’t take it any longer he started pushing his head into me I moaned and he moaned. I was so tight. He pushed more of him self into me.

“oh god baby your so fucking tight, I love it “he said pushing the rest of him in me. I was in pain but I didn’t care I wanted him so bad and he wanted me to. He started thrusting into me faster and after 15 mins and couple different positions I was feeling pretty damn good. I was on top this time straddling him and going at it pretty fast

“god baby I am so close do you want me to cum in or out of you?” he said thrusting himself into me as I was thrusting my self at him.

“inside me” I moaned

This turned him on even more he started to thrust even harder when I felt my self climax I new it was something I never felt before. My pussy walls tightened on his penis and I cumed over and over on his dick while screaming

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god sucking yes, uhhhhh I never cummed this much fuck yes baby”.

As was climaxing I felt him stiffen and shoot his load deep inside me after a soled minute of Cumming. I collapsed on him breath less.

“that was the best I ever had” he said to me kissing my lips

“me to’ I said smiling and kissing him back.


If you want a follow up of usia and Mariah’s new sex life just comment and ask.


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mariahisnumber16    (2011-08-17 17:16:55)    Flag as inappropiate
hahaha thank you alright any request?
RoyCorby    (2011-08-17 07:14:47)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh Baby you are so hot. Tell me more.

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