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  By: sam012

As informed I have fountain pen as my sex rising tool. In this fantassy it starts entering an office with a female boss.. She is writing her papers and signing with a fountain pen having blue ink. As i enter she looks at me and says"Why yes! just come in and wait till I finish these files". I am her subordinate and can only say"Oh yes!...please carry on madam". She smiles and starts signing the papers but sometimes reading with the fountainpen nib open in her hand...It sets my sensual senses to ...hell I get startting aroused....She notices my glare at the nib of the pen and says..."Whats up?" I suddenly get cooled and still words utter out...its the pen nib..." "What about the nib?" "It..." I stumble on my answer. She likes me so she brings the nib near and asks"What about this dear? Are u indicating anything? Let me tell you its office hours now and no such talk for the moment." I just forget it and finish my job there and get to my table. Its just about the time to leave so I pack up. My boss steps besides and asks me what abuot the pen nib? I just smile and try to go. She offers me a lift so I gladly take it. On the way we dont talk or the traffic dont allow us to. She offers for a cofee before I part at her apartment. I ofcourse accept it. While we drank our cofee, she asks me again about the nib. I thought this to be the best time...and tell her" Actually...the nib of the fountain pen...err..sort of turns me on" She flushes...and looks aside and exclaims "What?"...gestures a hand and" I never heard that..."..."OK tell me all about that"... I rather offered to act it out... and she gladly accepted.
We went to the inner bedroom where I asked for a fountain pen...She handed me her favourite black one with a thick round shape. I opened the cover starred at the nib...and started getting aroused. My bulge was notable....she glanced at it and said what next? I was ready...I took out my dick..which was half erect...and started rubbing the fountain pen nib on its tip...the ink wet...and making the top and then the blue...I requested her to blow some air on my dick tip which she did..."WHHHHAAAAAA" I could not resist...she just touched...i was rubbing the nib and the semen spurted out....light blue in color...She was hot tooand said " Sam...never so sexy semen ...i would call it sexy blue semen..."
We had next adventures....depends if freinds like let me know or share your fountianpen things...

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