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Her nails cut deep into his back as his hard dick, slipped past her panties, parted her wet lips as he entered pussy. He slowly worked his hard cock deep into her body. His thick dick stretched her as he pushed deeper. Her back arched as he started fucking her harder. He wasn’t wearing a condom but she begged him not to stop.


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The sensation of his cool balls slapping against her thighs, excited her. She was so turned on. Her cum was all over his dick . The sounds of their bodies smacking against each other, echoed off of the walls. An old fan hummed in the background, as the sweat from his body had accumulated and started to drip from his body unto hers. Her screams and cries, encouraged him to fuck harder. They changed positions, over and over again.  Now she was facing him and he was using his arms, to lift her, as she rode his hard dick. Her legs were wrapped around his body, with her back pressed up against the wall, she used her legs to pull him deeper into her.

His large hands swallowed her waist as he held her,  grinding her body into his. She finally started to weaken and was too tired to keep moving with him. As she slowed down, he just held her there and fucking her, with his arms cupping her body, he gyrated his waist as he forced his dick into her limp body. His body grew tense a few times, but he never tired as rammed himself into her body.

The rhythmic squealing and squeaking of the bed blended in with the the music playing in the background. The air was heavy with smoke and carried the scent of sex. There was a reflection in the glass across the room, so she could watch him fucking her from behind. The muscles in his back were covered with sweat. The definition of his body  and the black inked tattoos glistened off of his skin. She watched the muscles in his lower back flex as he pumped into her. She was screaming her way through her third orgasm, her whole body stiffened as she came.

Just as she started to relax, he pulled her to the floor, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder and stretched her other leg straight. He entered her body from an angle and start grinding himself into her, his thrust were as deep as he was hard. He spent the next hour bringing her to climax after climax, until she finally collapsed.

They only rested for a while. Then he started rubbing his cock with her hand until  it was hard again. This time, she turned her back to him and slid it in from behind. She started rubbing her pussy and moaning. He spread her legs wide and pushed her head down into the pillow. He started fucking her while he held her face against the pillow. As he fucked her, he started playing with your ass. Teasing it with his thump, until he shoved it in her.
Surprised, she screamed in shock, but he covered her mouth by shoving her face back into the pillow, and had his way with her. As she bit the pillow, she started moving with him, the pleasure of this thump in her ass and black dick in her pussy, drove her crazy.

They’d been fucking for over and hour and he hadn’t cum. Finally she could feel him getting closer, his breathing changed his pace changed. and he pulled her in closer to him as he fucked her from behind. He dick became rock hard and he started to fuck faster. His grip on her hips tightened. He pumped harder and groaning out as he came in her pussy. Every pulse squirted more of his cum into her body. She could feel ever contraction of big cock. He pulled out and collapsed on the ground next to her, his thick white sperm running down her leg.

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