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  By: sam012

After my ejaculation at my boss house, she was just amazed and turned around telling me to clear off and come downstairs. I did so. The I took her leave. A few days later she asked me in office about any pen leaks!!! I did not have I had no fountain pen. One day she offered me a lift and cofee at her home after office hours. While I was not very keen, as she did not participate, I was about to refuse when she said" Well I will use fountain pen for you". Amazingly I had grown in mypants by an inch. I accepted. After cofee she winked at me for bedroom. I followed. She toook her T-shirt off and my god she was bra at all! I could not but appreciate and wanted to touch them. "No...not that way" she said. "Touch it with your fountain pen". I took it from her and opened the cover exposing the nib. I started rubbing the nib on her tits....and my God! she was wooing with each rub...I made one tit fully blue and wet with ink and repeated the other.." Blow your air ...sam" she pleaded..I was eager to so I did coolly blowing air from my mouth..and her tits literally got erection and sort of moved on their own... I had no further resistance...I started licking her tit forgetting it was ink...and made my tongue fully blue....suddenly she said" dont drink your saliva...hold on" I did....she gave ame fresh tongue cleaner and asked me to clean it in her bathroom. After cleaning..she said I had sexy blue tongue....and she longed to kiss it..but being ink she withdrew....
She asked me to come next day as well. Today after inking her boobs, when I blew he air, I could smell a sweetish smell as well. Well I was not to be stopped so I started licking it. After making it blue, she took my face in her hands and kissed my tongue and we madly kissed. We then progressed towards our first lovemaking affair..when she suddenly stopped. She took the fountian pen opened it and started rubbing my was half erect and she made it rected it further..then she started licking it...I withdrew telling her it was ink....she laughed and said it was blueberry juice she had filtered and filled in the pen.... oh! I just put my dick in her mouth and she sucked it... in the middle she again applied ink with the pen nib and sucked my dick. I could wait no further.. I took my dick out, lifted her skirt and whew!! no panty!!!! I entered her and we had wonderful luvmaking.  I usually cum at this stage in my dreams.I thanked her for the juice idea...and we parted at late night since I was due for a social function.
Well freinds if you like this let me know....make some comments... and I may continue with further adventured....but only if you tell me you like it!!!!


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