"Train Ride Confessions" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago    

  By: paperman83

“4:30 am. Time for work.” I said this every morning as I stood from my warm bed.  My shower was hot and almost washed away the idea of having to go to work, so early.  But as I dressed in my suit and grabbed my brief case, the dreadful thought came rushing back.  Walking from the front door of my apartment building and into the city streets, I headed to the nearest news stand to purchase the newspaper.  Being that it’s the city; the fastest way to travel is by train.  “Beats the bus, I guess.” I said as I stepped into the train station.  I stood at the platform with my eyes glued to the newspaper and waiting on the train.  Moments later, a young lady walked up next to me.  If I had to guess her age, I’d say she was in her late 20’s.  She had long, straight, strawberry blonde hair. She was very petite and short and also wore wire frame glasses.  She as well was reading a newspaper.  I tried to look un-interested, but it wasn’t everyday that I saw such an attractive woman sharing in the enthusiasm of the daily newspaper.  We waited for awhile till the train came through.  I started to walk in the door at the same time she did, nearly pushing her aside.  “Oh, I’m sorry. You go first.” I said, insisting in my politeness.  She smile and said thank you.  I had taken my seat shortly after stepping onto the train.  I could see that the young lady was undecided on where to sit, till she walked up to my side.

“May I sit next to you?” she asked.  I diverted my attention from my paper to answer her.  “Sure!” I said.  She seemed pleased that I was kind enough to enjoy her company in the act of reading.  She sat at arms reach as to not interfere with our page turning.  “Nothing beats a good read!” she stated.  I slightly laughed as it wasn’t the articles I was interested in.  “Do you read the newspaper often?” I asked, trying to keep light conversation.  She glanced away from her paper.  “Everyday! I started reading it at a young age and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea. I swear it’s like a fetish for me, sometimes!” she said with a playful laugh.  I giggled to her reply.  “Yeah, I know what you mean.” I agreed.  We returned our eyes back to our own newspapers.  I couldn’t help but glance back at her, while she read.  The images flowing through my mind of her touching herself as she read.  She started with a finger on the side of her lip.  Then she poked it into her mouth as to gently bite down on it.  Sometimes, this is a force of habit, when you don’t have a pen on you.  She slowly ran her hand down into her cleavage and rubbed it.  Then she slipped her fingers under the flap of her open jacket and into her braw.  I could hear her moan with enjoyment.  My cock started to harden up and throb.  I looked down at my pants and saw that I was holding it with the newspaper.  And as I looked back up at her, she was looking upon me.  Naked and covered up with the newspaper, she was grinning and motioning me to fuck her on the train. 

“Are you okay?” another lady asked.  Fortunately, I snapped out of the fantasy, before I unknowingly went further.  I looked down at my chest with the newspaper lying upon me.  My cock was bursting in my pants.  “Uh….Umm yes, I’m fine, thank you.” I replied.  I looked over at the lady sitting next to me.  She was grinning the whole time and trying to act like she didn’t notice.  Soon after, our train was coming to a stop.  “When you agreed that reading the newspaper was a fetish, I didn’t know you had a sexual desire for them.” She said, winking at me and standing up to exit the train.  “Oh, umm….I must have drifted off there, for a minute.” I said to cover up the fact that I was in a dream like fantasy world.  “Well, you may want to ride the train a little longer. Your….friend….needs some time to cool down!”She said jokingly.  I needed to get off at this stop, as well.  “I work around here, so this is my stop as well.” I replied.  We both exited the train and continued to walk in the same direction.  She glanced at me with a gentle laugh.  “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were stalking me.” She said joking around, again.  “Actually, my work place is just up ahead.” I had said.  She had a curious look on her face.  As we got to my building, she continued to walk with me to the front door.  “Speaking of stalking.” I playfully said.  She interrupted me from finishing my sentence.  “I have an interview here, today.” She admitted.  My eyes opened to surprise.  “Oh! Well, in that case, good luck! I’m sure you’re just what our company is searching for!” I said.

I left her at the front desk and went to my office on the 9th floor.  “That girl has a surprise coming.” I thought to myself.  Shortly after, she walked into my office.  “Oh no, not you again! You’re just full of surprises.” She said with a laughing playfully.  I couldn’t help but smile.  “Yes, I’m your interviewer and possibly your boss. You’re hiring for the secretary position, I presume?” I asked.  She sat at the other side of my desk.  “Yes! I read in the….paper….that your company was hiring and I am more than interested in the position. My name’s Kara, by the way.” She stated.  “Well Kara, since we already had a chance to meet and I assume you’re a bright young lady, I will give you the position with my company! Congratulations, you’re now my secretary.” I said.  “Thank you sir!” she said, and then headed to work for me.  By the end of the day, I had realized how well she had done.  My decision to hire her had proven to be a delight, as well.  “Time to head home.” I said, finishing up my work.  I walked out of the building and headed for the subway. 

On the platform, I pulled my newspaper from my briefcase.  I continued to read it, as usual.  Shortly after, the train showed up and I got on.  I found the closest seat and took it.  Looking around, I noticed there were fewer passengers, then usual.  Once again, my eyes were glued to my newspaper.  Then a familiar voice spoke up.  “May I sit next to you?” Kara said.  It was her!  My new secretary had stood there waiting for my reply.  “Sure!” I said, welcoming her as I did that morning.  She smiled and took her spot next to me, while pulling out her newspaper.  The train took off into the tunnel.  I glanced at her and noticed she was smiling.  “Why the smile?” I asked her.  She looked over towards me.  “The feeling of déjà vu. This is how we met.” She replied.  I laughed at the thought.  “So, if I wasn’t your boss, you’d consider it our first date?” I said, taking interest.  She looked back to me.  “Who says you can’t mix business with the personals section?” she said with a gentle smile.

Moments later, the lights flickered and the train came to a stop.  We were stuck in a tunnel, when the train malfunctioned.  All of a sudden, the lights went out and we were sitting in complete darkness.  Kara quickly stood to her feet unbuttoned her blouse and bra.  She leaned over toward me and started to undo my pants.  With in moments, she had hiked up her skirt and sat upon my hard cock.  Then I felt her reaching for the bench to grab her newspaper.  She placed it over her breasts and grabbed my hands, making me grope her breasts with the newspaper.  She rode my cock hard and strong, hoping to pull off the ultimate quickie.  Then she leaned in towards me.  “Let’s finish that fantasy!” she whispered into my ear.  She placed her hands on my knees and arched her back.  Tilting her head upward, she let out a quiet moan, trying not to cause any attention to ourselves.  Her tight pussy gripping the skin of my cock, as she fucked it madly.  Then the train started to make a sound that let us know we’d be operational, soon.  Kara hopped off my cock, re-buttoned her blouse and sat back down next to me.  I could feel her tossing the open sheet of newspaper over my lap to cover up my hard on.  Then the lights came back on and the train was moving, once again.  I looked down at the newspaper covering my jolting cock.  My cum spraying underneath it.  Then I looked back to notice Kara was pretending to read her newspaper with a smile.  “Try to hide that one!” she said with a grin.  I used the newspaper to finish wiping the cum from my cock and quickly zipped my pants back up.  We remained silent for the rest of the ride, till the next stop.  “So would you like to talk business sometime? Say at my place?” I had asked her.  She looked over at me and smiled.  “Don’t take it personal.” She said with a wink before exiting the train.        


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