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It was 11:15 at night and Eric’s shift was finally over. “What was I thinking when I decided to become a car salesman? The stress is a real killer!” He said to himself. Walking out to his truck he couldn’t help thinking about his favorite stress reliever; his secret, kinky fetish. Eric never understood why newspaper turned him on so much, but he loved everything about it; the smell of it, the way it felt so crisp and smooth on his hard shaft, and lately he had begun to be more daring with his fetish. He had done it at work sitting in his office chair. He even went to the mall and acted out his fetish in a dressing room! The bigger the risk of getting caught, the more it excited him! And boy was he in the mood for some action tonight! Little did he know, he would get more action than he counted on…


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Eric got into his truck and headed towards home. “What can I do this time? It’s getting harder and harder to come up with new ideas.” He pondered as he stopped at a red light. That’s when it came to him. “What’s wrong with right now?” He smiled a mischievous smile. He reached over to the passenger side. He picked up a sheet of the paper he bought fresh from that morning. When the light turned green, he sprung into action. He pushed on the gas and kept one hand on the wheel and one hand moved down to unzip his pants. His cock sprang out eager and ready. He started to glide the stiff paper over his stiff dick. “Ohhh”. He moaned trying to pay attention to the road. He was so excited rubbing his cock up and down, he didn’t even notice the motorcycle cop on his tail. “Oh yeah that feels so damn good...!” He yelled and started to swerve off the road. Of course he caught the cop’s attention and Eric panicked as he saw the flashing lights and heard the siren blare out. He pulled over and put his still hard penis back in its place. It poked out revealing a not-so-subtle bulge. “This was the dumbest, stupidest thing I’ve ever done!” He yelled at himself. The cop got off the bike and approached his truck. He looked sheepishly at the officer offering his license and registration, along with a lame excuse. “I’m sorry officer! I just got off work and started to fall asleep! It was a long day for me and all…” He explained. Then he saw the cop was not a man, but a woman…

was awestruck by her beauty. Her hair tied back in a bun was auburn red. Her emerald eyes commanded his attention. He looked her up and down. Her tight uniform showed her voluptuous curves. None of these sights had helped his situation down below. “Rest assured sir, I won’t need either of those.” She referred to his license and registration. “Please step out of your vehicle.” She said coldly. Eric was shocked and started to become frantic. “What?! But officer that can’t be right! I wasn’t drinking or anything! You can test me!” He said to her. “Sir I saw what you were doing, well trying to do, in your truck. You exposed yourself. That’s lude misconduct and I have to take you in.” She said authoritively. “Please officer!” He said as he stepped out. “Don’t take me in! Not for this! I won’t last a day!” He pleaded. “I’m sorry. I can’t break protocol. That’s not fair to others in your situation.” She said. Eric was desperate. He got down on his knees and proceeded to beg. The officer sighed. “All right, sir, get up. Place your hands on the hood please.” Eric did as he was told. After the cop checked his torso, she instructed him to spread his legs. When she got between his legs, she began to caress his bulging crotch. Eric was stunned. “So what would you do if I let you off this time?” She said in a lusty voice. “Oh, anything, officer..” He groaned. “Would you throw me in you truck and rub me with your paper?” She asked. “Oh, yes, I would love to do that.” He said. “Well, the street is empty, so what are you waiting for..?” She asked. Eric couldn’t believe his ears.

Instantly, Eric turned around and grabbed her tight ass, pulling her into him. He kissed her deeply as he laid her down in the bed of his truck. Her hair was free all around her, making beautiful waves like a red sea.  He unbuttoned her uniform to see her breasts nearly popping out of her smooth black strapless bra. He freed them and sucked and licked them. Her pink nipples became as red as her hair as she became more and more turned on. “Oh, God, yes..!” She cried in pleasure. He made his way down and loosened her belt pulling down her pants exposing her black panties. He kissed the silken garment in the center of her clit and she moaned deeply in arousal. He pulled off her panties gently and saw her red strip of hair covering her moist clitlips. He licked and sucked her as she grinded her pussy on his face. “Ahh! Oh, yes! Like that! Right there!” Don’t stop, please!” She whined. He then pulled out more newspaper and separated a sheet. He caressed her breasts with the paper, circling her sensitive nipples. Her nipples hardened with the feel of the soft friction. “Oh, wow...” She sighed.  He continued moving down with the paper. He grabbed her pussy with the paper and started rubbing her. She begged him not to stop as her rubbed her wet, horny cunt with his paper. “Oh, God, please keep doing that! Oh yes rub me faster!” She yelped as she creamed all over the paper. He lifted the paper from her sticky clit, and could smell her sweet juices.

He stood up and licked the paper. He could taste her orgasm and her sweet smell on the paper made his cock even harder. The cop was busy undressing him and she pulled him back into the truck bed. She wrapped a fresh sheet of paper around his erect manhood and, on all fours, started stroking his papered shaft. He moaned in ecstasy, holding back his orgasm. “Oh, officer, you stroke my paper cock so good!” He grunted. As he reached his peak of pleasure his cock burst with cum. It flowed down his shaft and leaked out of the paper. The raven haired officer pulled off the paper and licked up all his semen. “Mmm, it’s so yummy...” She slurped. She started licking his cock clean, and to his surprise he was becoming hard again. The officer noticed this and immediately got on top of him placing a sheet of paper on his lower abdomen so it would lightly touch his cock. Then she put his excited prick inside her aching, horny pussy. Eric moaned as the officer yelped, bobbing up and down, and back and forth on his wide shaft. Her pussy hit the paper with every motion she made and the paper tickled and teased Eric’s cock making him go crazy. “Oh, you like that do you, sir” She panted. “Oh, yes, officer! Please don’t stop! Cum on my hard cock!” He yelled “Oh, yeah!!” She screamed “You’re gonna make me cum!” She cried as she came on his swollen cock. “Ughnn!” Eric moaned as he shot his second load into her warm hole. He pulled out his penis and their juices poured out from her pussy. As they both dressed, Eric asked her a question. “So you won’t get in trouble for this or anything...will you?” “Oh, no! I’m off duty!” She laughed. “I had a great time it was really exciting! My name’s Julie by the way.” Eric sighed in relief. “You…had me scared shitless...” He replied. “I’m Eric...”  “Well, Eric, here’s my number. You’re a very interesting man. Call me if you ever want to…get together again...” She said with a shy smile. “Ok, I will… When I can breathe again…” He said. “Ok.” She giggled. As she rode away, Eric stood in disbelief of what just happened. He knew it was real as her number was still in his hand. As he headed home filled with memories and more fantasies he couldn’t wait to see Julie again.


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