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During the week my husband and I live an “alternative” lifestyle, he was boss and I did all he wanted me to in the hope that I pleased him.  But Saturday was my day to be spoilt.


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I would get breakfast in bed treated to nice dinners, taken out for the evening, generally rewarded for a job well done during the week. My husband had run me a bath as normal, he washed my hair and back for me and told me to enjoy a nice long soak. While I was up there I heard the front door open and close but didn’t hear any voices so I figured he was just putting some rubbish out or something. A little while after that he came up to the bathroom and told me he had a surprise for me and had laid out an outfit on the bed for me so I was to get out get dressed and come down stairs.

I got out of the bath and wrapped myself up in a towel and went to investigate my outfit, when I got to our room what he had described as an outfit was a pair of black platform stilettos and my blindfold. I was a bit put out at first that MY day was going to be spent at his beck and call as it was during the week but then decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I dried myself tied my hair in a bun on the top of my head sprayed his favourite perfume and put my shoes and blindfold on.

I made my way down stairs as instructed and felt him take my arm when I got to the bottom, he lead me to the front room and sat me on the coffee table and came and stood behind me. He reached forward and started to play with my breasts squeezing them and pinching and pulling on my nipples he whispered in my ear to spread my legs so he could see my pussy, of course I did as I was told. I was becoming wet now from the attention my breasts were getting and started moaning and gyrating my hips.
My husband leaned forward again and told me to spread my pussy so he could see how wet I was getting. I reached down and spread and held open my pussy lips and heard a groan from someone other than my husband I gave a start and started to close my legs and try and cover myself up, but my husband placed his hand on the back of my neck, squeezed and growled in my ear one word “don’t” I immediately resumed my position and had my pussy spread open again.

I became aware of movement and felt someone between my legs and I became nervous, despite our way of life my husband had never shared me before and as I was a virgin when we meet he was the only man I had ever slept with. My husband knew I was nervous and whispered in my ear again “don’t worry little one, nothing bad is going to happen to you. This is what you’ve always wanted these men are only here to please you” I felt better knowing he was looking after me but men, how many are there for goodness sake?

I leaned back against my husband so I could feel him behind me and in doing so made my pussy more accessible to the person in front of me who in turn began to gently run his tongue along my slit. It felt amazing the feeling heightened by the situation. After lapping at my slit he pushed his tongue into my pussy and began fucking me with his tongue I grabbed the back of his head and began thrusting my soaking pussy in his face so I could fuck it. He responded by removing his tongue and replacing it with 3 fingers and pounding me while he sucked on my clit, it didn’t take long for me to cum, I was bucking and moaning whilst keeping a firm hold of his head. I came with such force I almost fell off of the coffee table. My husband steadied so I could compose myself.

The man in between my legs stood up and began rubbing his hard cock in my face, I love the feel of a hard cock being rubbed on my face, rubbed along my lips and gently pushed into my mouth. I can’t take it for long before I’m chasing his cock with my mouth trying to get it in properly, now I want to taste him, I want to suck every drop of cum out of his big fat cock. I get to work licking the shaft and all around his big head then slowly I start to take all of him in my mouth massaging his cock with my tongue as I go. I just manage to get his full length in my mouth and start to push against him, he soon cottons on to what I want and starts fucking my mouth ramming his cock far down the back of my throat, I’m gaging, my eyes are watering but I’m loving it. I suck it hard I can feel him start to swell so I know he’s going to cum soon so I make sure he is far down the back of my throat so I can get every drop. I’m eagerly awaiting his cum down the back of my throat when he takes his cock out of my mouth. As I begin to complain I feel 2 sets of hands on me turning me round and laying me on the coffee table. My legs are lifted into the air and a head is quickly in between my legs again licking and sucking on my pussy I am so turned on I start to cum again straight away as I’m mid orgasm a cock is roughly shoved in my mouth again so I happily resume sucking but now it is much harder to concentrate now my pussy is being eaten as I’m sucking on a strangers cock. I have thought about how this would be for so long but I never imagined how hot it would actually be, I feel like such a whore and I love it.

