"Caught (At Library)" part 2 Girlfriend's Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago    

  By: paperman83

It had been nearly two weeks and Jane was still fantasizing about the sexy encounter she had with her kinky customer. It consumed her every thought. Like a drug she couldn’t escape. She even had a special plan for the next time. “If there ever is a next time.” She said with a little sadness and frustration. “Maybe I scared him off? No, that couldn’t be it; he didn’t seem embarrassed at all.” These thoughts often crossed her mind. Even more than the other thoughts she had about him coming back and throwing her against a bookshelf and fucking her hard. Just the thought of that made her pussy moist and sticky. “Well, it’s slow again anyway. Why not have a little fun?” She giggled. She slid her hand down her panties. She caressed her hairless lips. She rubbed the slowly, her heart beating faster. “Oh, yeah...” She moaned, rubbing faster. “Ah! Ohh! Mm!” She cried as she came in her hand. “Oh, God, yes!!” She screamed with her cunt throbbing in pleasure. After her orgasm passed, she got up to wash her hands. It was near closing time now. “I guess I’ll just straighten up and go home.” She sighed. Just as she was about to leave; the phone on her desk rang. “Why does this always seem to happen when I’m about to leave?!” She said frustrated. She decides to answer it instead of letting it ring this time. “Community Library, this is Jane speaking, how may I help you?” “I was hoping you would answer, Jane.” The familiar voice said. “You?!” Jane gasped. “Yeah, I thought you would remember me.” I’m outside. I was watching you play with your pussy. You’re so beautiful when you pleasure yourself. Can I come in?” He asked seductively. Jane felt little butterflies in her stomach. “Uhhm, yeah, sure...” She stammered. “I’ll be there in a second.” He hung up. Jane nervously waited for the customer bell to ring. It rang and the same kinky stranger stepped through the door. He was just as handsome as before. His eyes sparkled in the light.

“Hello, Jane.” He said. Jane swallowed hard. “Hello…again. I was just about to head home.” She said. “I’m not keeping you from anything am I?” He asked gently. “Oh, no! Actually, I’ve been waiting for you to come back.” She said shyly. “Aha. Well…” He moved closer to her. “Here I am.” He replied. “Yes, here you are.” Jane laughed nervously. The stranger thought it was charming. He touched her face and kissed her soft lips. Their tongues intertwined. He started to unbutton her blouse. “Wait. I have to show you something first.” She locked the front door and led him to the back. She went to a bookcase and pulled on it. It had a door behind it. “No one knows about this place. I did a little fixing up for us.” She whispered. She opened the door to reveal a room with a desk covered completely in newspaper. “Wow” He said aroused. “I have something else to show you too. I just hope it works out. Wait here.” She winked.

When she returned, Jane was wearing a short, strapless, dress made out of newspaper. The stranger was pleasantly surprised! “How did you...” He started to say. “It wasn’t easy! But it was kind of fun and I thought you’d like it.” She smiled. “I do like it! Very much!” He said. “You look beautiful, Jane.” “Thank you.” She said moving towards him. He kissed her neck. “Mmm” She moaned softly. They moved towards the desk. He laid her down on top of the desk and slowly slid her panties off. He kissed her legs all the way up until he reached her clit. The dress crinkled against his head, making him more aroused. He licked her bare lips and parted them with his tongue. “Oh, yeah!!” She said as he licked her cunt hungrily. The newspaper dress started to rip as she came in his mouth. “Oh, fuck, yeah!” She whined. He licked up all her sweet juices until she was clean again. Jane got down off the desk and kissed him tasting her juices on his tongue. She unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down, and started sucking his rock hard cock. “Oh, yeah...” He groaned. She twirled her tongue around the head of his dick making him moan louder. Her dress was making a loud crunching noise.

She sucked harder and faster until finally he shot his hot, steamy, load down her throat. “Ugh!!” He yelled. He pulled her up and ripped off the rest of her dress. He kissed her breasts and moved his hand down to her wet clit. He shoved two fingers inside her pussy, making her cry out in pleasure. “Oh, yeah! Don’t stop! Oh!” She screamed as he slid his fingers in and out of her wet hole. He spun her around and bent her over the desk. He quickly slipped on a condom and gently pushed his way inside her. “Oh, my God..!” She sighed. He thrusted back and forth from behind her. “Oh, yes, harder! Harder! Please fuck me harder! She begged. “Uh! You like that, huh? He asked “Yes! I love it! Faster, please!” She cried. “Yeah like that! Ahh! Yes!! Mmmm! The newspaper beneath them was crinkling loudly, He spanked her with a rolled up newspaper. “Oh, do that again!” She yelled. He spanked her bare ass with it again. Harder this time. “Oh God! That feels so good!” She groaned. He flipped her on her back and continued the fast fucking rhythm. “Oh!!” They yelled together. “I’m gonna cum!” She cried “Me too!” He grunted. “Ohh!!” They both exploded. “Wow!” Jane said. “Ditto!” The man replied as he lay between her breasts. She stroked his hair. She wanted to ask him what his name was, but was a little afraid. Finally she decided to ask. “So what is your name?” She asked. “Oh, I never told you!” He laughed. My name is Adam.” “Adam...” Jane sighed. “It’s nice to finally know that.” “So…” Adam asked, “How about a date?” Jane laughed. “I’d love that. I think this is the start of something good.” “Me too.” He Smiled. And he kissed her again.


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