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Ok. This is my weird and complicated fantasy... And full of mistakes, because I am not the English native speaker. So be warned..

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Naughty level to be set later

I am not even 'featuring' in own my fantasy, what is frustrating, because if ever I would want to fulfill it in some way, it would leave me as merely a spectator...

There is this young boy. Say 18 years old... But he is just very different.
He is a most beautiful person, that most of us would see in our lives.
He is just so gorgeous, everybody is trying not to stare...
But gorgeous in very special way. Very feminine. Very fragile. Shy and quiet. Yet so hot. Involuntarily flirty. He has most amazing blue eyes and it would give you goose bumps if he would look in your eyes.
He is very skinny, pale skin. Cant decide if he is blond or not. Lightly curly hair. Simply amazing. (I have spent long time visualizing him)...

And he is also very good in science. Chemistry, to be precise. He is so good, he is winning international competitions.The girls are mad about him, but he doesn't seem to notice. He is to shy to talk to them
Obviously other guys in his age are not really appreciating his looks. He is bullied and ridiculed all the time (because he is so 'girly'.

This only makes him even more shy.. He has been even beaten before.
But it is also true, that most aggressive boys, those most masculine, subconsciously are fancying him.
All this is a accident waiting to happen. One day he is brutally raped in changing room by one of the guys. In most horrible way, straight in the ass. Very painful. And threaten to be quiet about that. He doesn't say anyone of course, but gets even more quiet.

Luckily for him, somebody helps him (Lets say his teacher), and he is encouraged to pursue his education.
He gets internship in huge company, working in lab. He is really good and has a chance for best university in the country. But he doesn't really care that much.He's got secret and still cant get over what has happened in the changing room.
One day, the company, he is working in, is visited by one of the owners. Ridiculously rich.
Just by chance, he passes our young genius in the corridor. Accidentally, he gives him one of his amazing, innocent looks, and quickly looks away.
This is it! The guy quickly finds out who the boy is and arranges meeting with him, explaining that he wants to help young talent, maybe with scholarship...

Boy comes to his office. He is very shy, answers only yes or not to the questions. He looks so unbelievably hot that guy simply cant help himself. Suddenly he just grubs boy and kisses him brutally in the neck. Tells him, to keep his mouth shut. Just rips his clothes off, and without loosing time, shoves his dick into boys perfect, tight little ass. Boy doesn't say anything. He is really submissive this time, and just pretends this is not happening.
When its all over, and boys face is covered with cum, he just stays like that and doesn't know what to do. Older man needs to cool down a bit, puts his trousers back on. Than calmly says in the most direct tone.
-Get your staff with you tomorrow. Ill be picked up after work. From now on you will be living with me, you will do what you are told. Now put yourself together and back to work!

Obviously the best part starts now. Boy moves inn to the most amazing apartment on top floor. He has a 'bodyguard' and is only allowed to go to work or uni and rest of the time he is simply a slave. He needs to be naked at home all the time, or wear some kinky lingerie. He is nothing more than sex toy. Needs to be ready to fuck all the time. His master is really horny and just forces him all the time to have sex. He sometimes ties him down and for hours plays with his ass. Sometimes he gets one of his employees to drive boy to his huge office, only because he fancies quick blow job. He is also often throwing parties, when our boy is a star, has to dance in front of all the friends, and then serve everybody. The worst is that the boy doesn't even enjoy sex. He never has orgasm.
He is just doing what is told.

To make things worse, his parents will not help him, as they are poor, and have huge debts. Bought by boys master;-) He is blackmailed, that if he runs away, his parents will be in huge troubles.
Anyway, you can get the sense by now. I have this fantasy in many different ways. Different locations, different historic  times. For example medieval - when boy is just a poor pheasant sold to rich land owner to be kept in medieval castle.... You can imagine rest of the story...
Basically, turns me on every time.

Sick, isn't it....

But I am obsessed and cant help it.  Maybe boy is just symbolic expression of universal beauty... But I am not sure if I want to know psychological interpretation of this fantasy.

The closest similarity so far was main character from movie 'Breakfast on Pluto' (I really recommend this movie, if you like my story. You can let me know if you know similar).... but the problem is, I actually have met somebody like that boy in real life... Few days ago. He is so sexy, I cant think about anything else... I have to do something about that, otherwise I will end up insane. But I don't want to be ridiculous in the same time.

That's the whole reason I am writing this... He is 21 and I am 29... I am not sure what I even want for myself. Maybe to watch how he is fucked, maybe to be his master. I told my boyfriend about this and he thinks I am mad probably... I told him that we could have a threesome... Don't think he is interested ;-)
Anyway, please comment if you have anything to say about that... Maybe there is at least one person with similar dreams.

I hope. XX

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paperman83    (2011-08-03 17:49:41)    Flag as inappropiate
paperman83 It symbolizes the destruction of innosence for the sexual thrill. Also, empowerment may play a role in this one.
paperman83    (2011-08-03 17:49:21)    Flag as inappropiate
paperman83 The young boy symbolizes pure innosence within genious. He's misunderstood by both genders, because he's feminin which may be why people are so quick to take advantage of him.

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