So I’m lying there I’ve got a face buried in my pussy and a cock buried in my mouth and it’s amazing I can’t stop cumming my pussy is flooded the cock that is pounding my mouth is delicious. Then I hear my husband’s voice “wait” everything stops, my disappointment must be written all over my face as he says to me “don’t worry little one, I want to play too” I’m stood up and I feel someone lay on the table I’m turned around and made to lay face down on top of whoever it is.
A cock is put in my mouth again with no complaint from me! The person that I am lying on begins eating me out and now there is someone else licking my arsehole. He soon starts to push his tongue into my arse and I am cumming again, the feeling of having my pussy and arse eaten whilst sucking on a cock is like nothing I have ever known before the force of my orgasms is unbelievable my body is pulsing I’m shaking, sweating almost screaming in ecstasy, even with my mouth full. Sensing I need to catch my breath I’m sat up on top of the man that was eating my pussy. He slides what feels like an incredibly thick cock into my pussy and slowly fucks me, but I’m too turned on for that so I start riding him, pushing him deeper into me until it hurts, I’m cumming again I cannot believe how wet I am, during my orgasm I’m pushed forward so my breasts are in the face of the man I’m fucking who happily gets to work on them sucking and biting my nipples while pounding at my pussy.

I start to feel a pressure on my arse as someone is trying to push their cock into it so I start to push back against him to help him in. It soon slips in I have cum so much even my arse is wet, perfect lube. He starts pumping getting his rhythm. As the inside of my arse gets wetter he fucks me harder I love to be fucked hard and deep in my arse and he was having no trouble obliging. With 2 cocks fucking me at once I have no control over what my body is doing. I have no idea how much I came with these beautiful fat cocks forcing their way into me.

I open my mouth in the hope that it will be filled with a cock and I am soon rewarded. I’m sucking on his cock while my face, pussy and arse are being fucked at the same time. I certainly am being spoiled today! I once again feel the cock in my mouth swell as he grabs the back on my head and begins thrusting even deeper it’s impossible to breath with his cock so far down the back of my throat so I have to grab a quick breath as he pulls out, he is groaning now he won’t be long I open my mouth that bit wider and stick my tongue out just a bit further, it can’t have made him go much deeper but it soon had the desired effect. I felt him tense then release his hot cum all down the back of my throat, he’s in so deep I have no option but to swallow every last drop. I keep sucking him to make sure he’s empty he is breathing heavy and using long slow strokes now while he rides out his orgasm. He’s finished now and withdraws his cock from my mouth which immediately feels empty. I hear him cross the room and sit down heavily on the sofa with a sigh, so I know I’ve at least made his day.

Meanwhile the 2 cocks that are fucking me are going faster and deeper having heard their friend cum in my mouth they are now ready for their turn. Part of me hopes it will be quick as I’m not sure how much more I can take, surely this much pleasure can’t be healthy I’m almost out of it. I’m light headed, exhausted riding high on a wave of lust.
I hear the 2 men talking so I know one of them is my husband, it sounds like his voice is behind me so I’m sure he’s fucking my arse. They want to come at the same time so I get it both barrels as they put it. They are thrusting into me in sync now each pushing into me harder and deeper there moans are becoming louder, my husband is calling me his dirty little whore so I know he’s real close to cumming then bang almost simultaneously 2 loads of hot sticky cum are shot into me. I hold still so they can do what they need to do so it feels the best for them.

We stop each of us collapsed on top of the other all of us spent trying to catch our breath. My husband pulls out of my now gaping arse hole and I climb of off the man I’ve been riding for the last hour and my husband tells me to sit back on the table with my legs open again. He takes my blindfold off and after a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the light I see 2 men I’ve never seen before naked and spent on my sofa as I sit there on display in front of them with cum leaking from my arse and pussy.
Fella’s I’d like you to meet the wife!

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