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a little something from my husband....

Same shit, different day. First part of the morning at work sails past as mood in office is crap as everyone worried about the state of play. I’m glad to get tied up and loaded and in the van to get away from all the miserable fuckers. It’s raining again so I am going to get fucking wet today as I have left my coat at home, just one of the perks of leaving a 4am!


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I get to my first port of call; i park the van and get out. Just spitting at the moment so not too bad. Start up the hill, no-one about as usual but I can see people in their houses looking at me walking up their driveways and thinking how glad they are that it’s not them out here! It’s absolutely hammering down now and it’s totally drowned me as even my underwear is soaked through! Oh great, now I have to knock on the door of next house for a signature. Not good as this bird always wants to chat. It’s ok for her as she is in the dry and I’m getting soaked on her doorstep.

Ring bell and door swings open. She’s in tears and blubbing about something or other that she needs help with. Feeling a little sorry for her, but only just, I tell her I will be finished in about an hour and can call back and help then. She says that will be ok so off I go to get done, eventually finishing with no other excitement other than slipping on someone’s grass verge and sliding across the grass. So now I am not only soaked but am covered in mud as well!

On my return to her house, I find the door slightly open. Calling out to see what’s going on, there is no reply so I look around downstairs but she is nowhere to be seen. Curious I shut the front door and go upstairs to see where she is. Looking from room to room, nothing until I look in the master bedroom. To my shock, there she is, lying on the massive bed, blindfolded! On closer inspection of the room, I can see on the sideboard, an arrangement of toys and other objects laid out. These include dildos of all shapes and sizes, handcuffs, ball gag, vibro’s and an assortment of whips and crops! Also there is a note. Telling me not to talk, I have instructions to do as I please with her as she is a worthless slut and whore and needs to be taken to task!

So here I am, standing in her bedroom, dripping wet, thinking all my Christmases have come at once and a gorgeous woman blindfolded on the bed! Not to look a gift horse and all that I make my way around the bed and almost trip over on the restraints that are poking out of the mattress! Hastily picking up the restraint for her first ankle, I touch her leg to put it on and she lets out a small moan as if to let me know it is ok to proceed. Once she is shackled I decide that, as she only has her underwear on, it is only right that I get down to mine! But as I strip I decide to take it all off as mine is ringing wet!

As I’m looking at all the stuff on the side she starts telling me how bad she has been and how much she needs punishing. “Don’t hold back” I am instructed as she is now begging me to abuse her.
I pick up the ball gag and strap it into place as I tell her she has picked the wrong man for this as when I am finished with her she will not be able to walk for a week! A moan confirms her pleasure as I reach for a large knife that she has on the side and proceed over to the bed, where I slip the blindfold down. I want her to see me run the sharp point of the dagger over her skin to a point that it is leaving a red line in its wake. There is a little panic in her eyes as I trace a line across her breasts and stomach on my way down to her tidy Brazilian that I can see is glistening and moist!

I slip the blade under the side of her knickers and with an effortless action, cut through one side and repeat the other side, bending down to remove them with my teeth. I catch a whiff of her scent and immediately feel myself harden at such a sweet smell. I do the same with the bra and slip the blindfold back into place as she gives me a look that is pleading but wanting at the same time. The flat part of the blade is cold against her skin as she lets out a quick sigh as I press it onto her. I then tell her for all her trouble she has caused she will be whipped and intruded until she begs me to stop and stop I will only if I think she has had enough.
I turn her round so she is on her knees and, with a crop; start to whip her across the buttocks. Gently at first, then getting harder as it starts to leave small welts across her arse! The cum is starting to trickle down her legs as she has her first orgasm so I decide to lay flat in between her legs underneath and lick and caress her pussy while rubbing her arse to soothe the welts I have left there!  She is in full blown moaning mode as I lick and suck her cunt while she is bucking from orgasm after orgasm but not being able to move because of the restraints. I rise and start with a large dildo that is on the side, sliding it into her soaking pussy while squeezing some lube into her arsehole as I am going to stretch that bastard as well. Thrusting this latex cock into the bitch, it is not long before she is bucking again. Then STOP! It’s about time she done some fucking work!
I release her shackles but not before slipping a choke-chain around her neck, remove the ball-gag and instruct her to start sucking my toes. She does this eagerly and then, again upon instruction, works her way up my legs to my arse crack which she starts licking with pleasure, her tongue circling my arsehole. I turn over and tell her to fill her mouth with my cock to the point of choking. She does as she is told but catches my cock on her teeth. With a sharp tug, the chain tightens around her neck and she immediately pleads for it to be loosened.

I tell her she better make it a good one then or it will be her last, to which she responds by eagerly thrusting my cock down her throat, gagging as she tries to get every last inch in there. It’s not long before I can feel the pleasure rising in me so I grab her by the hair and return her to the shackles in the kneeling position. I tell her that now I am going to stretch her arsehole to the point of tearing but not before I fist her soaking cunt! To her delight, I star with 2 fingers, probing her wet pussy increasing to three and then four. I add my thumb as I stretch her pussy but my knuckles seem to be stopping full entry. I apply more pressure and thrust and after a few moments my knuckles disappear along with the rest of my hand and she is in utopia as she is hit by her first multiple orgasm of her life!

Not stopping there I thrust the dildo up her arse without warning and, as she comes again I can hear her whimpering for me to stop as she can’t take any more! “Bollocks” I shout at her as I remove the dildo from her arse and my fist from her cunt and bury my cock into her pussy as far as it will go. She lets out a scream of pleasure as she has to feel the full force of me pounding her cunt into submission. Pleading with me to finish, I withdraw and thrust my solid member up her arse as she screams with pleasure and pain combined. I am pulling her hair, tugging on the chain making her gag, while burying my cock into her arse. As my pleasure heightens, she is begging me to stop but that is not an option as I withdraw from her arse and fill her mouth once more just before I fill her throat with my hot cum and almost make her choke as she is not expecting as much of my juice as she gets but happily swallowing it all as if her life depended on it. We then both collapse on the bed both completely spent and fighting for breath.
She eventually smiles and says” thanks, that was one hell of a delivery!!”

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